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Benedictine High School

Military Honor Roll of Remembrance

Alphabetic Listing A Through E


AAM - Army Achievement Medal DSS - Defense Superior Service Medal NCM - Navy Commendation Medal
ACM - Army Commendation Medal DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross NCM/V - Navy Commendation Medal/Valor
ACMV - Army Commendation Medal/Valor DFC/V - Distinguished Flying Cross/Valor OSR - Overseas Service Ribbon
AFCM - Air Force Commendation Medal GWE - Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal PH - Purple Heart
AFCMV - Air Force Commendation Medal/Valor JSAM-Joint Service Achievement Medal POW - Prisoner of War Medal
AM - Air Medal JSC - Joint Service Commendation Medal SS - Silver Star
AM/V - Air Medal/Valor KDS-Korean Defense Service SSM - Specialty Meritorious Medal
AMM- Airmans Medal LM - Legion of Merit VCG - Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry
BS - Bronze Star MSM - Meritorious Service Medal OLC - Oak Leaf Cluster
BS/V - Bronze Star/Valor NDM - National Defense Service Medal  
DMM - Defense Meritorious Service Medal NAM - Navy Achievement Medal  
*** Died in Service of Country    


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Last Name First Name, Initial Died in Service Class Service ERA Highest Rank Known Military College Notes
Ackerman George H. "Buddy"   1942 Army WWII     Deceased 10/18/05
Adkins III
Stephen G



U.S. Army Reserve 1993-1995,Active Army 1995-1996
Ahern John   1925   WWII      
Ajemian Jean-Claude "J.C."   1986 Army   E-4   Infantry, 1992-1995, Hawaii, Air Assault, Combat Medic
Albert John Lee   1999 Army   SPEC.    
Albert Temple Ferguson   2001 Navy   ENS. USNA  
Allen, Jr. John J.   1952 Army       2 Years Military Service
Ambrogi Paul Alfred *** 1984 Navy   Lt. USNA Died in Service of Country 7-93. A6 Intruder Pilot. Carrier USS Kennedy. (BHS Btn Cmdr. 1984)
Amrhein William M. "Bill"   1956 Army       Reserve - 6 years
Amrhein John L.   1938 Navy WWII Lt. JG    
Amrhein, Jr. Joseph A.   1937 Air Force WWII Lt.   B17 Pilot 8th Air Force. Air Medal W/5 OLC. Unit Cited by President for Historic England to Africa Shuttle.
Amrhein, Jr. Joseph A.     Continued       Bombed Messerschmitt Aircraft Plants at Regensburg, Germany. His Plane Was Shot Down in Luxemburg.
Anderson, Jr. Carter Randolph   1963 Army   Capt. VMI Reserve-Armor
Antonelli Joseph T.   1940 Army WWII T/Sgt.   1942-1945. Normandy, France, Ardennes, Rheinland, Central Europe, 924 Engineers, Medaille de Jubile, (D 11-8-11)
Argenzio Charles E.   1941 Army WWII Sgt.   European Theatre of Operations
Armstrong Linwood M.   1945 Army Korea     1950-1952. Served in Korea
Asher Pallen   1915 USMC WWI      
Ashworth Joshua   1999 USMC Iraq L/Cpl.   Overseas. Iraq Freedom 1999-2002
Bagley, III Philip J.   1959 Army Vietnam Capt.   Airborne 1966-1970
Bagley, Jr. John J.   1960 Army       Medical Corps 1968-1970
Bain August J.   1954 Army   E5   2 Years Military Service
Bain William E.   1957 Army   SP4    
Baird Alfred E.   1949 Army Korea Sgt.   1953-1955
Baird Joseph Samuel   1963 Army Vietnam 1st Lt.   1966-1969 Bronze Star
Baird Richard L.   1938 Navy WWII     African and European Theatres. Flight Engineer, Bombardier.
