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Benedictine High School

Military Honor Roll of Remembrance

Alphabetic Listing F Through M

AAM - Army Achievement Medal DSS - Defense Superior Service Medal NCM - Navy Commendation Medal
ACM - Army Commendation Medal DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross NCM/V - Navy Commendation Medal/Valor
ACMV - Army Commendation Medal/Valor DFC/V - Distinguished Flying Cross/Valor OSR - Overseas Service Ribbon
AFCM - Air Force Commendation Medal GWE - Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal PH - Purple Heart
AFCMV - Air Force Commendation Medal/Valor JSAM-Joint Service Achievement Medal POW - Prisoner of War Medal
AM - Air Medal JSC - Joint Service Commendation Medal SS - Silver Star
AM/V - Air Medal/Valor KDS-Korean Defense Service SSM - Specialty Meritorious Medal
AMM- Airmans Medal LM - Legion of Merit VCG - Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry
BS - Bronze Star MSM - Meritorious Service Medal OLC - Oak Leaf Cluster
BS/V - Bronze Star/Valor NDM - National Defense Service Medal  
DMM - Defense Meritorious Service Medal NAM - Navy Achievement Medal  
*** Died in Service of Country    

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Last Name First Name, Initial Died in Service Class Service ERA Highest Rank Known Military College Notes
Fagan, II Charles W.   1958 Army   Capt.   Active 1962-1964, Reserve 1964-1968
Fall, Jr. Edward L.   1955 Army   Capt. VMI Active 6 months, Reserve 7 1/2 Years
Farley Joseph Dollard   1924 Army WWII
Farley Joseph P.   1960 USMC        
Farley Lawrence Paul   1927 Army Air Force WWII Lt. Col. VMI 1941-1946
Farmer Byrd   1944 Merchant Marines WWII      
Farrell, Jr. Edward Paul   1973 Army   Major VMI Engineers 1977-TD (2000) Reserve ACM
Farrell, Jr. J. Dennis   1953 Army       2 Years Military Service
Fastabend Patrick Andrew   1941 Army WWII     1944-1946
Felthaus William   Pre-1919 Army WWI      
Finegan Louis L.   1927   WWII      
Fischer Percy L.   1915 Navy WWI      
Fishback Edward Allen   1983 Navy   Lt. VMI 1987-1991 Reserves
Fisher Robert Neil   1962 Army   1st Lt. VMI 1968-1970 ACM
Fisher, Jr. William Harrison   1958 Army   1st Lt. VMI 1963-1965
Fletcher Edward W.   1914 Army WWI      
Foster James E.   1952 Army        
Foulke, Jr. Stewart B.   1943 Air Force WWII Lt. Col.   1944-1970, Deceased 6-2009
Fox, IV Fleming M.   1963 Air Force   Col. VMI 1967-1989 DSS, MSM (2), AFCM (2)
Francis David   1917 Army WWI      
Franklin Henry L. "Pete"   1937 Army Air Force WWII     Bombardier-Pilot, Veteran of Pearl Harbor, Midway
Franklin Samuel C.   1941 Army Air Corps WWII S/Sgt   1941-1945 8th Air Force-Europe, 9th Air Force-North Africa
Franklin T. Coleman   1937   WWII Lt. Col   Deceased 10-3-00
Frey Dr. Joseph Marshall   1965 Army   Capt. VMI 1970-1975 Pharmacologist
Fuccella Lawrence M.   1956          
Furgeson Russell   1915 Army WWI     (Also spelled Fergusson on some records)
Gardner John Sam   1990 USCG   E6   1992 TD (2006) Served on 378' Cutter in Hawaii, Maritime Intell & Search & Rescue, Miami
Gartzke, Jr. Charles A.   1951 Army       1953-1955 Ordinance Corps
George Ellis P.   1937 Air Force WWII Col.   WWII, Korea-Aerial Combat, Vietnam-Logistical Support. Distinguished Flying Cross, B-24 Pilot Over Europe
George Ellis P.     Continued       Air Medal w/(4) OLC, Legion of Merit (2) OLC, 9 Campaign Medals, 31 Yrs Military Service 1942-74. Died 1-27-05.
Germain Norman P.   1937 Navy WWII COXW   Pacific Theater (Deceased 2009)
Gerwin, Jr. Frank J.   1947 Air Force Korea A 1/C   4 years- served in Korea
Ghosn Al J.   1936 Army WWII      
Giannotti Andrew J. *** 1932 Army WWII S/Sgt   1943-1944. Killed in Action on D-Day 6-6-1944 at Omaha Beach, Normandy one week prior to 31st Birthday
Giannotti Andrew J.     Continued       29th Division. Reburied at Mt. Calvary, Richmond, Virginia
Gibbon Thomas R.   1916 Army WWI      
Gill Jeffrey Michael   1977 Army   Capt. VMI 1981-1991Quartermaster Corp.
Gilman E. Atwill   1940 Air Force WWII     1943-1946. Deceased 8-16-2005.
Girardi Jack     USMC   Sgt.    
Girardi, Jr. Ross Louis   1981 Army   Capt.    
Girardi Michael J.   1983 USMC   S/Sgt   1983-2003 (4 Active, 16 Reserves) Aviation Maintenance (Harriers AU-8A/B, F4 Phantoms, F18 Hornets)
Mark E.

