Theology Department    
The study of theology is fundamental to the growth of all men. It is a study that should not cease at the end of high school or college, rather it should cease at death. The study of theology is properly the study of God. Ultimately it is the highest pursuit of the Truth, as God is Truth. It is the attempt to come to know Him who is the origin of all that is. Theology is therefore indispensable to the educational development of man. 

At Benedictine, we give our young men the tools necessary to begin this lifelong pursuit of the Truth. We begin with a fundamental examination of Catholic catechism, including basic doctrines, morality, prayer and virtue. We move through a thorough examination of the Bible, into an intensive study of morality—looking for absolutes in a relative world. Finally we apply these principles to life beyond school. We look at how to remain faithful in college, how to be good husbands, fathers and citizens, and how to listen to God for that possible calling to the priesthood.

To accomplish this we challenge our young men to think, consider, contemplate and discuss what they believe and are learning. We therefore focus on developing skills in logic, philosophy, writing, and reasoning. All of this allows not only sound understanding, but even rational disagreement and development of thought and expression.

Mr. William J. Doran, IV
B.A., Christendom College
James G. Eliasek
B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University

Mr. Patrick White
B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University

Fr. Adrian Harmening, OSB
Fr. James Glass, OSB

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