Why Military

“Lead, follow or get out of the way.”
Thomas Paine

While the military aspect is an important one at Benedictine, it is not an overarching one.

The military component helps to season the experience, rather than serve as the main course.

  • Students wear uniforms each day, which helps teach them to take pride in their appearance and to foster a sense of teamwork with their classmates.
  • They participate in morning and afternoon formations each day, which helps build accountability while facilitating good communications.
  • They march in parades, affording them the opportunity to look good for family and friends.
  • The military presence helps to develop discipline in each of our students. Best of all, the learning of the rules and the enforcement of them comes primarily from fellow students in leadership positions.

Which leads us to the most important reason for the military at BCP:

It builds an appreciation for what it takes to be a leader. At no other school in the Richmond area are young men afforded such strong leadership challenges. That's what separates Benedictine from the pack. And it's what separates Benedictine students and graduates from their other-schooled peers.