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Benedictine High School

Military Honor Roll of Remembrance

Alphabetic Listing N Through Z

AAM - Army Achievement Medal DSS - Defense Superior Service Medal NCM - Navy Commendation Medal
ACM - Army Commendation Medal DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross NCM/V - Navy Commendation Medal/Valor
ACMV - Army Commendation Medal/Valor DFC/V - Distinguished Flying Cross/Valor OSR - Overseas Service Ribbon
AFCM - Air Force Commendation Medal GWE - Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal PH - Purple Heart
AFCMV - Air Force Commendation Medal/Valor JSAM-Joint Service Achievement Medal POW - Prisoner of War Medal
AM - Air Medal JSC - Joint Service Commendation Medal SS - Silver Star
AM/V - Air Medal/Valor KDS-Korean Defense Service SSM - Specialty Meritorious Medal
AMM- Airmans Medal LM - Legion of Merit VCG - Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry
BS - Bronze Star MSM - Meritorious Service Medal OLC - Oak Leaf Cluster
BS/V - Bronze Star/Valor NDM - National Defense Service Medal  
DMM - Defense Meritorious Service Medal NAM - Navy Achievement Medal  
*** Died in Service of Country    

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Last Name First Name, Initial Died in Service Class Service ERA Highest Rank Known Military College Notes
Nadder John C. 1997Navy Lt.Mer MAPilot
Nadder, Sr.John J. 1946ArmyKoreaSFCVMI1951-1953 Infantry-Served in Germany
Neagle, Jr.James Randolph 1955Army MajorVMI1953-1983 Infantry-Reserve
NeedhamRobert L. (Junie) 1948Navy   4 years military service
NehmiGeorge 1936 WWII   
NelsonNeill G. 1945ArmyVietnamLt. Col.VMI1949-1969 (BHS 1945 BTN Cmdr.) Served in Vietnam. Bronze Star.
Nicholas, Jr.William W. 1943ArmyWWIICpl. 1943-1945 CO, L, 317 INF, 80th Div.
 WWIIPvt. Died in Service of Country (BHS 1946 in Memoriam)
Nichols John A. 1942ArmyWWIICpl. 1943-1945 Aircraft Artillery. 5 Campaigns including Normandy Beach. (Deceased 12-14-2006)
Nichols, Jr.Dr. Stuart Edwin 1953Army Capt.VMI1961-1963 Medical Doctor
NicholsThomas M. 1941NavyWWII  Pilot
Nissley, Jr.James E. 1940NavyWWIIAAM 1/C 9-14-42 to 11-16-45
Nissley J. Kevin 1977Navy   Missle Destroyer, BHS Btn. Cmdr. 1977
NitzTimothy Alan 1977Army  VMI1981- 1984, ACM (2)
NolteDavid G. 1943NavyWWII   
NolteJoseph H. 1953Army Capt. 1958-1966 6 months active 1st Lt., 7 1/2 years Reserve Captain
NoltePaul H. 1945ArmyKoreaSgt. Served in Germany
NolteWilliam J. 1940ArmyWWII  Pacific Theatre-Philippines at Wars End
Norris, Jr.Ravee Norris 1946Air ForceKorea1st Lt.VMI1951-1952
NorthupStephen A. 1963Army Lt.  
O'Brien Lawrence R. 1941NavyWWIILt. JG Carrier Pilot in Pacific (Deceased 8-4-2000)
O'Brien, Jr.Charles Raymond***1941 WWII  Died in Service of Country
O'Connell, Jr.Daniel T. 1998USMCIraq VMI 
O'DonnellBernard P. 1941ArmyWWIIPFC European Theatre-Normandy Invasion, Ardennes, Rheinland, Cent. Europe, Also NG After WWII
Oeters, Jr.Raphael P. 1938NavyWWII   