2nd Lt.

Golden Francis X. *** 1926 Navy WWII Lt JG   Missing in Action or Buried at Sea Tablets of the Missing at Manila. Purple Heart. Died 1-16-1945.
Golden John D.   1938 USMC WWII Capt.   Pacific Theatre. 21st Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division
Golden Robert   1919 Army WWI      
Goldstein Bernard   1938   WWII      
Goode John David   1955 Air Force   Col. VMI 1959-1985 Distinguished Flying Cross, Legion of Merit, Air Medal (11), 180 Combat Missions, MSM (2), AFCM.
Goode Michael L.   1965 Air Force Vietnam Col. USAFA Pilot, instructor, 61st tactical fighter squadron, 11 active yrs, 15 Reserve, Combat Tour-Bosnia, T-37, F-4, F-16, MCM, AFCM.
Goodman Richard D.   1948 Navy WWII     1 1/2 Years until war ended (Returned veteran)
Goodwin William T.   1943 Army WWII Lt. Col.   D-Day at Normandy. Purple Heart, Bronze Star
Gorman Dr. Christopher R.   1992 Air Force   Capt. VMI/USAFA 1997-2001 Reserves, Flight Surgeon
Gorman Michael Harkins   1989 Air Force   Capt. VMI Dentist 1998-2001
Gragnani Francis D. "Frank"   1948 Navy   Lt. JG   1953-1956
Graham Robert Bruce *** 1941 Navy WWII Lt. JG   Missing in Action or Buried at Sea Tablets of the Missing at Honolulu, HI. Air Medal. Died 3-31-1945.
Grant J. Bernard   Pre-1919 Army WWI      
Grant Spottswood D.   1917 Army WWI      
Grasberger Thomas B.   1945 Army Korea M/Sgt   1950-1952 Served in Germany
Grasberger Thomas J.   1976 Army Gulf Capt.   Desert Storm. 13 Years service
Gregory Daniel A.   1999 Army Iraq Capt. USMA Infantry 1st Armored Division-Germany, 10th Mountain Div, Bronze Star(2)
Gregory, Jr. William N.   1945 USMC Korea Major   1950-1952
Gresset Emmett H.   1934 Army WWII Cpl.    
Griffin Eugene   1936   WWII      
Griffin, Jr. James Booker   1951 USCG   Lt.   1955-1961, Cuban Crisis
Grubbs Gregory Andrew   1999 Navy   Lt.   Global War on Terrorism Exped. Medal
Guidi Ugo Vincent   1936 Army WWII      
Guild, Jr. Bertram C.   1935 Army Air Corps WWII Cpl.   1942-1945. South Pacific-10 Islands, 8 Battle Stars. Came home with Malaria that lasted 14 Years
Gulliksen, Jr. Gary Steven   1990 Army Iraq Major VMI 1994-TD (2006) Bronze Star, Iraq Campaign Medal
Gurren Leo   1926 Army WWII      
Guthrie C. William   1951 USMC        
Haboush Alfred L.   1944 Navy WWII Lt. JG   1945-1946
Hadley John A.   1942 USMC WWII      
Halages George Angelo   1981 Army   1st Lt. VMI 1985-1989 Corp. of Engineers-Reserve
Halbleib, Jr.
Julius B. "Dutch"


Active duty 1941-1945, Reserves until 1953, Bronze Star, OLC (2), Pacific Theater
Halder Matthew P.   1979 Army   Major   Regimental Executive Officer, 3rd Infantry
Dennis M.

