A Day in the Life of a Cadet

NAME: Gene Kastelberg

YEAR: Class of 2017

ONE FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I enjoy cooking for my family, although that isn't really reflected in the lunch I pack for myself each day.

Extracurricular Activities: Battle of the Brains, Football (All-State offensive lineman), Track (throws), Emmaus Group, Model Judiciary.

FAVORITE ART CLASS: 2D-Drawing in Graphite

ONE MORE THING I'D LIKE TO SHARE: I went to school at Saint Bridget and am a parishioner there.

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7:40 Morning Formation:

I arrive at school about 7:20 each morning. After dropping my books at my locker, I head over to morning formation, saying "hi" to friends along the way. At formation, my job is to help ensure younger Cadets have their uniforms right, and if they're not, I help fix them. I like doing that because I get to interact with people I normally wouldn't. Formation includes announcements and attendance. It wraps up in about 10 minutes.


After swinging by my locker again, I'm ready for my first two classes. We get going with a school-wide morning prayer each day. (We also have a brief prayer at the start of each class period.) My first class is A.P. History, with Mr. Harvey. I like him because he's so knowledgeable about so many little things and he has tons of experience. Because of him, I feel ready for the AP exam. Next up is Theology with Mr. Cota: He's a very smart guy and he's given me so many new insights into my faith.

9:42 two more classes

After swapping out books at my locker, I head over to Leadership Training. By the way, we only have four minutes for class changes, so you have to be on your toes to make sure you pick up the books and material you need. Leadership Training is really our military classroom program to develop leadership and test leadership skills. While I don't foresee the military in my future, our program here has really helped me build relationships and with leadership skills. Next up is Honors English where we're working through "The Great Gatsby."

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11:24 lunch

At this point, I'm ready to hit the cafeteria. I pack my own lunch, and always wish I'd done a better job. Today, it's a sandwich, a couple pieces of fruit and a granola bar. The cafeteria has some solid offerings, with most of the guys really going for the chicken tenders and burgers. I'm sure some of them would exist on nothing but chicken tenders and burgers if they could! Luckily, there's a pretty wide offering of chow. Sometimes I like to take my lunch break in the studio to work on a drawing. So do some of my friends.

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11:53 Afternoon classes

After lunch, I have four-straight classes: AP Art, Honors Biology, Latin and Pre-calculus. Art and Pre-calculus are my two favorite subjects of all. In total, I have eight classes each day.It's hard, but that gives you the opportunity to grow, and you get to see different people throughout the day. Plus you get to learn under more teachers. My teachers are always willing to work with me and almost always stay after school to help me work on things.

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3:15 Afternoon Formation and Extracurriculars

We close out the school day with a final formation. At it, we hear school announcements and retire the colors (flag). After that, I head over to the field house, depending on the season. We won our second State championship in football last fall (I'm wearing #50 in the photo). This year's was more special for me because I felt I made more of a contribution to it. I love playing for Coach Lilly. He doesn't sugar coat anything, plus he gives us a study hall before heading to the practice field. After practice, I head for home, take care of schoolwork (usually about an hour and a half to two hours' worth) and knock out another lunch for tomorrow.