Baker Dr. Anthony A.   1959 Air Force Vietnam      
Balducci Paul B.   1956 Navy       1957-1959
Balducci, Jr. Theodore F.   1959 Army/National Guard Vietnam     1963-1969
Bannister John J.   1938 Air Force/National Guard WWII Capt.   1942-1946, 71 Combat Missions, 8th Air Force, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal 3 OLC,
Bannister John J.     Continued       P 38 & P 51 Fighter Pilot. Europe
Bannister, Jr. William C.   1941 Army WWII Cpl.   Pacific Theatre of Operations
Bannon Christopher T.   1975 Navy   Lt.   Pilot
Bannon Stephen K.   1972 Navy   Lt.   Special Assistant to Chief of Naval Operations-Pentagon
Barrett Bruce Stephen   1970 Air Force   Major   Served 22 years, Died 3/24/07
Barrett Thomas K.   1947 Air Force Korea A/1C    
Barrett William J.   Pre-1919 Army WWI      
Barreto, Jr. John J. *** 1928 Navy WWII SEA/1C   Killed in Action in Pacific 3-19-45. Purple Heart. Wife-Emily was notified in Lawrenceville, Brunswick Co. VA
Baughan Bernard L.   1936 Army WWII T/Sgt.   European Theatre-England, France, Belgium, Germany, D-Day (Deceased 11-11-07)
Baughan Edgar F.   1941 Army Air Force WWII T/Sgt.   European Theatre of Operations
Baughan J. Howard   1934 Air Force WWII S/Sgt   European Theatre- Ground Crew (First name is James or Joseph)
Baughan Lewis F.   1932 Army WWII Sgt.   Pacific Theatre - Infantry
Baughan Robert J.   1956 Army/NG       1956-1962
Beasley Victor A.   1985   Iraq S/Sgt    
Beck James E.   1948 USMC       1954 - 1958
Beck, Jr. Hilaire E.   1932 Navy WWII     Navigated Troop Ship "General John R. Brook"
Beckstoffer Herman J.   1927   WWII      
Beckstoffer W. Andrew   1957 Army        
Beckstoffer William H.   1953 Air Force       1957-1970 3 Years Active, 10 Years Reserve
Beckstoffer, Jr. Herman J.   1956 Air National Guard       1962-1968
Beirne John B.   1946 National Guard        
Beirne Milton J.   1915 USMC WWI      
Beirne Milton Ruppert *** 1940 Army Air Force WWII 2nd Lt.   Killed in Action 7-29-1944 Air Medal Purple Heart, 506th Bomber Sq, 44th Bomber Group, Heavy.
Beirne Milton Ruppert     Continued       Tablets of the Missing or Buried at Sea, Cambridge-American Cemetery. Cambridge, England
Beirne Walter Robert   1942 Army Air Force WWII Lt. VMI 1943-1945
Belcher Samuel R.   1943 USMC WWII     3rd or 4th Wave at Iwo Jima, Purple Heart, Wounded at Mt. Surabasi, Spent Several Months In
Belcher Samuel R.     Continued       San Diego Hospital From Mortar Wounds
Bell David Landon   1990 Navy Kuwait E6   Three tours in Middle East
Bellanca Carmen A.   1936 Army WWII M/Sgt.   African and European Theaters, 443 days of combat, 8 battle stars, Bronze Star (2), French Croiz DeGuerre,
Bellanca Carmen A.     Continued       D Day invasions at No. Africa, Sicily, Normandy (Deceased 9/22/10)
Belmont, III Paul N.   1996 Army Afgh. Major
VMI 10th Mountain Division-Deployed Kandahar, Afghanistan, GWE, OSR, NDM, NSM, Bronze Star, Teacher-USMA
Belton Robert J.   1960 USMC   Sgt.   10th Marines, 6th months active duty
Benedetti Vincent P.   1941 Navy WWII AAM 2/C   Pacific Theatre-18 months Aviation Machinist Mate
Beres John P.   2009 USMC Afgh.      
