Tuition & Financial Assistance

Annual Tuition Annual Activity Fee Annual Technology Fee Uniform Fee Students Receiving Financial Aid
$18,900 $355 $100 $765 * Almost 60%


* Freshmen/Transfers/Returning Students - as needed

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Assistance TypeBased
% of Students ReceivingRange of AssistanceHow to Apply
Merit ScholarshipTop incoming freshman; renews each year5% of each class1/2 of tuitionCLICK HERE
Tax Credits ScholarshipFamily financial position (family of 4 below $72,000 income)16% of current students (10th-12th grade)$2,000-$6,000 per yearCLICK HERE
Parater ScholarshipFamily financial
20% of incoming freshman class$8,000 per yearCLICK HERE
Corporate Internship Program (CIP)
Family financial position
10.4% of current students (10th-12th grade)$12,000-$14,500 per yearCLICK HERE
Endowed ScholarshipAwarded to current Cadets based upon performance16.5% of current students (10th-12th grade)$400-$18,500 per yearCLICK HERE
Financial AidFamily financial position37.6% of ALL students$500-$8,000 per yearCLICK HERE