O'Grady, Jr.Henry W. 1940Army Air CorpsWWII   
O'HareJohn R. 1934NavyWWII  Pilot
O'HarePatrick M. 1954USMCKoreaSgt. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, South China Sea. 7 years service
O'HareRichard T. 1935NavyWWIICPO Leyte Gulf; Okinawa. USS Milwaukee and LST. Under Kamikaze Attacks.
O'HareRobert 1941Merchant MarinesWWII  Sailed Merchant Ship in All Oceans until 1946
Oley George J. 1941NavyWWIIGM/2C Pacific Theatre-Gunners Mate
Oley, Sr.Charles J. 1941ArmyWWIIPFC European Theatre-Normandy
OlsonByron G. 1938ArmyWWII  11th Armored Div, 7th Tank Btn, Armored Flame Thrower. Hawaii, Battle for Okinawa, Korea Occup.
O'MalleyPatrick A. 1960USMCVietnamCapt. 1964-1972. Vietnam 1966-1967, Purple Heart (3), Bronze Star/Valor, Air Medal (4), NAME, Force Recon Officer,
O'MalleyPatrick A.  Continued   Flew a Forward Air Controller, Shot Down as Air Observer
Omohundro, Jr.Malvern 1920NavyWWII  Staff Headquarters-Pearl Harbor-(Attended BHS 1916-1918)
O'NeillAlfred  Pre-1919ArmyWWI   
OpelEvan E. 2002Air Force   Security Forces
OttMichael F. 1983Navy Cmdr.  
OvermanFred F. Pre-1919ArmyWWI   
Owings, IIA. John  1989Navy Lt.  
PaciniRaymond J. 1916ArmyWWI   
PackCharles R. 1945Army Col. VMI MSM
PageBarry R. 1955USMC Sgt. 3 years Military Service
PanchyshynStephen J. 1982NavyIraqCmdr.USNAUSS Harry Truman, Naval Flight Officer. Aircraft Carrier Shooter. 18 years to date (2008). Arabian Gulf.
ParisLeonard A. 1950ArmyKorea  1952-1955
ParsonsNicholas R.***1916ArmyWWI  WWI ERA. Died in Service of Country at Mexican Border on 12/21/1915.
Payne, Jr.Charles Albert  1929ArmyWWIILt. Col.VMI1933-1970 Calvary (Died 9/27/97)
PendletonWilliam C. 1941ArmyWWIIPFC European Theatre. Italy and France (BHS Roster has E as middle name)
PerryJoseph C. 1934ArmyWWII   
PettersonWilliam E. 1942NavyWWIIEMI/C 1942-1946
PettitPhillip G. "Sonny" 1948Army    
PeytonGeorge H.  1927ArmyWWII   
PhillipsEdward L. 1947ArmyKorea/VietnamCol. Korea 1950-1951, Vietnam 1964, Germany 1968-1970, Vietnam 1970-1971
PhillipsEdward L.  Continued   Bronze Star V, BS, LM (4) Air M, MSM (2), Btn. Cmdr. 24th Division.
Phillips Maurice L. 1949USMCKoreaSgt. 1950-1953 2nd Marine Division. Automotive Spare Parts.
Phillips, Jr.Thomas B. 1946Air ForceKorea1st Lt.VMI1951-1952 (1946 BHS BTN Cmdr.)
PickhardtWilliam L. 1942NavyWWII   
PlagemanBlaise Charles 1955USMC   1955-1958
PlagemanDavid 1958Army 1st Lt. 1962-1966 Infantry-2nd Inf Div, 1st Cal. Div
Poh, Jr.E. Joseph 1958Army   1960-1963
Poh Gerald V. 1957 VietnamLt. Col.  
PohLarry  1962NavyVietnam USNAFlew attack helicopters in Vietnam, Air Metals (10). Retired 1987.
PollardErnest C. 1916ArmyWWI   
Powers Alfred C.  1929ArmyWWII   
Powers David  1936 WWII   
Powers, Sr.Daniel C. 1926USMCWWII  1944-1945
PowersWilliam F. 1957Air Force/National GuardVietnam   
PrestonRobert Andrews 1948ArmyKorea  1953-1955
PritchettWilliam H. 1947Air ForceKorea  Air Traffic Controller 6/1951 - 12/1953 During Korean War
Stephen C.

