Name Class
Francis Benedetti 1940
Thomas P. McGinty 1940
Charles R. Lawson 1942
William F. Hassel 1943
William Nemer 1943
Edward Lalonde 1944
Charles F. Wells 1944
Ashley O. Woodfin 1944
Edmond R. Meoni 1944
Ralph E. Canada 1945
Donald L. Foulke 1945
Leonard Maloney 1945
J. C. Alsop 1945
Raymond D. Johnson 1946
Ramon A. Morano 1946
James Wood 1946
John E. Bezares 1946
George J. Owen 1946
Herbert R. Hendricks 1947
Edward H. Johnson 1947
Joe C. Selensky 1947
John E. Carroll 1947
William H. Patterson 1947
Paul M. Loehr 1947
Charles R. Long 1948
Joseph H. Mathis 1948
Ray F. Middleton 1948
Anthony J. Nadder 1948
Louis J. Matt 1949
Joseph S. Tremer 1949


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