Berlin Francis D.   1940 Army WWII     European Theatre-Germany, France
Berlin Jack   1936 Army WWII      
Bernert, Jr. Laurence A.   1953 Navy       M.D.
Bernet Victor Joseph   1981 Army   Col. VMI Endocrinologist, Walter Reed Medical Center, MSM (2), ACM (2), NDM (2), OSR (2), AAM, GWT, Mayo Clinic
Bernier, Jr. George J.   1944 Navy WWII     Guam
Gus Bezares   1943 USMC WWII/Korea Sgt.   2nd Marine Div., Tinin, Saipan, Okinawa. Occupation of Japan
John E. Bezares   1946 Navy        
Bickers David Rinsey   1959 Air Force Vietnam     1968 - 1970; Medical Officer-Dermatology
Bickerstaff, Jr. James H.   1941 Army WWII Major VMI European Theatre. Normandy, Ardennes, Rhineland, Sgt in WWII, Capt in NG, Richmond L.I. Blues
Bigley Thomas Dell   1947 Army Korea Cpl.   1952-1954
Binns Thomas E.   Pre-1919 Army WWI      
Birindelli James Benson   1957 Navy   Capt. VMI & USNA DMM (2) JSC 1956-1992
Birindelli, Jr. Joseph Ray   1962 Army Vietnam 1st Lt. VMI Silver Star (2), Bronze Star-Valor, Purple Heart, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, ACM, NDM
Bischoff Charles S.   1951 Army Korea     Served in Korea
Bittner Edward L.   1942 Army WWII Sgt.   3/43-6/46 European Theatre-Battle Star
Black John P.   1938 Army Air Force WWII 1st Lt.   Pilot-Flew Eisenhower, Churchill on Inspection of Front Lines in July 1944. European Theatre-Troop Carrier Command
Black, Jr. Joseph F. *** 1936 Navy WWII Cmdr..   Killed in Action 11-14-1944, Flying w/RAF, By "Friendly Fire". 217 Combat Flights in 20 Months in
Black, Jr. Joseph F.     Continued       Pacific Theatre. 87 more missions as Night Fighter against Luftwaffe to destroy Germany Bombers
Black, Jr. Joseph F.     Continued       Carrying Buzz Bombs. Flew Mosquito Bomber.
Bliley Tom   1948 Navy Korea Lt.   1952-1955
Bliley, Jr. Charles B.   1945 Army Air Force WWII Sr M/Sgt.   Aircraft Maintenance/Electronics, Weather Missions, A-Bomb Test at Kwajalein Island. Airman's medal.
Boehling Daniel E.   1945 Navy Korea     1950-1952
Boehling J. Gerald   1949 USMC   1st Lt.   1953-1955
Boehling J. Joseph   1938 Navy WWII     Underwater demolition
Boehling James William   1942 Army Air Force WWII 2nd Lt.   1943-1945 European Theatre, Navigator, Parachute Survivor of B17, Down on Bombing Mission
Boehling John Frederick   1941 Army WWII     1943-1946 European Theatre
Boehling Raymond E.   1946 Army Korea     Asia, Philippines, Huks 1950-1953 (Deceased)
Boehling William A.   1943 USMC WWII     1944-1946
Boehling, Jr. Frank H.   1941 Army WWII Cpl.   Aircraft Mechanic
Boehling, Sr. Richard L.   1949 Navy   Lt. JG   1954-1957
Booker William F.   1938 Air Force WWII Capt.   (BHS 1938 Btn. Cmdr)
Boyd Thomas R.   1941 Navy/Army WWII 1st Lt.   Navy, Then Army A C
Boyle David Joseph   1936 Army Air Corps WWII Capt.   Deceased 7-25-00
Boyle William E.   1944 USCG WWII RAD/3C   1944-1946 Served on LCI (Landing Craft Infantry) in Pacific. (BHS 1944 Btn Cmdr)
Boyle, III Stephen Joseph   1942 Navy WWII     PBY Patrol Plane
Boyle, Jr. William E.   1973 Army   Lt. Col.   Taught at USMA, West Point. Deputy Staff Judge Advocate-80th Division.
