Message from the Headmaster
The Benedictine Spirit turns 100 in 2011!  

Why the “Spirit”? This begs a more important question: What is the strength of Benedictine? It is not bricks. It is not a uniform. It is not a priest or a coach. Rather, the power that bonds the Corps, that unifies our community, draws alumni passionately back to the roots of their formation, and from which springs the indomitable will of all Cadets past and present – is the same that has bound the Church for millennia: the Spirit.

Witness Benedictine’s Spirit through the faith and attitude of our Cadets. We have faith that God is calling us, as individuals and as a community of men, to strive for greater than modern society’s standard for honor and achievement. Our attitude is one of strength and unity, which likewise fosters and emboldens our faith that we will persevere to victory, no matter what the obstacles.

That Spirit gave courage to the Cadets of the ‘40s and ‘50s in the combat theatres of World War II and Korea. That same Spirit bonded the short-haired Cadets of the ‘60s and ‘70s despite a difficult and adversarial cultural climate. That holy and indefatigable Spirit gave the Cadets of today the determination to reclaim the pride and self-discipline of their Corps.

Today, the Benedictine Spirit calls us to action. We must be the best college preparatory school in the country. Some folks say Benedictine will be the best Catholic, all male, military school. Is that enough? It is easy to be the best in a small demographic. Our goal is to be the best college preparatory school – period. We must communicate our mission and successes outside our community so that the honor roll of Cadets will grow for perpetuity. Most importantly, we must celebrate our proud tradition while constantly setting the standard of success higher.

The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church reminds us that “all the faithful of Christ are invited to strive for the holiness and perfection of their own proper state. Indeed they have an obligation to strive” (LG 42). We will strive for and achieve greatness. The Benedictine Spirit, the lifeblood of our community, will hold us together through the journey.
Happy 100th birthday Cadets!
Welcome to the new!
Benedictine Community,

I know many of you have waited patiently and now the day has arrived, we have launched the new!  Our new website is dedicated to providing new and updated information to our community, as well as giving new and potential Cadets and their families a great insight into life at Benedictine. Our Cadets have worked hard to produce great photographs, an exciting introductory video and appealing content. All of our faculty and staff have worked to provide updated athletics, curriculum, and student life sections to let the world know that we are forming Cadets as men of conscience, discipline, and achievement.

A new feature that demands mention is our social networking presence. You will see at the bottom of every page links to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.

Our Facebook page is meant to highlight upcoming events and notable mentions in the Benedictine community. In a similar way our Twitter account will highlight up to the minute activities and news related to the school including sports scores, schedule changes etc. This is a community effort and we encourage all Cadets and parents to forward any important news or information for posting. Our Facebook and Twitter manager is Terry Rock,

Our Flickr and YouTube pages will serve as a database of notable images and videos. We encourage submissions there as well. If you would like to submit images or videos for consideration please email me at  Images can also be uploaded to our yearbook site.

Here is how you can submit photos online:
   • Go to:
   • If it does not automatically log you into the site, enter username:400052021 and password:Cadets
   • Browse to select the photo(s) you wish to upload.
   • Enter information about the photo and provide contact information in case the staff needs additional information.
   • Click "Save Details".
If you allow the images to be used on Flickr, please put it in the comments of the upload page.

Please visit and let us know what you think.

For questions, comments, or concerns please email

Brian Hutchins
BHS Director of Technology
Centennial Celebration
Benedictine High School celebrates its 100th birthday in 2011! The centennial celebration will take place throughout the entire year of 2011 and will include special observations of different aspects of the rich history of the school.  Five signature centennial events have been planned:

Students Cut the Cake!
An entire day of celebration in honor of 100 years of excellence in education. This exciting kick off to Benedictine's Centennial year will be a birthday party for the school, with all four class years taking part in this signature event.
March 21, 2011 at the Abbey

Boxing Smoker
A fund raising event with 8 bouts of collegiate boxers
from VMI, Georgetown, University of MD
April 29, 2011
For more information, please visit:

Centennial Club Dinner
An event honoring the generous donors of the school
September 23, 2011

B-day Invasion
A unique event celebrating the military heritage of the school
(open to the public)
November 11, 2011

Benedictine Birthday Ball
A celebration of the school’s layered history and traditions,
with alumni, parents, and friends of Benedictine
Date TBD 
Save the Date
All Cadets Who Graduated Between 1911 and 1966 are invited to the Benedictine College Society on February 11 for 12:00 P.M. Mass in the School Chapel. Lunch will follow in the lecture hall.
We are delighted to extend you an invitation to watch Corps PT @ 2:00 p.m. The Cadets will be running through the Fan in Corps formation. At Humphrey Calder Park they will compete in a military endurance course by company. Transportation will be provided for all attendees to follow and celebrate your Corps!

Please RSVP to Robin O'Sullivan at (804) 342-1311 or by February 7th.

Please be sure to save the date of March 12, 2011 for the 3rd Annual Benedictine/Saint Gertrude's 5k Race to benefit the students.  We hope you will come out and run!  If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact Katie McKenney of SGHS at 822-3949 or Robin O'Sullivan of BHS at 342-1311.

Fr. Adrian Educational Fund

This year, the goal of the Father Adrian Education Fund is $350,000, of which we have raised over $170,000 so far.  By making a gift to the Fund, you are making a contribution to the heartbeat of the school. Every dollar that is contributed to the Fund counts. Know that each staff and faculty member is ensuring an experience of leadership and growth for each of the 272 students attending this year. If you have not made a gift recently, please consider making a heartfelt contribution to your school, with the Cadet in mind. If you have made a gift recently (thank you!), please consider increasing your Fund gift this year.


To make a gift online, please click:  Make an Online Gift

Thank you for all of your support of Benedictine High School!  GO CADETS!

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