QM 3

Navy Achievement Medal, Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal (Campaign XV) and Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal  (Active Duty 1970-1973; Naval Reserve 1973-1976)
Hancock, III Thomas Francis   1963 Army   Capt. VMI 1970-1974 ACM (2)
Hanky D. E. "Don"   1944 Army   TEC-4   1946-1948 Served in Japan, Philippines, Okinawa
Harding Michael W.   1984     Capt.    
Harmening Rev. Adrian     Navy WWII     Pacific Theatre. (BHS Principal and Teacher)
Harrison Derwood F.   1941 Army WWII     Medic Died 2-17-07
Harrison Zachary E.   1997 Army Afgh S/Sgt   Special Forces (Green Berets). 2 tours in Afgh, Purple Heart, Wounded at Kandahar region
Harvie Jack B.   1949 USMC Korea S/Sgt   1950-1953
Hasbrouck Joseph F.   1956 Army Vietnam 1st Lt.   1962-1970. Two years active duty. Served in Vietnam
Hatke John Andrew   1933 Army WWII     28th Division. England, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg-109th Regiment
Hatke Kendall J.   1926 Army WWII Col.   (Also BHS Commandant in 1933 Era)
Hawks John D.   1946 USMC Korea S/Sgt   1946-1951
Heeke Joseph A.   1943 USMC WWII PFC   China. Involved with Development & Supply of First Nuclear Submarine.
Heeke Robert B.   1947 Army Korea Cpl.   1952-1954 Served in Nuremberg, Germany
Heeke William A.   1947 USCG Korea     1951-1954
Hegamyer, Jr. Roland C.   1959 Army       Fort Knox - 18 months
Heiker Joseph H.   1945 Army   Lt. Col. VMI 1949-1973 Engineers. Bronze Star, ACM
Helfert George F.   1926 Army WWII      
Hendrick Rev. Msgr. Frank J.   1943 Navy/Army WWII/Vietnam     Navy Corpsman 1945-1946, Army Chaplain 1969-1972, 199th Lt. Inf Brigade - Vietnam
Hendricks Charles   1936   WWII      
Henson Michael T.   1981 Navy   Sailor    
Herbert Charles M.   1949 Army Korea Cpl.   1953-1955 Served in Korea
Herbert James L.   1941 Army WWII Sgt.   Africa, Europe (Deceased 4-21-1996)
Hickman James Wright   2002 Army  Afgh Capt. USMA NDM, Rifle Platoon Leader-Korea; Inf. Officer, 82nd Airborne
Hierholzer Drew A.   1915 Army WWI      
Hinkle James A.   1951 USMC   Major   1954-1981 USMC International Shooting Team
Hoen Beuford *** 1914 Army WWI     Killed in Action, November 4, 1918. (Attended BHS 1911, 1912, 1913)
Holtz Richard L.   1956 Army       1956-1958
Hotz R. David   1967 Air Force   Sgt.   1968-1972 Served in Pentagon, Thailand & George AFB in Victorville, CA
Hotze, Jr. Thomas Wilson   1955 Army       1962-1968 Reserve
Matthew Lee


Michael James


Hudert, III Joseph A.   1984 Army Afgh S/Sgt.   82nd Airborne, Served in Afgh 2 tours, Special Forces
Hudgins, Jr. Ernest Cliff ***     WWII Lt. Col. VMI Died in Service of Country. Bronze Star, LM (2). (BHS Commandant of Cadets 1933-1941)
Hughes John J.   Pre-1919 Army WWI      
Hughes John J. "Jack"   1951 Army Korea Sgt.   1952-1956 Japan
Hulcher Bruce S.   1959 Army Vietnam Lt. Col. VPI ROTC Served in Germany, 2 Years Active, 19 Reserves, 1964-66,-1986
Hulcher Clinton J.   1928 Army WWII      
Hulcher J. Robert   1927 Army WWII      
Hundley Charles Wentzel   2003 USMC        
Hutchens Walter   1941 Navy WWII SK2C   1943-1946 Shoemaker Training Ctr, Oakland Naval Supply
Hutchins Charles K.   1936   WWII     (Deceased 7-30-2003)
Hynes, Jr. John P.   1978 Navy     USNA Naval Aviator
Irby Curtis   1984 Navy   Cmdr.   Supply/Officer-USS Enterprise, USS Topeka (Submarine)
Irving George R.   1946 USMCR   Cpl.   1947-1950 Reserves
Issacs Charles A.   1940 Navy WWII     Pacific Theatre-Served on Destroyer
Jackson John F.   1963 USMC Vietnam Sgt.   Served in Vietnam-Da Nang, Chulai, Parachute Rigger-Phanton Jets 1966-1971
James Michael