Bradshaw Donald Eugene   1976 Army   Lt. Col. VMI Infantry ACM(3), MSM, AAM(2)
Brasington, Jr. Herbert W.   1964 Air Force   Major VMI 1977-1983 AFCM
Brauer, Jr. Stuart L.   1942 Army WWII     Signal Corps
Brennan, Jr. Andrew L.   1948 Army Korea     1952-1955 Airborne - Guided Missile
Briggs William C. *** 1930 Navy WWII AMM/3C   Died in Service of Country. Attended BHS 1926-1928. Brother was Joseph A. Briggs 1930.
Brower Andrew Thomas   1975 Navy     USNA 1975-1984 Surface Warfare Officer
Brown, Jr. Frank Overton   1956 Army Vietnam     1960-1968 Served in Vietnam 67, 68, Bronze Star, Air Medal, 9th Inf. Div.
Bruce George W.   1946 Navy   Capt.    
Bruce William G.   1947 USMC Korea      
Bruce, Jr. Walter Taylor   1940 Army WWII PFC   1943-1946 3rd Army, 5th Division, 10th Brigade. Rifleman.
Bruch Christopher A.   1980 Army   Capt. VMI USA & USAR, 8 Years
Bruch Stephen E.   1981 Army Iraq Col. USMA Battalion Commander, 101st Airborne Division. (BHS 1981 Btn. Cmdr)
Bryant, III William Marcellus   1974 USMC   Capt. VMI 1978-1983
Bucceroni Joseph L.   1941 Navy WWII Petty Off/2C   Gilbert Islands, Marshall Islands, Okinawa
Buchanan Clarence A.   1942 MM WWII     1942-1945
Bucher Alfred E.   1945 Army Korea Cpl.   POW in Korea for 27 months
Bucher Frank   1935 Army WWII Sgt.   Signal Corps
Bucher John A. *** 1937 Army Air Force WWII 1st Lt.   Killed in Action B29 Bombardier-Navigator, Purple Heart, China Burma-India Theatre, Raids in Japan, Osaka
Bucher Joseph J.   1947 Army   PFC   Fort Pickett
Bucker Joseph B.   1959 Army/Navy/Air Force   S/Sgt   England, Turkey, Alaska. Staff Sgt in all three branches of service
Burke Edward J.   1928 Army WWII      
Burke Leo F.   1939 Army Air Force WWII     1942-1945 Pilot (Deceased 1-6-07)
Burke Thomas C.   1971 Army Vietnam E5   1971-1974 Served in Germany
Burke Timothy W.   1977     Capt.    
Busser, III Leo E.   1945 Army Korea Cpl.   84th Engr Construction Btn., 1962-3, MSM, Deceased 11-4-1992
Burton, Jr. Reuben   1941 Navy WWII COXW   1942-1946 Seabees-Alaska, Guam, Hawaii 301st Naval Construction Btn.
Butler John W.   1949   Korea     Died 2-26-07
Byrne W. Russell   1966 Army   Col.   26 years in Army - Doctor
Cadora Vincent J.   1952 Navy   CWO    
Cain Harrison   2008   Afgh.  Spec./E4   Paratrooper, 82nd airborne, 173rd airborne brigade, arcom with oak leaf cluster, ndsm, CIB, 3 OSR, 21 months combat deployment afghanistan.