Lt. JG

PuchalskiDaniel M. 1987Air Force    
PuchalskiThomas M. 1986Air ForceIraq  13 Years of service to date (2006)
PughJerry L. 1949ArmyKoreaCpl. 1951-1953 Korean Campaign, Bronze Star, Combat Infantry Badge
PurcellJohn M.  1927ArmyWWIICol. Africa, Italy
PurcellMichael R. 1985ArmyAfgh  82nd Airborne Division
PurcellOscar A. 1914ArmyWWI   
PurcellW. Griffith 1930ArmyWWIICol.  
RayfieldThomas F. 1929ArmyWWII  Richmond Blues (Deceased 12-17-2005)
RaymakerRudolph L. 1956Air Force   1956-1960
ReaDonald A. 1945USMC    
ReaJames Anthony  1944NavyWWII  Deceased 12/3/05
ReaJames W. 1934ArmyWWII  Hawaiian Island- Machine Gunner
ReardonDr. Patrick A. 1948USMCKorea/VietnamPFC Korean War 1950-1952. Vietnam w/CARE Medico 1962-1964 and Physician in Provincial Hospitals,
ReardonDr. Patrick A.  Continued   Pediatrician w/ U.S. Aid, (State Dept) in Vietnam 1969-1971.
ReardonG. Timothy 1961Air Force    
ReardonJohn E. "Jack" 1947USMCKoreaSgt. 6th Marine Infantry Regiment 1948-1952. Active Duty 1950-1952
ReardonJoseph J. 1951USMCKoreaSgt. 1952-1955 Radar Technician
ReardonKevin P. 1983Army 1st Lt.VMI1987-1992 6 mo. Active Duty, 6 years Reserve. Corp. of Engineers. (VMI Honor Court)
ReardonMichael T. 1955Army SP4 1957-1962 National Guard
ReardonStephen G. 1980Army Capt.VMI1984-1994. Active Duty 1984-1985. BHS Btn. Cmdr. 1980. Corp of Engineers. (VMI Honor Court)
ReardonThomas O'Connell 1957Army Sgt. E7 1961-1967 6 mo. Active Duty, 6 years Reserve
Reardon, Jr.Thomas O'Connell 1982ArmyGrenada  82nd Airborne Invasion of Grenada. Germany
RegensburgMatthew Ross 2003USMCIraqSgt. Two tours in Iraq, Purple Heart
Rhodes, Jr.Wesley Eliot 1951Army Lt.VMI1957 Signal
RiddellRobert M. (Bob) 1934ArmyWWII/KoreaCapt. Combat Infantry Officer, France & Germany. Combat Infantry Officer, Korea. Combat Inf Badge w/Star
Riley Dr. Charles Russell 1935ArmyWWII  Combat Doctor
RingJohn David  USMCWWII  Wounded on Peleliu. Purple Heart.
RingJoseph L. 1945USMCWWIICpl. 1944-1946
Roach, Jr.Leo Aloysius 1960Army 1st Lt.VMI1964-1966 Armor, 1966-1969 Reserves
RocchiccioliRalph***1939ArmyWWII1st Lt. Infantry. North Africa, Italy, Killed in Action in Italy
RockecharlieBenjamin F. 1935Air ForceWWII  China, India Pilot
RockecharlieE. Paul 1941ArmyWWIIS/Sgt. European Theatre-Rheinland Campaign
RockecharlieLouis A. 1931ArmyWWIIS/Sgt. 176th Infantry, Italy
RockecharlieThomas A. 1928NavyWWII  Radio and Radar Technician
RockecharlieWilliam P. 1940Air ForceWWII  European Theatre
RoesserQuinton A. 1959USMCVietnam  2nd Marine Div., Service Connected Disability
RogersCornelius Thomas 1978Air Force
 Capt.VMIQMC 1982-1990,
Air Force Reserves
RollinJoseph Anthony 1999ArmyIraq1st Lt. 54th Engineer Battalion. Platoon Leader. Served in Iraq.
RollstonMatthew Barry 1989ArmyIraqSgt. 101st Airborne Div-Assault. Served in Iraq. ACM, GWE, Combat Infantry Badge, OSR.
RoperWilliam Y. 1938ArmyWWII   
Rose, IIJohn H.  1954Air Force A 1/C 1954-1958
RossRobert Joseph "Bobby" 1955Army 1st Lt.VMI1960-1962 Berlin Crisis. Germany. Armor. ACM. (Head Football Coach)
RoweDr. Douglas Stephen 1959ArmyVietnamLt. Col.VMI1969-1976 Medical Corp., Triple Army Medical Center, Walter Reed Hospital, MSM
Rowe, Jr.William John 1959ArmyVietnamLt. Served 2 years in Germany, Transportation Corps
RubisChrist J. 1947ArmyKorea  1951-1953
RyanLouis A. 1928ArmyWWII   
RyanThomas R. 1926ArmyWWII   
Ryan, IIIJohn Aloysius 1942USMCWWIICapt.VMIFighter Pilot. Distinguished Flying Cross (Died 11/19/94)
Ryan, IIIThomas R. 1955Navy Capt. As Co-Pilot, Flew Astronaut Scott Carpenter from Recovery Carrier Intrepid to Grand Turk after Orbital Flight.
SaadyThomas  1931ArmyWWII   
John M.