Reserves 1968-75. Died 3/18.2011
Jenkins, Jr. George   1941 Army WWII M/Sgt.   Served in Middle East
Jeter, Jr. Dr. James Wilbur   1960 Army   Capt. VMI Bronze Star
Johnson Dustin G.   1998 Air Force
Capt. VMI
3rd Combat Communications Grp. Dept. of Defense, Tinker Air Force Base,
Air Medal (4), AFE (3), AFAM (3), AFCM (2), MSM, GWT, NDM
Johnson William Lawrence   1941 Army   PFC   European Theatre, 5 Campaigns 1944-1945
Johnson, II James M.   1989 Army       3rd Infantry-Ft. Meyer, Arlington
Jones Patrick Ronald   1990 Air Force       Served 4 Years - (BHS Btn. Cmdr. 1990)
Jordan James R.   1989     Capt.   Germany (Communications & Automation Support for Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia
Kahwajy E. Fred   1956 Army   Sgt.   6 Years Reserve
Kain Leo B.   1914 Army WWI     Pilot (One record shows Navy, not Army)
Kanitz Karl Arthur   1963 Army   Capt. VMI 1968-1970 ACM, Reserves 1972-1982
Kardian Robert Douglas   1967 Army   SP5 VMI 1969-1971
Kastleberg, III William F.   1941 Army Air Force WWII S/Sgt. VMI European Theatre. France, Germany
Kastleberg, IV William F.   1970 Army   1st Lt. VMI 1974-1982
Kauffman Frank E.   1967         Naval Intelligence-Special Agent
Paul J.


Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Died 11/28/2010
Kearney John H. *** 1937 Army WWII PFC   Died in Service of Country-December 7, 1944. Buried Plot J Row 6, Grave 2 Netherlands
Kearney John H.     Continued       American Cemetery -Margraten, Netherlands. Purple Heart, 29th Infantry Division, 115th Regiment
Keim Robert Henry *** 1937 USMC WWII 1st Lt.   Died in Service of Country-May 19, 1943. Missing in Action or Buried at Sea Tablets of the
Keim Robert Henry     Continued       Missing at Manila American Cemetery, Philippines. Purple Heart, Air Medal
Keith, Jr. Paul W.   1958 ANG/Air Force       1961-1967 Berlin Crisis of 1962 Active Duty
Jehan N.G.



Kelleher Edward M.   1962 Air Force        
Kelleher Patrick T.   1961 USMCR   L/Cpl.   1961-1967 Reserves
Kelleher, Jr. Joseph M.   1960 USMC   Cpl.   1960-1964 Marine Air Group AAAG-26, S.E. Asia
Kelly Charles E.   1936 Air Force WWII Lt. Col.   26 Year Career
Kelly F. Robert   1962 Army Vietnam     Served in Vietnam
Kelly James R.   1952 Navy Korea     Seabees-Philippines
Kelly John F. "Jack"   1945 Army Korea     1951-1953
Kelly Julian T.   1927 Army WWII      
Kelly Joseph A.   1954 Army   S/Sgt.   Korea-1st Calvary Div 1957-1959. Border Guard 38th Parallel/DMZ Police
Kelly, Jr. Dr. Frank R.   1935 Army WWII Capt.   Medical Corps (BHS 1935 Btn. Cmdr)
Thomas M


