(If you can't find all of the material contained in the examples, cite what is available from your source.)

1. World Wide Web (Internet) General or Personal Sites

Author (if given). Title of the site. Date of Posting/Revision (if given).

     Name of Organization affiliated with site (if given). Date of access <URL>.


Hylton, Jeremy. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. 5 Mar. 2005

     1 December 2005 <http://www.tech.mit.edu/Shakespeare/>.

2. Online Book

Book Author. Book Title. Editor (if given). Place of Publication: Publisher,

     Year of Publication. Date of access<URL>.


Fitzgerald, F. Scott. This Side of Paradise. New York: Scribner, 1920.

     15 December 2005 <www.bartleby.com/115/>.

3. Online Scholarly Journal Article

Author (if given). "Title of Work or Material. Title of Journal. Volume

     number. Issue number (if given). (Year): Pages. Date of access <URL>.


Byrd, Gary D. "Protecting Access to the Intellectual Property of the Health

     Sciences." Bulletin of the Medical Library Association 82, no. 4 (1994):

     444-445.1 October 2005



4. Online Magazine or Newspaper Article

Author (Last Name, First Name). "Title of Article". Name of Magazine or

     Newspaper. Day Month Year: Pages (if given). Date accessed <URL>.


Landsburg, Steven E. "Who Shall Inherit the Earth?" Slate. 1 May 1997:

     15-17. 9 May1997


5. Article from an Online Encyclopedia

Author. "Title of Article." Title of Encyclopedia. Version Number of Online

     Edition. Date published online. Publisher. Date of access<URL>.

6. Online Photograph or Painting

Artist. Title of Work. Year of Publication. Title of Web Site. Date of Posting.

     Name of organization affiliated with site. Date of Access<URL>.

7. Online Music Clip

Artist or Group. "Title of Song." Title of Web Site. Name of Recording

     Company, Year released. Date of Access<URL>.

8. E-mail

Author. "Title of message." E-mail to Names of Recipient. Date of Message.

9. Online Map

"Title of Map." Map. Title of Web Site. Date of Posting/Revision. Name of

     organization affiliated with site. Date of Access<URL>.

10. Posting to a Listserv or Web Forum

Author. "Title of Posting." Online posting. Date of Posting. Name of List or

     Forum. Date of Access <URL>.

11. Article from a Library Subscription Service or Database (such as

     Ebsco,BigChalk, SIRS Knowledge Source, Infotrak, etc.)

Author (last name, first name). "Article title." Title of magazine, document

     or report. Date of Publication (if given): Page numbers (if given). Name

     of Database or Subscription Service. Publisher of the Subscription

     Service or Database. Name of the library or library system that

     subscribes to the service (with city and state). Date of access<URL>.


Fleming, Linda P. "Man Nears a Cancer Cure". Today's Health. 7 Sept.1998:

     31-34.SIRS Researcher. SIRS Knowledge Source. Library of Virginia.

     20 Apr. 2000 <http://ars.sirs.com/cgi-gin/nocookies>.

12. Video or DVD Recordings

Title of program. Director: (Names of writer(s), performer(s), or

     producer(s) if relevant).Original release date (if relevant). Medium

     (DVD, videocassette). Distributing Company, Year of Release.


It's a Wonderful Life. Dir. Frank Capra. Perf. James Stewart, Donna Reed,

     Lionel Barrymore and Thomas Mitchell. 1946. DVD. Republic, 2001.

13. Article from a CD-ROM (Reference)

Author (if given). "Title of Article." Title of CD-ROM. Edition. CD-ROM. Place

     of publication: Publisher, Year of Publication.


"The Romantic Era." The History of English Literature: Part Two - School

     Edition. CD-ROM. Dallas, TX: Zane Publishing, 1996.

Updated 12/16/2005 using the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, sixth edition.

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