Served in Philippines. Aviation Group-Radio Communications (Died 5/16/11)
SantacroceDante 1951Air ForceKorea/VietnamMajor 1953-1957, 1961-1977. Served in Korea, Vietnam and Europe. Base Commander for electronics squadron
SantucciEdward O. 1934Air ForceWWIILt. Col. Italy, 15th A.F. (BHS BTN Cmdr. 1934- Basketball Captain)
SanyourSalem B. 1918ArmyWWI   
SaundersBernard Thomas 1943NavyWWIIPhar M 3/C 1943-1946 Asiatic Pacific. Purple Heart. Presidential Unit Citation. 6th Marine Division (Deceased 11-12-2002)
SaundersFrederick A. 1941NavyWWIIRad 2/C Pacific Theatre. Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown. All Actions from Aug 1943, Marcus Is. To Occupation
SaundersFrederick A.  Continued   of Japan Oct. 1945. Radioman (Deceased 5-3-2005)
SaundersLeo W. 1945ArmyKorea  Medics. Served in Korea.
ScafidiBen 1960Air Force S/Sgt. 1966-1972 Air National Guard
Schmied, Jr.William C. 1961Air Force CM/Sgt.  
SchubmehlWilliam Patrick 1950USMC Capt.VMI1954-1959
SeayJ. Edward  1952Army    
SeidelEric S. 1961USMCR Sgt. 1962-1968
SepulvedaBenny R. 1948USMCKorea/VietnamMajor 1950-1980 Korea 1953-1954, Vietnam 1962-63 and 1969-70. NCM, NAM w/V. Commun & Spec Intell
SextonJon Chandler 1986Air ForceYugoCapt.USAFAOperation Allied Force. Kosovo, Yugoslavia. Distinguished Flying Cross.
ShaheenArthur J. 1954Army SP5 1956-1958
ShaheenGeorge 1958Air Force   1960-1961
ShaughnessyLouis J. 1915ArmyWWI   
ShawAndrew R. 1996MM/Navy Lt. Operation Enduring Freedom, 2001-2006, Still in Reserves (2008)
Sheehy, Jr.Thomas J. 1963Air Force E-8 S M/Sgt. 1968-1980 Active/1982-1997 Active Guard. Norway, England, Turkey. AFCM w/3 OLC, AFMS (2)
Brandon Smith