1953-57 Active, Reserve 1961, USS Canberra-Guided Missile Cruiser
Kennedy Daniel Joseph   1936 Army Air Corps WWII     1943-1946 Flew C-47's
Kennedy Patrick Aloysius     Army WWII      
Kiefer John Francis   1982 Navy   Lt. Cmdr. VMI 1986-1994 Aviation, NAM, SMM
Kientz Theodore Christopher   1975 Army   Col.. VMI 1980-1994 Corp of Engineers. Bronze Star, MSM (6), ACM (4), AAM, LM
Kijek Todd M.   1988 Army   Spec   Medical Research of Infectious Diseases
King Miles E.   1952 Air Force        
Kirkham Walter E.   1947 Army Korea     1951-1953
Kirven Nicholas *** 2002 USMC Afgh L/Cpl.   Killed in Action in Alishang, Afghanistan May 8, 2005, in Gunfight at Cave
Kitchen Bruce Robert   1977 Navy   Lt. Cmdr. VMI 1981-1998, MSM, NAM, NMM
Kitchen Paul L.   1974 Navy/National Guard   Major   Pilot-Navy Lt.-8 1/2 years. Flew A3, A6, Carriers Nimitz, Eisenhower, Forrestal off Lebanon, Libya. NG- Major 12 1/2 yrs. Flew A7
Knightly John R.   1948 Army Korea     Served in Korea
Knightly, Jr. Russell P.   1945 Army Korea S/Sgt.   1950-1952 Served in Korea
Koch Karsten   1984 Army Desert Shield Spec E4   1987-1991 Active, Reserves to 1995, AAM, NDM, Kuwait Liberation Metals
Koenig Edward K.   1943 Army WWII     Pacific Theatre
Kopecko Dr. Dennis Jon   1964 Army   Capt. VMI 1976-1979 PhD Microbiology
Korte Henry   1925 Army WWII      
Koster Bernard H.   1953 USMC   Cpl.   3 years Military Service
Kramer Harry C.   1961 Army Vietnam Lt. Col.   1964-1993 Sr. Aviator, Bronze Star (1 OLC), Purple Heart, LM, MSM (1 OLC), Air Metal (6), ACM (2 OLC), Exp. Inf. Badge, NDM
Kramer, Jr. Leo A.   1955 Army Vietnam Lt. Col. VMI 1959-1980 Airborne Ranger Aviator. Distinguished Flying Cross(2), Bronze Star(2), Vietnamese Cross
Kramer, Jr. Leo A.     Continued       of Gallantry, Air Medal-Valor (29) ACM-Valor, MSM, Legion of Merit, DFC V (2)
Kranitzky Charles W.   1941 Navy WWII     3 1/2 Years - Also Served on Submarines
Kranitzky Edward A.   1940 Navy WWII     Participated in 7 Invasions including Italy and Pacific (Deceased 1962)
Kranitzky George J.   1941 Navy WWII Lt. JG   No. Pacific - 3 Years + 10 Years Reserve. Supplied Pacific Islands with food supplies
Kricorian Paul   1986 Navy   Lt. Cmdr.
VMI Pilot
Krimm George E.   1947 USMC Korea Sgt.   1949-1953 Trainer, Parris Island, Magis #5 Interceptor Squad at Cherry Pt. (Deceased 9-3-2006)
Krimowski Daniel F.   2004 Army  Iraq/Afgh Sgt.
  5 years service, 2 tours Iraq, 1 tour Afgh.
Kuhn William J. "Jeff"   1974 Army   Lt.   Air Defense-Artillery, Judge Advocated Gen. Staff, 4 years
Kulesza Anthony W.   1965 Air Force Vietnam Sgt.   1967-1971 SAC Command Operation Ctr., 544th Recon Squadron
Kusterer Bernard L.   1945 Army Korea Sgt.   79th ENGN CONST BN. 1951-1952. Served in Korea
Kusterer Paul L.   1944 Navy WWII     Also Army - Europe
Lacy, Jr. Dr. John Joseph   1959 Army   Major VMI 1968-1972 Dentist
Bernard W.


