Affording BCP    

 Annual Tuition $17,525
  Student Activity Fee $355
  Uniforms $500*  Technology Fee $100
*Deposit amount for Freshman and Transfer students only.

A BCP education offers young men many advantages. Our smaller classes and family atmosphere provide an environment that ensures your son is not lost in the crowd. We know how to teach boys and we focus on their strengths. With the ever-increasing size of many public school classrooms, many families find our favorable student to teacher ratio of 9:1 and our average class size of 17 students to be extremely attractive. At BCP, we teach the whole boy: mind, spirit and body. Our college preparatory academic program offers both honors and advanced placement courses in every subject. Our summer internship program allows our young men to explore career choices and to expand their horizons far beyond the classroom. As a Catholic school, BCP emphasizes the spiritual growth of each student. A moral, faith-centered life of service to God and the community is emphasized. And with three full seasons of varsity and junior varsity sports, our boys are active.

Cadet Graduation

When choosing any independent school, one of the first questions a family asks is, "Can we afford this opportunity?" Investing in your son's future is likely one of the most important and most significant investments you will make.

BCP is an independent Catholic school that does not receive subsidy from the diocese. Our goal is to provide an outstanding education while being good stewards of your tuition dollar. In fact, BCP has one of the most favorable tuition rates of all independent high schools in the Greater Richmond area.

Each year, tuition covers approximately 75% of the expense of educating each student. Our annual fundraising activities cover the difference. We are proud of the substantial support we receive from BCP families and friends.

Tuition for the academic year is $17,525, student activity fee is $355.00, technology fee is $100.00, and uniform deposit for freshmen and transfer students is an additional $500.00.

Merit-Based Scholarships
Each year, rising freshman applicants are invited to submit an essay for one of three freshman merit-based scholarships. This scholarship represents half the cost of a current year's tuition which is renewable for the three following school years provided the student remains in good academic/behavior standings. Prospective freshman who wish to apply for a merit scholarship must meet the following criteria: (1) have completed all admission requirements including application, 3 recommendations, SSAT'S and interview, (2) have maintained a minimum overall grade point average for the 8th grade of 90 or B+ (whichever is to the student's advantage) with no grades below a C, (3) submit a handwritten essay on a given topic. There is a strict deadline on applying for a freshman merit scholarship on the website admission calendar.
Need-Based Financial Aid
Families may apply for need-based financial aid by visiting the FACTS web page at FACTS can also be contacted by phone at 1.866.315.9262. Financial aid decisions are kept separate from the admission process and admission decisions are solely based on the academic merits of each student. Families are asked to submit the financial aid application and a copy of the prior year's tax return to a third party. This organization evaluates the particulars and informs the family and BCP of any qualified need.  All financial aid applications must be submitted through FACTS.  We do not accept applications or tax documents at BCP. If you need additional information, please call 804-708-9500.

For more information about ways to lower your tuition payments, visit

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