Callan Jim   1936   WWII     (BHS 1936 Btn. Cmdr)
Campbell Taylor F.   1937 Navy WWII YOEM/1C    
Campbell, Jr. Louis W.   1953 USMC        
Canas Frank A.   2003   Iraq      
Caravati Charles E.   1942 Navy WWII     1943-1945, Pacific Theater
Caravati Henry L.   1941 Navy WWII      
Caravati Richard M. "Dick"   1960 Army   1st Lt.   1966-1969
Carle Oscar   1947 Navy WWII     Graduated BHS as returning Veteran
Carlton Christopher P.   1989 Army   Capt. USMA BHS Btn Cmdr 1989
Carreras James P.   1958 Air National Guard   1st Lt.   1965-1971
Carreras, Sr. Joseph A.   1949 Navy       Deceased 5/13/07
Carroll John   1947 Army       Paratrooper, 82nd Airborne
Carroll Paul   1950 Air Force   S/Sgt    
Caserio EBO Raymond ***   Navy WWII MM/Chief   Died in Service of Country 12-15-1945. Missing in Action or Buried at Sea Tablets of the Missing
Caserio EBO Raymond     Continued       at Manila American Cemetery, Philippines, Purple Heart
Cash, Jr. Thurman S.   1941 USMC WWII S/Sgt   Pacific Theatre-3 major campaigns. Samoa-Guam with Stops in Between
Cassell Carroll O.   1948 Army Korea     1951-1954 Communications Security Analyst
Cassella James P.   1981 Army Iraq Lt. Col. Citadel 20 Years Service, Exec. & Opr Officer 17th Aviation Brigade-Korea, LM, ACM, DMM, MSM (5), JSAM (2), AAM (4),
Cassella James P.     Continued       KDSM, GWT. US Army Command. General Staff College, Pentagon Spokesman, Sec. of Defense
Catogni, Jr. David A.   1941 Army Air Corps WWII S/Sgt   Armor Gunner B-24, 15th Air Force, Central Europe, Balkans, Lead Crew on 26 Missions, Air Medal
Catogni, Jr. David A.     Continued       Rome-ARNO, Yugoslavia-Austria Missions
Cavedo Norman Leo   1932 Army WWII Capt. VMI 1941-1946
Cavedo, Jr. Irving W.   1942 Army Korea Major VMI M.D. 1948-1956
Challenor, Jr. Garland H.   1941 USCG WWII SEA/1C    
Chakales Robert E.   1945 Army       Deceased 2-18-2010
Cheatwood Leonard M.   1916 Army WWI      
Chiocca Albert R.   1950 Army Korea     1951-1954
Christian Harry S.   1980 Army Gulf     Special Forces, First Gulf War. Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq
Cimino Carl Nicholas   1943 USMC WWII/Korea Cpl. VMI 1944-1946 1950-1951
Clark, III Howard T.   1986 Air Force   Major USAFA Pilot
Clarke Stuart W.   1979     Capt.   Pilot, 1983-1991
Coetzee Frans   1978 USMC   Brig Gen USNA Commanding General of Marine Corp Mobilization Command. US Army War College
Cogbill, Jr. John V. "Jack"   1941 Army WWII/Korea CWO   104th Inf. Div. 21 years service 1942-1963. European Theater/WWII
Cole Ashton Lee *** 1943 Army WWII S/Sgt   Died in Service of County 2-15-1945, 376th Inf. Reg., 94th Inf. Div, Buried Plot D, Row 5, Grave 3 Lux. American Cem.
