Middies Lacrosse

Benedictine “Middies” Lacrosse
Middle School Lacrosse Program

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Benedictine Lacrosse Family,

We will be holding both full padded and helmet/glove skill sessions throughout the month of July starting on the
9th.  We will be going twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm.

Please make sure you are on Coach Foley’s email list for updates! Feel free to share with anyone, just have them contact Mac Foley (mfoley@benedictinecollegeprep.org) before coming out and complete the registration (https://www.benedictinecollegeprep.org/athletics/middies/middies-lacrosse/registration).  If you do not have this filled out, you may not participate in the workout!  All of these are open to rising 6th graders and older.


During the fall, we will have skill sessions wearing helmets and gloves on the tennis courts behind the school.  We will go Tuesdays and Thursdays from August 20th - November 1st. Please be sure to let the coaches know if you plan to attend in order to provide the most efficient practice plan.


Over the winter, we will practice 4 days a week from November 4th- February 8th:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday- 3:45 pm until dark

Saturday- 10:30 am - Noon

Please be sure to let the coaches know if you plan to attend in order to provide the most efficient practice plan. We realize the 3:45 pm start may be tough for some people to make, just get here when you can! Also, wearing full sweats is highly recommended!  


The first official day of tryouts for the spring season is February 10th for both Varsity and JV and will last until February 20th.   8th graders are invited to come try out, and for the sake of transparency, playtime will not be guaranteed if selected to be on the JV lacrosse team.  If selected to play on the JV team as an 8th grader, you will be expected to participate in Middies games unless there is a conflict with a JV pregame practice or a JV game.  JV and Middies lacrosse schedules can be expected to be finished by the middle of May.

What you will need:

Helmet, chest pads, gloves, elbow pads, stick, and mouth guard.  A cup is HIGHLY recommended! Be sure to bring tennis shoes in the event the fields are too wet to play on.  

*Please note that you will need to make a payment of $125.00 as early as November 4th if you plan to participate in winter workouts and/or the spring season.  Register here: https://www.benedictinecollegeprep.org/athletics/middies/middies-lacrosse/registration *


We will open our team shop twice before the season starts.  You will need to make sure you buy the game shorts as they will be mandatory to have for game days!  The first one will be open November 12th- November 26th. The second team shop will be open in early January.  These are great gift ideas for birthdays and the upcoming holidays! The gear will be sent to Benedictine where you will be able to pick up your exclusive BCP Lax gear from Coach Foley-- BE SURE TO CHECK THIS PAGE FOR THE LINK AND GET ON COACH FOLEY'S EMAIL LIST!

Do not hesitate to reach out to Coach Foley (mfoley@benedictinecollegeprep.org) if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

Go Cadets!!