Annual Fund: The Father Adrian Education Fund    

 Tuition covers only 75% of a Cadet's Education

Many schools raise funds to support their programs and activities. Benedictine College Preparatory is no different. In fact, tuition only covers about 75% of the actual cost of a student's education. In order to offer our Cadets the learning experience they deserve, we must fund the gap between the true cost of their education and what tuition provides through annual appeals. We approach this task in a committed, organized, unified way, which results in fund raising increases every year.

Each year alumni, parents, and friends of Benedictine College Preparatory are asked to contribute generously to the Father Adrian Education Fund. This Campaign provides the opportunity for you to invest in Benedictine College Preparatory and the families we serve.

The Board of Trustees and our Headmaster then allocate money raised to address the highest priorities of the institution, including academics, financial aid, faculty development, technology and athletics, to name a few.

Many gifts together provide great assistance. As a "stakeholder" your investment allows for special activities for students and provides financial aid for qualified students. By taking a stake in our future you will assist in preserving time-honored traditions, facilitating needed changes, and strengthening our financial base. Please become a stakeholder and give this year to the Father Adrian Education Fund.

Our goal is $450,000

As stewards of your investment, we use these funds responsibly and prudently. Unrestricted funds assist in the most pressing needs of the institution as identified by the Headmaster and the Board of Trustees. Curriculum enhancements, innovative activities for students, library acquisitions and faculty development are some areas where unrestricted funds will help achieve our goal of all-around educational excellence.

Restricted gifts are used as the donor wishes. These are often designated for scholarship, endowment, athletics, technology and the physical plant.

As a stakeholder, you send us a vote of confidence with every contribution. You are saying that you care, and want to demonstrate your belief in us. We ask that you contribute to the best of your ability. The giving year begins July 1 and concludes on June 30.

More than 600 companies nationwide match their employee's contributions to private secondary schools. Please take advantage of the company privilege by obtaining a Matching Gift application from your personnel office. Send it with your contribution to Benedictine College Preparatory. We will process the form immediately, and Benedictine will be the recipient of your generosity and that of your company.  

Gifts of stock are also welcome and an easy way to make a gift.

Taking a stake in Benedictine is taking a stake in our children and their future. Thousands of young men have benefited from their Benedictine education and have enjoyed very productive and rewarding careers. Our focus is to ensure many more living legacies in the years to come.

You do make a difference!

A gift to the annual fund supports the mission of the school. No other monies directly affect every student more than those given to the Father Adrian Education Fund. Gifts to this Fund close the gap between tuition and the cost of attending Benedictine College Preparatory.

To provide charitable support for educational initiatives that tuition alone does not cover - is a statement about your belief in Benedictine, its programs and our collective vision to educate every Cadet.

Benedictine relies on tuition and its annual fund to operate. Your gift will help our school provide the best possible education to its students and support its singular mission of developing young men in an atmosphere of sound learning. Benedictine has provided 98 graduating classes with a foundation for success. I am asking for your support to ensure a similar opportunity for a new generation of young men.

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