B Company Commander and his Sponsor

The Corps of Cadets is supervised by the military department, but it is led on a day-to-day basis by the cadets themselves.  There are over a hundred leadership positions within the Corps ranging from Team Leader (the lowest) to Battalion Commander (the highest).  Throughout their careers at Benedictine, cadets are afforded the opportunity to test their leadership skills and gain more responsibility and authority within the Corps if they succeed.  

The best military leaders within the Senior Class are selected to be the commanders of the Corps or what we call the ‘Sponsoring Officers.’  All Captains and above are considered to be the Sponsoring Officers of the Corps and provide input on the direction of the Corps for their senior year.  They assist in the planning, preparing and executing of all the Corps Events to include ceremonies, drills, parades and field days.

While other schools may have JROTC or other leadership programs, Benedictine offers not only the leadership curriculum but also the ability to put the curriculum to work on a daily basis in a leadership lab atmosphere.  Learning leadership principles is great, but through our Corps of Cadets, we take leadership to the next level by providing a mechanism with which to put those principles to the test.

With daily opportunities to tackle the challenges of leadership, in concert with an outstanding leadership curriculum and extra-curricular activities like leadership camps, Benedictine has been producing Christian men of conscience, discipline and achievement for over 100 years.

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