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Benedictine College Preparatory awards two diplomas: Standard and Advanced Studies. Minimum graduation requirements include those classes mandated by the Virginia Department of Education plus Leadership Education (JROTC) and Theology. Credit requirements are listed in the table below. 

Subject  Standard Diploma Advanced Studies Diploma
English 4 4
Theology 4 4
Mathematics 3 4
Science 3 4
History 3 4
Foreign Language 2
3 or 4
Leadership (JROTC) 2 ( ½ credit each year) 2 ( ½ credit each year)
Physical Education 2 2
Fine or Practical Art 1 1
Electives 2 - 8 1 - 3
Total 24 - 30 29 - 30



Requirements for transfer students will be evaluated on an individual basis
Laboratory Science
Standard Diploma: 3 credits must be earned from a minimum of 2 disciplines: physics, chemistry, or biology
Advanced Diploma: 4 credits must be earned from among the three disciplines: physics 9 (required for freshmen), biology, chemistry, or physics

History Standard Diploma: World History, US History, and US Government are required
Advanced Diploma: Geography, World History, US History and US Government are required; transfers will be evaluated on an individual basis
Foreign Language Standard Diploma: 2 foreign language credits are required.
Advanced Diploma: Three years of one language or two years each of two languages
Physical Education One full year of physical education class is required. Students take 1/2 credit freshman year and 1/2 credit sophomore year.

Fine or Practical Art

Completion of any fine art class, journalism, photojournalism, Creative Writing or any computer class


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