Lattanze Robert E.   1954 USMC   Capt.   1958-1962 Legal Officer Adjutant, H CO Executive Officer- Okinawa
Lawler John E.   1960 USMC        
Lawson, Jr. Charles R.   1942 Army WWII     Deceased 3-21-09
Leary Robert J. *** 1933 Army WWII 1st. Lt.   Died in Service of Country. Attended BHS 1929-1932 per records. (Records have Hartwell as middle name).
LeBlanc David J.   1977 Navy   Capt. Citadel  
Lee Henry E.   1947 Army   Capt.   80th Division - Reserves Deceased 12-15-2001
Lee Robert E.   1950 Army Korea     1951-1953
Lemasurier, Jr. Joseph A.   1933 Army WWII Major VMI 1937-1938 1942-1946 Combat in Europe, Purple Heart, Bronze Star. (BHS Btn. Cmdr. 1933)
Lenzi, Jr. Emil J.   1951 Army Korea     1953-1955 Active, 6 Years Reserve, NDM
Leonard Mark T.   1976 Army   Capt.   1980-1985, AAM, ACM, Parachute Badge
Lester Robert G.   1938 Army WWII     European Theatre, 3rd Army, 11th Armored Division
Lewis George A.   1943 Air Force WWII 2nd Lt.   8th Air Force-Navigator on B-17. 388th Bomb Grp. 9 Combat Missions-Germany. Air Medal
Lindenzweig C. Robert   1999 USMC Iraq Sgt.   2nf Marine Air Wing
Lingamfelter Lee Scott   1969 Army   Col. VMI 1973-2001, Battalion Command of Second Infantry Div-Korea, Pentagon Office of Chief of Staff. Bronze
Lingamfelter Lee Scott     Continued       Star. Legion of Merit (2), MSM (4), DMM (2), JSC (2), ACM.
Link, II Richard A. "Andy"   1983 USMC Iraq Sgt.   1984-2004 Gunnery Sgt, 3 Combat Tours-Iraq-Kuwait
Lipinski Francis Paul   1939 Navy WWII     Flyer. Carried St. Christopher Medal with him throughout WWII
Lipinski Steven C.   1997 Air Force Iraq Capt.   Weather Officer, 25th Air Support Operations Squadron
Loehr Paul M.   1947 Army Korea     21 Months during Korean War ERA. 1952-1954
Logan, Jr. Thaddeus S.   1933 Army WWII     Patton's 3rd Army. 4 years, 9 months and 9 days
Lovelace, III Robert S.   1948 USMC Korea 1st Lt.   6th Division
Lucas Harold E.   1942 USMC WWII Cpl.   Went Ashore Tarawa in Rubber Boat, First Wave at Saipan, Tinian, Okinawa. 1942-1945, Occupied Nagasaki
Lucas, Jr. Joseph H.   1960 Army   1st Lt. VMI  
Lukish Dr. Jeff   1982 Navy   Cmdr. USNA Doctor - Bethesda Naval Hospital, Chief of Pediatric Surgery at Walter Reed Hospital
Lumpkin Edward B. *** 1937 Army WWII Pvt.   Paratrooper Killed in Action 12-11-1943 in Italy. Northern Africa, Sicily, Italy
Lumpkin John Thomas   1937 Navy WWII     Deceased 1999
Maher John P.   1933 Army WWII     2 1/2 years in South Pacific. 3 Years Army, 3 Years National Guard
Mahoney Bernard J.   1916 Navy WWI      
Makowski Alan J.   1978 Army   Major    
Malanima William Albert   1957 Air Force   A/1C   1960-1966 VA Air National Guard & USAF. Activated during Berlin Crisis 1961-1962
Maloney Joseph H.   1948 Army Korea Cpl.   1951-1953 Engineer Outfit in France
