Military Honor Roll of Remembrance    

The Benedictine Military Honor Roll Registry of Remembrance records and honors those Cadets who have given service to our country in the military branches. It includes all classes since the school's 1911 beginning.

It is meant to be a permanent recognition of all those who served, many who sacrificed fully, many who suffered wounds and hardships and all who protected our freedom. This Honor Roll is dedicated to them and to their families, and to all who follow in their steps.

Anyone recognizing a missing name or having additional information is requested to notify the Chairman of the Honor Roll: J. E. Reardon, 18104 Dogwood Trail, Rockville, VA 23146 or the Commandant of Cadets at Benedictine High School.

The information included here was complied from forms mailed to or handed alumni and returned, by reviews of historical information at the school, from documents of some class reunions, by interviews of cooperating alumni and family members and by personal one on one contacts.

Especially helpful besides the Commandant, the Principal and other school personnel were the following: Reuben Burton 1941, Thurman Cash 1941, Gen. James Morgan 1941, Dominick D'Adamo 1937, John Black 1938, Frank Stumpf 1940, Bill Holzgrefe 1933, Dennie Williams 1936, David Woods, Jr. 1956, Walter Donovan 1952, David Reardon 1985, Ed Kusterer JM-1927, Tom Grasberger 1945, and Brian McNeil 1961.

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