December 2012 News and Notes
Dear Friends of Benedictine,
It was both a big thrill and a gift from God last night that the Goochland County Supervisors approved the move of Benedictine College Preparatory from Sheppard Street to River Road.  This event culminated years of planning and hard work, and indeed more hard work is to come as we prepare our buildings for a full day schedule on River Road.  Yesterday brought us nothing but hope that the school is on the right course for its second one hundred years.

Any who attended the meeting could feel the palpable pride we all have for Benedictine.  Speaker after speaker, whether for or against the move, spoke beautifully of the importance of Benedictine in their own lives, their sons’ lives, and in the life of our community.  It was great that two of the best speakers of the evening were the two current Cadets, one freshman and one senior.  The realization of the importance of this move was also palpable.  Benedictine is doing what all businesses have had to do in this rocky economy: strengthen their product, improve their operational efficiency, maximize their financial resources, and make the necessary strategic choices for a strong and prosperous future.  “Cut down, to grow back stronger” is the motto of Benedict’s monastery in Monte Casino, Italy.  It can be ours as well in reference to this historic move.

There are so many people to thank.  Paul Kitchen and the Board of Trustees have done a great job, as have Bryan Walsh and the Financial Advisory Council of the Benedictine Society of Virginia.  Mr. Darvin Satterwhite represented us capably before the county Supervisors.  Br. Nolte McCarthy has so ably aided our petition and renovation efforts.  But our hearts also go out to all those who rose to speak for us and those who spoke by their presence last night at the Board of Supervisors meeting.  It was a tremendous turn out and made so many of us feel encouraged about the importance of our work for God’s Kingdom here in Richmond.

The decision has been made.  It is time for us to now truly place all our resources to the service of our students and our school.  Let us all now unite behind working for the next 100 years, one that can be even more exciting than the first 100 years.  For this is what we also felt at the meeting last night: not just pride in our past, but also a sense of God’s providence guiding us into our future, leading us to continue this great work with strengthened resolve and resources at one location.  For this to succeed, we must all do our part to cooperate with God’s will.  We ask all in the Benedictine community to join forces again, put aside the divisions and disagreement of the past years. We must  come together for the second 100 years of Benedictine, so that our young men may grow in wisdom and in grace in accordance with God’s will with the full support and help of all in the Benedictine community of Richmond.  
Yours in Christ,
Jesse Grapes
Father Adrian Harmening O.S.B.

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