Why All-Male

Choosing a high school is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the life of your son. Benedictine College Preparatory affords a rare option in the Richmond area, one that offers an all-male environment for those years when your son will grow into manhood.

Not all of us learn the at the same rate or in the same way. Science has shown significant differences in the way boys learn compared with girls. We’re not all-male as a matter of comfort. Nor are we so because of tradition. We’re boys-only because we are confident that it makes for a better learning environment for the sons entrusted to us.

“Manhood isn’t something that simply happens to boys as they get older. It’s an achievement—something a boy accomplishes, something that can easily go awry. If we ignore the importance of this transition, and fail in our duty as parents to guide boys through it, then we will learn the hard way why traditional cultures invest this transition with so much importance.”

- Leonard Sax, renowned childhood development author

Benefits of being all-male:

  1. Males are different than females. While some want to deny this simple fact, scientific research has shown that young men are better engaged and better learners when their training includes some kind of physical activity.
  2. Young men and women often mature at different rates. Common sense would dictate that curricula tailored to individual genders would be mutually beneficial.
  3. Different sexes tend to excel at different things. Teachers at Benedictine are aware of these differences and tailor their approaches accordingly.
  4. There are fewer distractions. There is no need to posture or impress members of the opposite sex, since they are not in the classroom. In single-sex education, students are able to focus their attention on their studies, by definition.
  5. We build teamwork. At Benedictine, our approach to just about everything is centered on the team, something that appeals to our students.
  6. We build leaders. Benedictine offers a wide array of opportunities for its students to lead other young men, whether it be on the field of play, the drill field or the classroom. Our boys thrive in such structure.
  7. Young men need to feel a part of something. At Benedictine, our students don’t get lost in the shuffle.
  8. We form life-long bonds. It’s a fact: Single-sex educational environments foster stronger friendships.
  9. We provide strong male adult role models. The Benedictine staff is full of men whom your sons will admire while learning from them.
  10. We also have strong male student models. Incoming students will be impressed and learn to appreciate the responsible attitudes of our upperclassmen.
  11. Moving from boyhood to manhood is a rite of passage, of which the Benedictine community understands and supports extremely well.


The experience your son will undergo here will be transformative: He’ll grow to be a Benedictine man, one of conscience, discipline and achievement.