First Semester Themes & Slides    

I. Mini-Course: Nihil Obstat, Imprimatur, The Bible II. Mini-Course: Sacred Tradition and Sola Scriptura III. Every Life is a Vocation (Set1) IV. The Priesthood (Set1, Set2) V. The Religious Life (Set3) VI. Morality in Public Life

  • Faithful Citizenship
VII. Mini-Course: The Communion of Saints W The Saints Paper research project VIII. The Teenage Years IX. The Future of Christian Marriage

Second Semester Themes & Slides    

X. Loving One Another W Loving Another W Friendship W Alcohol XI. The Sacrament of Marriage. XII. College Life W Planning for the Future W Career W Campus Life XIII. Christian Stewardship W Personal Finances W Spending habits W Mortgages W Credit Cards W Investments XIV. Stations of the Cross (The Passion of the Christ) XV. Major World Religions W Buddhism W Judaism W Islam XVI. Cults and the New Age Movement

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