Academic Awards:  2019-20

While, alas, we cannot be together, we can still celebrate as one.  This year's Academic Awards are hereby revealed.  Congratulations to all of the Cadets whose hard work, dedication and drive toward excellence put them at the top.


English Awards, presented by Miss Lowry: 


Journalism I                    Michael Morrissey

Photojournalism I       Brenden Barnes 

Survey of Literature    Dillon Tennyson 

English Literature 9      Ben Marks

English 9                           Ryan Allen 

English 10                        Gary Seigler

English 11                        Andrew Beyer 

 Honors Journalism II   Will Kennon 

Honors Journalism III  Patrick White 

Honors Photojournalism I       Cody Herman

 Honors English 9           Charles Buchanan 

Honors English 10         Hunter Cheely

Honors English 11         Brenden Barnes

Honors English 12         Cullen Vita

 AP English 11                  Ryan Tremain 

AP English 12                  Nathaniel Gleberman


Math Awards


Algebra I                                 Henry Berling

Geometry                                Nathan Howerton                            

Algebra II                                Will Dausch

Statistics                                 Adam Toler

Bus. Acct & Pers. Fin             Jacob Dunleavey

Pre-Calculus                          Drew Philhower

Calculus                                 Matthew Sylvia                                            

Honors Geometry                   Elias Breeden                       

Honors Algebra II                   Jackson Mann

Honors Pre-Calculus              Michael Morrissey   

AP Calculus AB                      Hayden Stallings                  

 AP Calculus BC                     Gabriel E. Slate


Foreign Language Awards, presented by Mrs. Esparza:


Spanish I                      Roth Thomas

Spanish II                     Luke Franko

Spanish III                    Connor Murphy

Latin I                            Ben Marks 

Latin II                          Chase Bruce

Latin III                         Art Neal

 Honors Spanish IV        Miles Moten


Science Awards, by Mrs. Reisenweaver:

Physics I                                           Graham Martin   

Chemistry                                       Robert Clarke

Biology                                             Evan Kerzanet

Anatomy & Physiology               Michael Aleksa

Physics II                                          Lorenz Boykin

 Honors Physics I                            Ben Marks

Honors Chemistry                        Kobi Onyiuke

Honors Biology                              Miles Moten

Honors Physics II                          Frankie Boehling

Honors Intro to Engineering    Jack Johnston

 AP Chemistry                                 Ryan Tremain

AP Biology                                       Gabriel Slate


Social Studies Awards, presented by Mr. Walker:


World History I                              Erik Logsdon

World History II                             Sam Saunders

U.S. History                                     Azaan T. Johnson 

U.S. Government                         Matt Sylvia 

 Honors World History                 John Garbett  

Honors World History II             Nick Bellaver 

Honors U.S. History                     Brenden Barnes 

 AP U.S. History                              Miles Moten

AP U.S. Government                  Gabriel Slate 

AP Macroeconomics                   Michael Morrissey


Theology Awards, presented by Mr. Doran:


Theology 9                      Charles Buchanan

Theology 10                    Jim Wentzel

Theology 11                    Eric Berger

Theology 12                    Nate Gleberman

  Honors Philosophy      Christian Rucobo  


Art Awards, presented by Mrs. Holland:

Intro to Art                     Graham Martin

Photography I                Ethan Altovilla 

2D Media I                      Andrew Hudgins

3D Media I                      Chris Yago 

 Honors 2D Media II     Brenan McCaffrey

Honors 3D Media II     Blake Duggan

 AP Drawing                     Jimi Wright

AP 3D Media                  Reese DeVries 


Pipe and Drum Awards, by Mr. MacLeod:

Beginning Band Piper:                Stephen Yago 

Beginning Band Drummer:       Aaron Grapes

 Intermediate Band Piper:         Barton Leahey

Intermediate Band Drummer: Alex Aboulhosn

 Advanced Band Piper:                Hunter Porterfield

Advanced Band Drummer:       Spencer Baird


National Latin Awards, presented by Miss Lonergan:

Certificate of Honorable Merit, Cum Laude: Nathaniel Howerton

Benjamin Salp

Christopher Lee

Aaron Smith

William Kennon


Certificate of Honorable Merit, Magna Cum Laude:

Art Neal

Cullen Vita

Benjamin Marks

Matthew Gasperini


Silver Medal for Honorable Merit, Maxima Cum Laude: 

Thomas Griffith

Jackson Mann

Ryan Tremain


 National Latin Honor Society:

Ethan Altovilla

Eric Berger

Landon Brown

Robert Clarke

Aidan Kash

Will Kennon

Art Neal

Benjamin Salp

Ryan Tremain