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Military schools have a long and proud tradition in American history, and the same can be said about the military program at Benedictine.  The Corps of Cadets at Benedictine has been assisting in the preparation of students to become competent and responsible citizens since day one. Established in 1911, Benedictine was one of the first private military schools in the country. In fact, out of over 1600 programs, there are less than a dozen private schools that offer Junior Reserve Officer Training (JROTC). 
The military program helps not only to distinguish Benedictine from other schools, but it helps to provide basic character building by fostering punctuality, order and courtesy.  The self-discipline that is inculcated into our program coupled with the outstanding leadership training lab that has been developed and tested over the years fits hand in glove with the overall mission of the school—to form Christian men of conscience, discipline and achievement.

Military schools are not solely designed to prepare students pursuing military careers.  Although many of our Cadets continue their college education at the service academies or schools like VMI or the Citadel, the vast majority go on to other colleges and do not pursue a career in the military.  However, those former Cadets put the leadership learned at Benedictine to great use as leaders of industry, business and government.

Ultimately, the military department is not here to make Cadets soldiers, but we are here to help in the forming of Christian men of conscience, discipline and achievement.

LTC Sickinger with the Corps of Cadets at Homecoming 2010

Kevin Sickinger

LTC (Ret), USA
Commandant of Cadets
Benedictine Class of '81



View a video clip of the 2010 Drill Team at Homecoming.

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