Bronze Star w/Valor, Baghdad and Fallujah, Iraq, Korea 2004-2006.
ShellJustin Rennie 1994Army IraqMaj.USMABronze Star, MSM, Operations battle captain in Iraq. Bosnia and Germany
SheppardRobert 1935ArmyWWII   
ShibleyEdward M. 1946National Guard MSGVMI1948-1957
ShuartGregory  1945Army S/Sgt. 1946-1948
ShulleetaThomas Andrew 1964NavyVietnam  Destroyer USS McCaffery-Action off Vietnam. Shelling at & hit by shore batteries
SickingerJames Kevin 1981Army Afgh.Lt. Col. 1987 to present (2007), Battalion Cmdr. OEF, Prof of Military Science, Univ. of North Dakota. Bronze Star.
Siewers, Jr.Frederick W. 1948ArmyKorea1st Lt. Served in Korea
Siewers, IIJohn C. 1955Army 1st Lt. 1960-1966 6 Months Active, 5 1/2 years Reserve
SinkinsonWilliam J. 1999USMCIraqCapt.
VMI2nd BTN, 7th Marines in Iraq. Japan, Indonesia, GWT, NDM, NSD (3)-Artillery Officer, MSM, NAM, G-3 Training Officer
Sitterding IVFrederick B. 1959ArmyVietnam  Fort Dix, Reserves, 1966 - 1972
SmigoEmil 1962USMC Sgt. Photo Recon 1963-1966
SmithAnthony E. 1964National Guard   6-67 to 6-73, 111th Artillery
SmithDr. Charles F. 1963Air Force Capt.VMI1969-1973 Dentist
SmithEdward Loyola 1946ArmyKoreaCapt.VMI1951-1953 Armor
SmithStephen A. 1968Army Major 1974-88. Active Duty 1975-1985. Germany, Pentagon. ACM, AAM, OSR.
Smith, Jr.Wayne R. 1942Air ForceWWII1st Lt. Fighter Pilot. 342nd Fighter Squadron, 3 Combat Missions, Pacific Theater-Luzon, Philippines.
Smith, Jr.Wayne R.  Continued   P-51 Pilot. Also P-40, AT-06, BT-13, BT-17. (Deceased 4-30-06)
SmithWesley R. 2000ArmyIraqCapt.
VMIFort Hood, Texas; Fort Hunchuca, AZ
Smith, Jr.Clifford  1915ArmyWWI   
SniderJeffrey M. 1982Navy M/CPO USS Los Angeles, USS Gato, USS Houston. Submarine Force-Pacific. 1982-2006 Elec. Tech.
SniderTimothy M. 1983    90th Regional Support Command
SolariFrank A. 1943USMCWWIIPFC 1944-1946 Occupation of Japan
SolariMichael T. 1982USMCIraqCapt. 1986-1994 Desert Storm
SommaCharles A. 1945ArmyKorea  1952-1954. Judge Advocate General Corps at Pentagon-Attorney. (Deceased 8-1-08)
SommaRichard Anthony 1937MM/Coast GuardWWII  1941-1945
SowersGeorge Bruce 1933 WWII  4 Years
SowersJames R. 1934Army/Air ForceWWII  Instructional Pilot
SpengerJohn N.  1925ArmyWWII   
SpinellaJoseph F. 1941NavyWWIIT/1C European Theatre April 1943 - December 1945. Telegrapher
StaleyRoger W. 1947ArmyKorea  1951-1953 Special Agent CIC Army/AF/CIA per death notice (Deceased 10-6-2006)
StanfordKenneth 1915ArmyWWI   
Stebbing, Jr.Harry T. 1939Air ForceWWIIMajor 1942-1963 Army and Air Force.
Steinbrecher, Jr.John M.*** USMCWWIICpl. Died in Service of Country October 26, 1942. Missing in Action or Buried at Sea Tablets of the Missing
Steinbrecher, Jr.John M.  Continued   at Manila American Cemetery, Philippines. Purple Heart. Gunner on USS Hornet.
StengerEdward T. 1940Air ForceWWIICol.  
StengerPhilip J. 1941Army Air CorpsWWII  Pilot - Asiatic/Pacific Theaters (Deceased 9-13-2003)
Christopher L.

