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Junior Ring Mass: Cadets Receive their Class Rings

Benedictine has always been known for its many traditions. This past Friday, juniors proudly took part in another classic Benedictine tradition, as they received their class rings. Families of the junior Cadets took advantage of the beautiful weather and took a very pleasant car ride to the Abbey to join their sons in the chapel.

The Big Invasion: Prospective Cadets Visit Benedictine for a Day

This past Thursday, Benedictine was overrun by 110 eighth graders interested in viewing the campus and receiving information on Benedictine and its culture. Visitors Day has taken place beyond recent memory and is a tradition treasured at Benedictine.

Honoring America's Finest: Benedictine's Corps of Cadets Honors Veterans of the United States Armed Forces

This past Friday, Benedictine's Corps of Cadets held a ceremony around its Veterans Memorial to honor all those who have served in the military of the United States of America. The ceremony consisted of marching, a guest speaker and honoring each branch of the Armed Forces. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Roy Crosse, Benedictine '64, gave a speech reviewing his time at BHS and his career in the United States Army.

Signing on the Dotted Line: Cadets Headed To The Next Level With Pride

This month, five Cadets signed their National Letters of Intent to play a collegiate sport. These five Cadets are Holden Fiedler, Callaway Sigler, Josh Brown, Christos Avgeros, and Greg Ryan. All five of these Cadets have worked extremely hard throughout their years at Benedictine and that hard work finally paid off.

Virginia's Race Heats Up: State to get New Governor and Others

Tuesday, November 7th, one of the best traits of the United States of America will be on full display as thousands of citizens will show out to the polls to vote for the next governor and lieutenant governor of Virginia. Tuesday's election will also include election of the future attorney general.

Get Down: Orientation Prepares the New Students for the BCP Experience

Freshmen and transfers experienced a brutal welcoming this year at Benedictine College Preparatory. Physical activity like pushups, burpees, and running became a daily adventure for the newcomers. They quickly recognized that their manhood will be tested during their introduction to the schools system called orientation.