Cole Ashton Lee     Continued       Bronze Star, Purple Heart. (Also attended John Marshall)
Coli Albert   1936   WWII      
Collie Frank R.   1916 Army WWI      
Conklin Robert Ray   1955 Air Force   Air/1C VMI 1961-1965
Connelly John J.   1938 Army WWII 1st Sgt.   European Theatre, 9th Army
Connelly William J.   1947 USMC Korea Sgt.   1947-1951
Cook, Jr. Jack Carlton   1961 Army   Major VMI 1966-1975, NG 1975-1981, Bronze Star (2), Air Medal (11), ACM
Coots Norvell V.   1976 Army   Col.   Cmd of Keller Army Community Hospital, West Point, NY
Corcoran Chris W.   1976 USMC/VANG       8 years Marine Corp.; 14 years Virginia Air National Guard
Cornell, Jr. Thomas E.   1938   WWII     Airline Pilot after War
Cornwell Nicholas D.   2002 Navy        
Corso Louis Daniel   1960 Army Vietnam 1st Lt.   1965-1967
Cortopassi Louis S.   1988         Specialist Department of Defense
Cotton John L. "Jack"   1947 Navy Korea Lt. JG   1951-1954 Two tours of Korea on a Carrier
Cowardin Clinton Lewis   1966 Army   Lt. Col. VMI 1970-1991, MSM, ACM (3)
Cowardin Ronald L.   1964 Army   1st Lt. VMI 1970-1971 Infantry
Creamer Charles G.   1941 Army WWII Cpl.   South Pacific
Crone, Jr. George O.   1954 Army   Sgt.   Berlin Crisis
Crovo Frank A.   1947 Air Force       Deceased October 2004
Cunningham Richard R.   1955 Air Force Vietnam Lt. Col.   1959-1984 Command Pilot, Vietnam Service 1967-1968 Silver Star, Bronze Star, Distinguished
Cunningham Richard R.     Continued       Flying Cross, Airman's Medal, Air Medal 18 OLC, MSM.
Curley David P.   1942 Navy WWII MECH 1/C   LST. European and Pacific Theatres
Curley Philip J.   1951 Army/Navy   PFC   Anti-Aircraft, Later Civilian Naval Intelligence-Yokohama
Curley Michael J.   1959 Air Force/National Guard Vietnam Capt. VMI 1963-1969, NG 1970-1974 Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal (11). 200 Missions, Flew F-4.
Curley, Jr. John J.   1932 Army WWII Major VMI 1941-1946
D'Adamo Joseph M.   1935 Army WWII PFC   Bronze Star, 5th Army-8th Infantry Division, Combat Infantry Badge
D'Adamo Philip R.   1935 Army Air Corps WWII S/Sgt    
D'Adamo, Jr. Dominick   1937 Army Air Corps WWII Capt.   Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal (2 OLC), EAME/9 Battle Stars, Dist. Unit Badge(OLC)
D'Adamo, Jr. Dominick     Continued       3-12-42 to 11-12-45. Historic Low Level Raid on Plosti Romanian Oil Fields on 8-1-1943.
Daffron Tom   1926 Army WWII      
Dagenhart Thomas V.   1950 USMC WWII     (Deceased January 2006)
Daly Gerald F.   1959 Army Vietnam 1st Lt.   Served in Korea
Daman Anthony M.   1938 Army WWII PFC   1940-1945
Damiani John   1936 Army WWII      
Dandridge James A.   1943 USMC WWII      
Dart Louis M.   1928 Navy WWII      
Dart Norman A.   1932 Army WWII      
Dart, III Joseph   1963 Army Vietnam 1st Lt.   1968-1970, Purple Heart
Davidson, III
Charles E.
  1948 Navy Korea     1949-1953 (Deceased 7/20/11)
Denton, Jr. Joel   1970 Army   Capt. VMI 1974-1976 Reserves
deTreville Richard   1956 Army   CWO   Chopper Pilot, 15 years -4 Regular, 11 National Guard
Deverell, III Persse K.   1960 Army/NG   Col.   1965-1999
Dickens Guilford L. "Gip"   1947 Army        
Dietrick William Michael   1972 Army   Col. VMI 1976 to 2003 Special Operations Command-Europe. MSM (4), JSC , ACM (2), DMM, LM, DSS
Doane David   1975 Army/NG   M/Sgt.   20 years Service
Dodd Lance   2004 USCG Iraq     Honor Guard at White House and Arlington National Cemetery
Doherty Thomas J.   1946 Navy Korea     (Died 1-30-09)
Dolan, Jr. Richard E.   1964 Army        
Donahue Charles Francis   1942 Army/Air Force WWII Capt. VMI Distinguished Flying Cross, Attended VMI, then graduated VPI after war. Deceased 5-1974.