StorinoDonne M. 1962ArmyVietnam1st Lt. 1966-1969
StrattonL. Aubrey Post Grad 47NavyWWIICOXW Pacific Theatre, Okinawa
StraussRobert E. 1938ArmyWWII   
Strauss, Jr.Robert E. 1959ArmyVietnamCapt.VMI1963-1969 Bronze Star, ACM, Served in Vietnam and Germany Died 1-31-98
StreatJames S. 1949Air National Guard   (Deceased 9-28-2006)
StreatHenry J. 1914NavyWWI   
Stryker, Jr.Paul E.***1941Air ForceWWIILt. Died in Service of Country. Missing in Action over Germany on 12-1. P-47 Pilot, 9th Air Force,
Stryker, Jr.Paul E.  Continued   80+ Missions, Air Medal w/11 OLC
StubbsWilliam T. 1943USMCWWII  1943-1945. Pacific Campaign. 20MM Gunner on USS Jacinto under 10 Kamikaze Attacks
Stumpf, IIIEdward A. 1937Air ForceWWIIMajorVMI1941-1946 Pilot B24 Liberator. Deceased 8-13-2003.
Stumpf, Sr.Frank J. 1940NavyWWIILt. JG 1943-1946 Destroyer w/ Carrier Task Force-Pacific. Mindoro, Leyte, So. China Sea, Iwo, Okinawa and Japan.
SuffrediniG. L. "Lou" 1945NavyKoreaLt. JG 1951-1955 Explosive Ordinance Disposal Specialist
SullivanMark B. 1983USMC    
SundinCarl A. 2001ArmyIraq1st Lt. 3rd Infantry Division-Service in Iraq
TaylorChristopher D.  1989Air Force Iraq M/Sgt  Desert Storm/Shield, Qatar
TaylorWilliam R. 1956Army   6 mo. Active, 5 1/2 yrs. Reserve
Taylor, Jr.James L. 1942NavyWWII/KoreaLt.VMI1944-1946, 1950-1952, (Died 5/10/2000)
TealJohn Robert "JR"***1990ArmyIraqCapt.VMIKilled in Action 10-23-2003, Mine Explosion Boquoba, Iraq. Bronze Star, Purple Heart, ACM (3)
TeefeyThomas J. 1949Navy SCPO  
TennantCicero A. 1953Army   1958-1964 6 months Active Duty, 5 years Reserve
TerrellWilliam R. 1941NavyWWII   
ThackerDr. Andrew J. 1957Army 1st Lt.VMI1961-1963 Armor, Served in Far East
ThomasJames Lawler 1941Air ForceWWII/Korea1st Lt.VMIAir Medal, VMI 1950B, (Died 7/15/95)
ThomasMichael K. 1985Navy MCPO  
ThompsonJames Peter 1959Army   Finance Corps - 1965-1967
ThompsonRobert  2004 Iraq  Service in Iraq
Tiedermann, IIIAlbert William 1976Navy Lt.VMI1980-1987
TimberlakeHoward  1933 WWII  3 1/2 years in Military
TimberlakeJohn M. 1952Air ForceKorea  1952-1956
TimberlakeJohn M. 1946ArmyKoreaCpl. 1953-1955
TokarzJoseph J. 1941ArmyWWIIT/Sgt. 1943-1946 European & Southwest Pacific, France, Belgium, Japan. 229 Gen Hosp, 35th Hosp.
TolerDr. Alan Gregory 1979Army Lt. Col.VMI1983 to Reserve, Optometrist, AAM
TomsRaymond Lewis 1976Army MajorVMI1981 to 2001 Engineers MSM (3), ACM (4)
ToomeyPatrick M. 1984USMCDesert Storm1st. Lt. 1988-1992 Desert Storm
TrappFrank J. 1975USMCAfghSgt. E5 4 years Security Guard at Kabul Afgh 1977-78 and London England 1978-79 at American Embassies
Trapp, Jr.Adam E. 1973Army E5 1975-1980 3rd Infantry Division
TriniteCharles E. 1936 WWII   
TriniteSamuel L. 1941Army Air CorpsWWIISgt.  
TubbJohn David 1980 Iraq  Counter I E D Tactics in Iraq
TuckerJames P. Pre-1919ArmyWWI   
TurnerRaymond W. 1948ArmyKorea  1951-1953
TurnerStephane F. 1953Army   1958
TurnerWilliam N. 1960ArmyVietnamSFC 1964-66, USAR, 1966-1991, ACM, AAM w/OLC, NDM
Tyler, Jr.Harold  1949NavyKoreaAM3 1951-1955 Korean Service, Korean Defense. Structural Mechanic
VaughtWade 1984Air Force Lt. Col.USAFAPentagon. Instructor at Air Force Academy-Engineering, Mechanics
VickTobias 2005USCGIraqSeaman E/3 U S Cutter Mobile Bay
Volgyi Imre 1967Army Lt. Col.VMI1973 to 1999, AFRM, LM, JSAM, ASR, DMM, NDM (2), OSR (2), MSM (4), ACM
Volgyi, Jr.Julius Francis John 1962Army Capt.VMI1970-1974 ACM
Vonderlehr, Jr.John H. 1946USMCKoreaSgt. Carrier Enterprise
WallenhorstFrank H. 1930Army Air CorpsWWII  European Theatre-England
WallmeyerIgnatius  1933ArmyWWII  Corp of Engineers
WallmeyerRaphael  1936 WWII  (Deceased 8-22-1997)
WalshR. Nelson  1948Navy   Asiatic/Pacific Area. Philippines Liberation
Walsh, Jr.Lenyon M. 1956USCG    
WebberDr. W. Joseph 1962USMCVietnamCWO 30 years service, MSM, N/MCCM, N/MCAM, Dean of Students-Texas A&M
WelchChristopher Scott 1981Air Force Capt.VMI1985-1997 Pilot
WellhouseHenry A. 1937Army Air ForceWWIILt.  
WestJoseph C. Pre-1919ArmyWWI   
WhealGregory C. 1998Air Force/ArmyIraqCapt.VMI821st and 341st Security Forces Squadrons- Thule Air Base, Greenland. Air Defense Artillery, MSM, AFAM, AFGCM, ASR, GWT, OSR, NATO
WhiteRobert  1973Army E6 S/Sgt. Analyst/Cryptanalyst NSA
WiesmannClaude J. 1924ArmyWWII   
Wilkinson, Jr.James B. 1981Navy Lt.VMI1985-1990 Reserves
WilliamsBenjamin G. 1936Air ForceWWIILt. Missing over Germany-Taken as POW
WilliamsCharles Randolph 1959Army 1st Lt.VMI1964-1966 Armor
WilliamsDennie O. 1936ArmyWWIICpl. 1942-1945 Anti-Tank Platoon, 26th Infantry Div., 3rd Army, POW, Germany, France, Bronze Star
WilliamsErnest J. 1936 WWII   
Frank G.


