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Internet Access Policy
The use of computer resources at Benedictine High School is a revocable privilege. Failure to abide by this policy may render you ineligible to use the school's computing facilities and may bring additional disciplinary action.

Technology and the Internet

Students are expected to use the technology available at Benedictine High School in a manner appropriate to the school's academic and moral goals. Technology includes, but is not limited to, computers, other hardware, electronic devices, software, Internet, e-mail, all other networks, etc. Use of this technology is a revocable privilege. Students are expected to be responsible and use computers to which they have access appropriately. Obscene, pornographic, threatening, or other inappropriate use of technology, including, but not limited to, e-mail, instant messaging, web pages, and use of hardware and/or software which disrupts or interferes with the safety and welfare of the school community, is prohibited, even if such uses take place after or off school property (i.e., home, business, private property, etc.). Benedictine High School adheres to the provisions of the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

A. General Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. Transmission of any material in violation of Federal, State, or local law, ordinance, or the Student Handbook is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: copyrighted material, cyber bullying, threatening, violent, obscene, or pornographic material, material protected by trade secret, and uploaded or created computer viruses.
  2. Use of technology for commercial activities is prohibited unless explicitly permitted by the school. Commercial activity includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. any activity that requires an exchange of money and/or credit card numbers;
    2. any activity that requires entry into an area of service for which the school will be charged a fee;
    3. any purchase or sale of any kind; and
    4. any use for product advertisement or political lobbying.
  3. Altering/modifying software or taking apart the computer for access to internal parts is prohibited.

B. Acceptable/Safe Use Policy

The following rules are in effect for all Benedictine High School computers unless otherwise directed by a teacher or administrator:

  1. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that student-loaded files and programs do not consume hard drive space needed for instructional or educational requirements.
  2. Students are prohibited from accessing or attempting to access instant messages, chat rooms, forums, e-mail, message boards, or hosting personal web pages unless monitored and authorized by a teacher or administrator.
  3. Pornographic, obscene, or vulgar images, sounds, music, video, language, or materials, including screensavers, backdrops, and/or pictures, are prohibited.
  4. Downloading, uploading, or importing music and videos, games, screen animations, as well as programs or files that can be run or launched as a stand-alone program is prohibited at all times.
  5. Illegal use or transfer of copyrighted materials to a school owned computer is prohibited.
  6. File sharing must be approved and directed by the teacher.
  7. Students are not allowed to connect a home computer to Ethernet jacks in the school unless instructed by the teacher or administrator.
  8. Additions, modifications or deletion of files, except in the student's private directory are prohibited.
  9. Students are prohibited from sharing passwords with one another for any reason and should make every effort to keep all passwords secure and private.
  10. Students should not knowingly introduce or knowingly allow the introduction of any computer virus to any school computer.
  11. Putting non-school related material (files) on a school file server is prohibited.

C. Personal Responsibility and Integrity

Access to the school's computing facilities is granted with your computer account. Accounts are assigned to individuals and are not to be shared. You, the user, are responsible for all activity performed from your account. Activity on your account may be monitored and recorded. It is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy to allow others to use your account or to use another person's account, with or without that person's permission. All who use Benedictine High School's technology resources must recognize that the work of all users is valuable; therefore, every user must respect the privacy of others. Users shall not intentionally seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to other users, or misrepresent or assume the identity of other users. To protect students while at school and to meet the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements, access to the Internet is filtered through a commercial filtering system. All students are expected to behave responsibly and with integrity when using technology. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Use technology for school-related purposes only;
  2. Revealing unauthorized personal information about yourself or others is prohibited;
  3. Do not copy, change, read, or use files in another user's storage area (such as hard disk space, diskettes, mail, server space, personal folders, etc.) without the user's permission;
  4. Refrain at all times from cyber bullying (the use of sensitive, derogatory or threatening messages and/or images in an effort to ridicule another)

D. Security

Security on any computer system is a high priority. Attempts of a user to log on to the Benedictine High School network using another's identity is prohibited. Bypassing or attempting to bypass the school's filtering software is prohibited. All security problems must be reported to an administrator.

E. Privacy/Copyright

The illegal use, distribution or transfer of copyrighted material on school computers is prohibited.

F. Alteration of Hardware or Pre-Installed Software

Altering/modifying the pre-installed software is prohibited. Examples include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Loading/installing any software applications
  2. Changing the desktop picture
  3. Changing the computer name
  4. Changing or removing operating system extensions
  5. Altering security software
  6. Altering the pre-loaded operating system or applications
  7. Taking apart the computer for access to internal parts.
Violations of these regulations will result in serious disciplinary action and may also result in criminal charges if the violation of the regulation is also a violation of Federal, State, or local law or ordinance. Examples of such dual violations are
  1. computer hacking or trespassing,
  2. harassment, threats, or cyber bullying via computer, and
  3. computer fraud (See, Title 18.2 of the Code of Virginia).
Ignorance of these regulations will not excuse an infraction.
Any student found to reconfigure the pre-loaded software image will receive an out-of-school suspension. Other actions may include long-term suspension, expulsion, or any action deemed appropriate by the administration in accordance with the Student Handbook. Where Virginia law is violated, legal action may be taken.

Recommended Dispositions - one or more may apply

  • Student Conference
  • Parent Contact
  • Conference with Parent
  • Removal of unauthorized files and folders
  • Detention
  • Suspension
  • Restitution
  • Community Service
  • Revocation of Computer Access and Use


My signature attests that:

  • I have read the attached information concerning the Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy.
  • My English teacher has reviewed the information with me and answered any questions that I may have had.
  • I understand the BHS Honor Code: "A Cadet will not lie, steal, cheat nor tolerate those who do."
  • I understand that any violation of this Acceptable Use Policy is a breach of honor and may lead to substantial disciplinary action as outlined above.
No student may use the school computers until their signed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is on file in the library.


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