Benedictine College Preparatory Community Service Program    

 Cadet Volunteering at the Special Olympics

Community Service is an integral part of the Benedictine philosophy and implied in the school's mission statement, "to form men of conscience". Service to our fellow man is the very essence of leadership. True authority serves those over whom he has authority. Christ washed the feet of His disciples, and told them to imitate Him. 

For purposes of our program, community service is defined as providing help or benefit to an individual in need (other than family) and/or providing a benefit to the community at large. Cadets have worked with the Special Olympics and Virginia Supportive Housing, spearheaded the recycling effort at the Richmond Folk Festival, are tutors for children at Blackwell Elementary, and are fixtures at various church festivals in town. The Cadets also put in a tremendous amount of hours through the Boy Scouts and their churches.

The program is coordinated and administered through the Theology Department at the school, and is a requirement of all Cadets. Cadets must perform community service a minimum of 20 hours per school year.

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