Served on USS Swenson. Deceased 1/6/2011
WilliamsGeorge  1936 WWII   
WilliamsGordon P. 1942NavyWWII/KoreaLt. WWII- LCT-Amphib; Korea-Destroyer
Williams, IIIJames T. 1937ArmyWWII1st Lt. (BHS 1937 Btn. Cmdr.)
WilliamsJohn R. "Jack" 1936ArmyWWIISgt. Gunnery
WilliamsRobert Froeman 1941USMCWWII/Korea  Marine Fighter Pilot in Southwest Pacific- Flew F4U Corsair in WWII. Fighter Ferry Pilot in Korea
WilliamsRobert W. 1952Army    
Williams, Jr.Thomas A. 1933NavyWWII Lt.Cmdr. 1943-1946 Pacific Theatre (Judge after War) Navy Reserves 1954-76. Deceased 10/25/2010
Williamson"Gus" Augustine 1955Army/Navy/Air Force S/Sgt. 8 Years of Military Service- S/Sgt, Airman, NCOIC for Communications
WilsonLouis C. 1936 WWII   
WilsonMichael D. 2006USMCIraq  3rd Light Armored Recon Unit. Service in Iraq
WilsonScott 1980Army   1982-1991
WincklerRobert E. 1952Air Force    
WingfieldWilliam 1975USMC   1975-1979 Flight Engineer, Service in Europe
WingoSterling 1947NavyWWII  Ferried Soldiers back from South Pacific at end of war (Post grad. Return Veteran)
WinksForrest 2006ArmyKuwaitE-4 183rd Calvary-Adv Field Artillery
WirtEmmette E. 1945Navy   (Deceased 12-4-2005)
WirtJacob Edward***1934ArmyWWIIPFC Died in Service of Country
WittkampDr. Bernard L. 1948Navy Lt. 1957-1959. Medical Doctor, Camp Lejeune.
WittkampLouis A. 1939Air ForceWWIICol. Career Officer
WoodRomould J. Pre-1919USMCWWI   
Woods, Jr.David P. 1956Navy P.O. 2/C 1957-1963 2 Years Active, 4 Years Active Reserve
WorshamMichael K. 1957USMC   1960-1966
WorthAndrew M. 1916ArmyWWI   
WrightClyde D. 1976Navy   Pentagon

Air Force/Nat' Guard

AF 1961-69, Purple Heart in 1966, AFCM, Nat Gd 1985-1992
Wyatt, Sr.Thomas Stuart 1943NavyWWII  Died 3-24-07
YurachekJohn Paul 1959Army 1st Lt.VMI1964-1966
YurachekRobert Francis 1964Army Capt.VMI1972-
ZachariasEdward D.  1975USCG Lt. Cmdr.  
Zohab, Jr.Arthur J.  1957Air Force/National Guard S/Sgt. 1956-1962, 1 Year Active Duty, Berlin Crisis, Conventional and Nuclear Weapons Specialist



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