Manning Thomas K.   1960 USMC        
Marchetti, III Louis D.   1947 Air Force Korea Sgt.   1950-1954
Marroni Louis J.   1954 Army   Capt.   6 Months Active - 12 Years Reserve. Military Police
Martin Lawrence   Pre-1919 Navy WWI      
Martin Louis R.   1951 Army Korea Sgt/IC   144th Infantry - Served in Korea
Martin, Jr. Clarence Vincent   1927   WWII      
Matt Charles W.   1952 Air Force   Capt.    
McClellan Benjamin J.   1998 Army   1st. Lt.    
McCracken Byron   1952 Navy        
McCracken F. Vernon   1948 Army Korea Sgt/1C   1951-1953 Served in Germany - 172nd Infantry
McCracken J. Everett   1945 Army        
McCracken James B.   1938 Army Air Force WWII/Korea Lt. Col.   Bombardier, Lt. in WWII, POW 4-1943 to 4-1945
McCready T. Edward   1918 Army WWI      
McEvoy, Sr. Richard C.   1960 Army Vietnam     Reserves, (Died 11-27-08)
McDonald Patrick Ray   1964 Army Vietnam     Deceased 1-17-2003
McDonald R. Bruce   1963 Air Force Vietnam Capt. USAFA Sr. Pilot, Air Medal, AFCM, 1967-1979
McDonald Walter J.   1940 Navy WWII EM/2C   1942-1946 Pacific Theatre
McDonald, Sr. Robert B.   1939 Navy WWII AMM/IC   Installed Instruments at North American Aviation on 16 B-25's for Doolittle's 4-16-1942 Tokyo raid.
McDonald, Sr. Robert B.     Continued       1942-1945: Seaplane Maintenance, Northern Atlantic Convoy Patrol, Reykjavik, Iceland (Deceased March 2006)
McDonough David T.   1933 Army Air Corps WWII Capt.   1942-1946 England, Germany
McGeorge Bruce P.   1979 USMC   Capt.   3rd Btn, 9th Marines, 5 Yrs Service
McGinty John B.   1963 Army   1st Lt.   1969-1971 Served in Korea. (BHS Principal)
McGranahan Tim Army Army Va. National Guard as Platoon sergeant, combat medic and cavalry scout  during Operation Desert Shield
McGraw Thomas F.   1915 Navy WWI      
McGrew, Jr. E. Eugene   1962 USMC        
McKenna Warren   1972 Air Force        
McKnight Earl A.   1949 Air Force Korea A/1C   1952-1956 Korean Service
McKnight Harry J.   1939 Navy WWII     Amphibians
McMurtrie Edward Aloysius *** 1942 Army WWII Pvt.   Died in Service of Country. Underwater Demolitions.
McMurtrie, III Alex B.   1976 USMC   E5   1980-1986 Rifle Sharpshooter, Scout Sniper Platoon
McNeil Frederick Brian   1961 Army   1st Lt. VMI 1966-1968 ACM
McNeil Frederick H.   1935 Army WWII 1st Sgt.   176th Infantry, 29th Division. Holland. Also Richmond Lt. Inf. Blues.
McNeil Maurice A.   1940 Army WWII     Pacific Landings. Silver Star. Contracted Malaria. Enlisted Man-Pvt. Or Cpl.
McNeil Ronald A. *** 1932 Army WWII PFC   Killed in Action -Battle of the Bulge, 12-27-1944. Buried Plot A, Row 6, Grave 46 at Henri Chapelle
McNeil Ronald A.     Continued       Cemetery, Liege, Belgium. Parachute Infantry Reg. Bronze Star, Purple Heart (2)
McSherry Sean Michael   1993 Army   Sgt.   Drill Sgt.


