Athletics Philosophy

Our Athletic Program is steeped in glory and tradition. Our mission, to “form Christian men of conscience, discipline, and achievement” in a Catholic military institution, gives our young men an experience unlike any other.

We build the whole man to become our leader of tomorrow, in both private and public life. Combined with our Catholic tradition, military discipline, and academic rigor, our athletic program forms that Benedictine Man: a well-rounded individual who understands that achievement is a result of hard work and discipline; a man who not only knows what is right and what is wrong but chooses to do the right always; a man who is confident but not arrogant.

The Benedictine man is a great son, brother, husband and father. Ultimately, he is a man who will serve God with all his talents.

Benedictine sports build character and teach teamwork and cooperation—qualities that enable our Cadets to flourish on and off the field, as students and graduates.

Thank you and GO CADETS!


in addition to building men of character, we build teams of accomplishment. our football team is the two -time defending state champion. our wrestling team has won the past three state championships. Go cadets!