How To Get Help    
Extracurricular Study Program
The Extracurricular Study Program is available for Cadets to get academic assistance outside of the classroom.  The program facilitates student teacher after class contact, sets up student and adult tutor sessions and provides a quiet after school environment for Cadets to get a jump start on homework.
The program is a formal classroom environment with accountability for attendance and productivity. Cadets are referred to the program through a variety of sources including parents, counselors, teachers, coaches or by the Cadet himself. Resources, including test taking and study skills, are made available to Cadets to further their academic success. The program is another tool for Cadets to improve the likelihood of success.
Guidance Department
Every cadet is assigned a Guidance Counselor for the school year according to his class year.  The Guidance Counselor will assist a cadet in the development and execution of every aspect of his high school program of study.  For students counselors must properly place cadets in classes, track student success in both academic work and standardized testing, provide counsel to assist the student's well being both at school and in life, and advise students regarding their college search process, application procedures and eligibility requirements.  Communication between a Guidance Counselor and a student will be treated with privacy and respect.      

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