McSweeney James L.   1933 Air Force WWII Col.   Horse Calvary-1939 - Pvt; Strategic Air Command-Col.
McSweeney Robert E.   1939 Army/Air Force WWII      
Melvin, III William J.   1976 Army   1st Lt. VMI 1980-1987 Engineers, Reserve
Melvin, Jr. William J.   1945 Army Korea     1951-1953
Metz Dr. Andrew J.   1941 Army WWII PFC VMI 1943-1945 Medical Corps, 80th Inf. Div, Patton's 3rd Army, European Theatre, Served in England, Wales,
Metz Dr. Andrew J.     Continued       France, Germany, Czech, Austria, and Luxemburg. Witnessed & Liberated Concentration Camps
Metzger Joseph H.   1952 Army   1st Lt.   Served in Korea
Metzger Louis A.   1928 Army WWII      
Meyer, Jr. Albert Joseph   1959 Army Vietnam Officer   Corp. of Engineers, DMZ in Korea, Santo Domingo Landing w/ Expeditionary Force
Meyer August D.   1916 USMC WWI      
Meyer Joseph F.   1933 Army Air Corps WWII     (1933 BHS Senior Class President)
Meyer William Anthony   1962 Army Vietnam     1967-1971
Meyer Charles W.   1926 Army WWII      
Meyer, Jr. George Benjamin   1953 Army   Lt. Col.   Pilot, 20 years Service- Army and National Guard
Meyer, Sr. George B.   1927 Army WWII     European Theatre-Germany
Michael Frank J.   1948 Navy Korea     1949-1953
Miceli, Jr. Nick   2008 Air National Guard   F22   192nd Fighter Wing, tactical aircraft technician
Miles William H. "Billy"   Post Grad 47 USMC WWII     Iwojima, Purple Heart. (Post Grad at BHS after WWII)
Miller Louis F. (Weenie)   1940 Navy WWII Lt. JG   1943-1946 USS Devosa AKA 27
Miller Marvin E.   1953 Air Force   A/1C   1953-1957
Miller Peter Otey   1959 Army Vietnam     Chinese Mandarin Interpreter/Translator
Miller, III Oscar R.   1989 Army   Capt. VMI 1993-   AFE, MSM, NATO
Miller, III William H.   1934 Air Force WWII/Korea Col.   Buried Arlington Cemetery, Died 12/20/05
Mink Charles A.   1946 USMC Korea S/Sgt.   1946-1948 USMC/ 1950-1951 USMCR
Moates F. Vincent   1960 Army Vietnam     101st Airborne
Monahan James F.   1955 Army Vietnam Lt. Col.   1959-1985. Served in Vietnam 1967-1968, Bronze Star, LM, JSC, ACM, Armed Force Staff Coll.
Mooney Aloysius P.   1929 Army WWII      
Moore Ivey   1918 Army WWI      
Moore Raymond C.   1928 Army WWII      
Moore Thomas A.R. *** 1926 Army WWII Pvt.   22nd Infantry Regiment, 4th Inf. Div. Died in Service of Country 12-19-1944. Buried Plot B, Row 2,
Moore Thomas A.R.     Continued       Grave 4 at Luxemburg-American Cemetery. Purple Heart.
Morales Luis W.   1956 USMC   Capt.   1960-1963 Cuban Missile Crisis
Morano, Jr. Paul B.   1943 Army WWII     Europe - 21st Corps, 7th Army (Deceased 3-28-2005)
Morecock Frank L.   1943 Navy WWII Lt. JG   1943-1949. Aviator
Morgan, Jr. James M.   1941 Army WWII Maj. Gen.
VMI 1943-1944 Pvt. USA, 1948-1981 Col USAR. 1983 Col AUS, Dean of Faculty Major Gen. at VMI
Morgan, Jr. James M.     Continued       Legion of Merit, MSM (2), ACM.
Moriconi Frank   1937 Army WWII Lt.   Infantry
Morris William George   1959 Army Vietnam Lt. Col. VMI 1964-1988 Ordnance Bronze Star, MSM(5), ACM(4), Asia, Europe, Caribbean. Deceased 4-14-08
Morrison Charles B.   1915 Army WWI Capt.    
Morrison Henry Terry   1915 Army WWI & WWII Brig Gen VMI 1917-1921 Captain WWI in Army. 1941-1956 Brig Gen in Air Force WWII. Legion of Merit
Morton, Jr. Sterling M.   1942 USCG WWII P.O/3C   1942-1945 North Atlantic-Normandy Invasion-South China Sea
Moss Frederick Alfred "Buck"   1951 Army       (BHS Btn. Cmdr. 1951)
Motkowski Lawrence F.   1943 Army WWII Major    
Mount John F.   1942 Air Force WWII     1943-1946
Mowery James Vance   1957 Army   Capt. VMI 1963-1965 QM Direct Supporting Battalion in Germany
Muldowney Paul Dennis   1953 Army   Capt. VMI 1958-1961 Reserve - Armor
Muldowney Thomas E.   1924   WWII      
Murphy Joseph P.   1933 Navy WWII CPO   Seabees
Murphy Michael L.   1942 Air Force WWII Capt.   1942-1945, Fighter Pilot-Flew P38 & P51, 75 Combat Missions, Distinguished Flying Cross
Murphy, Jr. Thomas A.   1933 Army Air Corps WWII Major   Glider Pilot in WWII as 1st Lt. -3yrs., USAR Major - 35yrs. (Deceased 6/29/05)
Murray Paul A.   1961 USMC Vietnam Cpl    Expert Badges: Rifle, Pistol
Myatt Paul B.   1957 Air Force   Capt. VMI 14+ Years Military Service 1961-1976, AFCM
Myers Frank C.   1936 Army WWII M/Sgt.   1942-45 Tank Corp/Infantry 7th Army. Africa, England, France, Germany, Italy. Met Pope Pius XII-Shook hands
Myers Paul A.   1946 Army Korea     Served in Korea
Myers, III Joseph P.   1941 Army WWII Sgt.   Southwest Pacific for 30 months, including Battle of Leyte. Signal Corps.



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