On 6 September, the Goochland County Board of Supervisors approved the Benedictine Society of Virginia’s request to defer the final vote on Benedictine’s CUP for 90 days. During this period, the Benedictine Society and employees of the school will continue to educate the residents of Goochland on the facts and implications of Benedictine’s move. The Society and school have addressed all water supply, sewage and traffic issues according to public codes and standards and with sincere effort to minimally impact our Goochland neighbors. Yet, some residents’ concerns have been roused by a misinformation campaign propagated through print and telephonic media by opponents of the school move. After consideration of concerns, the Society determined to spend additional time educating Goochland residents through multiple medias and venues. The public commentary of the board meeting began in spirited fashion with a catchy banjo song, "Let 'em In" by Jim Connor, formerly of the John Denver Band. Mr. Connor's pro-Benedictine song was received with cheers and laughter from many gracious alumni, faculty, students and residents in attendance. A video of Mr. Collin's song is included below for your enjoyment. The Goochland Board of Supervisors will hear Benedictine’s CUP request in December, 2011.


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