Donahue Donald G. *** 1945 Army WWII Pvt.   Killed in action on D Day. (Started BHS in 1941)
Dongieux James C.   1959 Navy Vietnam     Naval School of Music
Donner Bernard G.   1943 MM/Army WWII/Korea     1944-1945, 1950-1951
Donner Eugene D.   1965 ANG/Air Force   Lt. Col.   Pilot, 1968-1989 -21 years, armed missions in Panama. Deployments to RAF in England and Norway.
Donner Michael L.   1979 Navy   Lt. USNA 1983-1993 Submarine Force
Donovan, Jr. Charles L.   1936 Army WWII 1st Lt.   New Guinea (Bismarch Arch) Philippines Liberation, Okinawa (Ryukyus), 242nd Eng. Com. APT Ribbon w/4 stars.
Donovan, Jr. Walter Francis   1952 Army   Sgt. VMI Infantry 1957. 7 years Service. 6 months active duty- 6 1/2 years Reserve in NG.
Doran Thomas R.   1944 Army Air Corps WWII Sgt.   Air Transport Command 1944-1946, China-Burma-India Campaign
Dowd Anthony E.   1943 Army Air Corps WWII S/Sgt   South Pacific-China, Burma, India, Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, Air Medal. Heavy Bomber Tail Gunner.
Dowd Matthew James   1940 Army Air Corps WWII     Designed and Constructed Air Bases in South Pacific 1942-1945
Downs Perry L.   1940 Navy WWII     Serial 4139685; Pacific Theatre- Survivor of sinking of USS Princeton on Oct. 24, 1944 at Leyte
Doyle, Jr. John Leonard   1984 Army   1st Lt. VMI 1988-1996 Reserves
Dreelin Donald P.   1955 Army   Capt. VMI 1959-1960
Dreelin Robert A.   1971 Army   Capt.   Dentist - 4 yrs. active duty. Weirhof dental clinic in Germany. 464th medical detachment. US Army Ski Team
Driscoll Courtney J.   1938 Army Air Force WWII     (Coach and Athletic Director at BHS in 1950's)
Drumeller William F.   1941 Army WWII     Battle of the Bulge, Purple Heart, Bronze Star. (Deceased 3-25-2006.)
Duckhardt William C.   1949 Army Korea     Deceased 10/16/08
Dudley Brian C.   1989 Army   Capt. USMA Honduras
Duff, Jr. Charles H.   1941 Army WWII Capt. VMI South Pacific Theatre New Guinea, Halmahera Island, Philippines (Judge -Court of Appeals)
Duffy Thomas   1928 Army WWII Spec.   Military Police-European Theatre
Duffey Thomas   2006 Army/NG Iraq     Service in Iraq
Duggan John J.   Pre-1919 Army WWI      
Duggan, Jr. Robert M.   1955 Army   Major    
Dumouchelle Charles M.   1957 Navy   PO 2/C   1959-1963
Dunne R. William   1955 Army   Major    
Dunne Thomas O.   1957 Navy Vietnam Lt.   Active 1961-1965 Underwater Demolition Team. Reserve 1984-1987 SEAL Team UDT. W Pacific
Durkin Mark Harry   1978 Air Force   Lt. Col.
VMI 1982 to 1994,  Bronze Star
Dyer Alvin W.   1940 Army WWII     Pacific Theatre-Philippines at Wars End
Eagan, Jr. Robert W.   1951 Army   Lt.   1955-1963 6 months active, 7 1/2 years Reserve active
Eck William J.   1928 Army WWII      
Edwards Alfred C.   1941 Army Air Corps WWII S/Sgt   North African Campaign
Elmore Louis J.   1930 Army WWII      
Elmore Ralph A.   1932 Navy WWII Ensign    
English George   1957 Army   1st Lt.   1962-1964 Rifle Platoon Leader, 11th Infantry Reg.
Epps Christopher Len   1993 USMC Iraq Sgt.   Three tours in Iraq NAM
Evans Jerold W.   1947 USMC Korea Sgt.   1948-1952



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