Message from the Academic Dean
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Message from the Academic Dean    
“Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth; and God has placed in the human heart a desire to know the truth”
                                                                    -Pope John Paul II

The academic program at Benedictine develops in its students wings of the human spirit, faith and reason.  Our young men grow to an understanding of truth through rigorous academic courses in the sciences, humanities and theology.  They are challenged daily to delve deeply into opposing views to search for truth, to learn and practice skills that improve their ability to solve problems, to communicate their understanding, and to support their arguments with specific evidence.   Benedictine students learn to recognize and appreciate beauty whether in works of art, music, or literature, a mathematical equation, the working of an enzyme, a military drill or a well-run play on the athletic field.  Through our shared Christian values, stressed each day not just in theology, but in all classes, our students learn what is good, what is honorable and what is ethical as they strive to become Christian men of conscience, discipline and achievement.
Achievement does not come easily, rather it requires discipline,effort and perseverance.  However it is through the journey to that achievement that true understanding is gained and character is built.  Students at Benedictine have the benefit of a dedicated and experienced faculty who not only teach, but coach, mentor, and guide their students through their academic journey, and partner with parents to help their students achieve their goals.  
We welcome you to become a part of the tradition that is Benedictine; to the challenge of finding the truth and building a Christian faith that will prepare you well for college and for life.

Mary G. Cirillo, Ph.D.

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