1. Book - One Author

Author (last name, first name). Title of Book. Place of Publication Publisher,

     Copyright Date.


Marchionini, Gary. Information Seeking in Electronic Environments. Cambridge:

     Cambridge University Press, 1995.

2. Book - More than one Author

Author (last name, first name) and Author (first name, last name). Title of Book. Place

     of Publication: Publisher, Copyright Date.


Bopp, Richard E. and Linda C. Smith. Reference and Information Services. Chicago:

     Libraries Unlimited, Inc., 2001.

3. Book with an Editor

Editor (last name, first name), ed. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, date.


Sutherland, Zena, ed. Children & Books. New York: Addison-Wesley Educational

     Publishers, Inc., 1996.

4. Print Magazines (any periodical which is published on a monthly or     weekly basis)

Author (last name, first name). "Title of Article." Name of Periodical. Date of

     Publication: Page numbers.


Grovesner, Robert. "Secrets of the Incas." National Geographic. Aug. 1985: 75 - 92.

5. Journal (any periodical which is published less than once a month)

Author (last name, first name). "Title of Article." Name of Journal. Volume. Issue

     (year):page number(s).


Graham, James B. "Sound Bites: How We Now Cover Elections." Journal of

     Communications. 14. 2(1988): 36-39.

6. Print Newspaper Article (Edition can be found on the front page of     the paper.)

Author. "Title of the article." Title of the newspaper. day Month year. Edition: Section

     and page numbers


Hardin, Peter. "Senators praise Virginia official." The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

     8 Dec. 2005. Final: A7.

7. Print Encyclopedia (unsigned article)

"Title of the Article." Title of Encyclopedia. Edition. Year of publication.


"Nuclear Energy." World Book Encyclopedia. 2004 Edition. 2003.

8. Print Encyclopedia (signed article)

Author (last name, first name). "Title of the article." Title of Encyclopedia. Edition.Year

     of publication.


Covici, Jr., Pascal. "John Steinbeck." Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th

     Century. Second edition. 1984.

9. Government Published Documents

Government. Department. Title of Publication. Volume used. Place of publication,

     Date of Publication. (US gov. documents are printed by the GPO in Washington,



United States. Department of State, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

     Background Notes: Brunei Darussalam. Washington: GPO, October 2001.

10. Article in an Anthology or Compilation (Book with collection of       articles, poetry, or short stories)

Use this citation format when you are citing a signed (author's name given) article or

chapter in an anthology.

Author (last name, first name). "Article/Chapter title" Title of the Anthology or

     Compilation. Editors' names (first name, last name). Vol. #. Place

     published: Publisher, date. Page numbers.


Original article in anthology -

McKusick, James C. "Samuel Taylor Coleridge." Dictionary of Literary Biography. Ed.

     John R. Greenfield. Vol. 107. Detroit, MI: Gale Research Company, 1991.

Reprinted signed article in anthology - Includes above, plus title of source where

article first appeared. Date of original article: pages of original article. Rpt.

in Title of Anthology/Compilation being used.


Rosengarten, Herbert. "Urbane comedy." Canadian Literature. Spring 1977: 84-87. Rpt.
     in Contemporary Literature Criticism. Ed. Dedria Bryfonski and Phyllis Carmen

     Mendelson. Vol. 8. Detroit, MI: Gale Research Company, 1978.

Use this citation format when you are citing an unsigned article or chapter in an


Editor (last name, first name, ed.) "Title of Article/Chapter." Title of book. Volume

     Used (if multivolume set). Place of publication: Publisher, Date. Page number(s).


Peacock, Scot. "Ann Nolan Clark, 1896-1995." Major Authors and Illustrators, second

     Edition. Volume 2. Detroit: Thomson Gale, 2002. 907-911.

11. An Introduction, Preface, Foreword or After word

Author. Introduction. Title of the book. By author. Place of Publication: Publisher,

     Date. Page Number(s).

Example (material is written by the author):

Toland, John. Foreword. Adolf Hitler. By Toland. Garden City, New York: Doubleday &

     Co., 1976. xiii-xiv.

Example (material by someone other than the author):

Thomas, Lowell. Introduction. Ripley's Believe It or Not! By Robert Le Roy Ripley.

     New York: Bonanza Books, 1985. iv - vi.

Updated 12/16/2005 using the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, sixth edition.

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