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Information for the week of September 10

Congratulations to our newly-commissioned officers!


Making it official.  Colonel York administers the oath of office to the officers that are leading the Corps through the 2018-19 school year.  The event was held at the Rut on Wednesday evening. 


The Week's Uniform Schedule 

     Allow us to direct you to THE authoritative spot for finding out about the week's uniforms: School calendar


     TWAB shall no longer carry uniform info for the upcoming week.  The upside is that the school website calendar details the daily uniform through the month of September!


     Here is a link to information on the components of each uniform: uniforms




The Week's Dining Highlights:

Monday            Pulled Pork BBQ

Tuesday           Breakfast:  Egg McMuffin

                          Lunch:  Chick-Fil-A, Waffle Fries

Wednesday      Breakfast:  French Toast, Bacon

                          Lunch:  Pizza

Thursday          Sausage Cacciatore

Friday               Field Day with SGHS!



DT scores TD.  D'Andre Tobias (left) is congratulated by teammate Henry Dolan after the swift senior put up six points in the Cadets' win over Saint John Paul the Great.  Tobias averaged nearly 40 yards per carry.  (That is not a typo.)  Photo by Savion Washington '19.

From School Administration




  • Field Day is Friday September 14.  Cadets must be in a proper field day "uniform" in order to participate in events. Uniform for next Friday is athletic attire with athletic shoes and a shirt in the appropriate Saint Gertrude Class Color, as indicated by the teams below. Cadets must be in the proper team color in order to participate in events. Shirts must be tee shirts in good repair and appropriate for school. No ripped, torn, or cut clothing. No tank tops, undershirts, or shirts dyed at home. Shorts are approved. Cadets out of uniform or wearing inappropriate attire will be placed on work detail.
  • Students must arrive by 9:00 AM and must be seated in Bobby Ross Stadium (football stands) by 9:10 AM for attendance.  We will kick off promptly at 9:15 AM with some opening prayers with Saint Gertrude, and then provide instructions for all students for events and teams.  All students must be on time in order to participate in the events.  The day should conclude around 12:30 PM with afternoon formation.
  • Lunch will be provided free of charge for all students.  Donuts and bottles of water are available for purchase throughout the morning as a Sophomore class fundraiser. 
  • Bus transportation: The morning bus will run one hour later (7:50 AM departure from downtown, 8:30 AM arrival to school) and the afternoon bus will depart BCP around 1:00 PM and arrive downtown around 1:45 PM.
  • Teams: These team lists are posted around school and will be announced. Each class is split into four equal teams with an assigned team color based on the Saint Gertrude class colors for each class.

Senior Teams                                           Last names                               Shirt Color
Seniors SILVER Team 1:                         Akande' to Coley                         SILVER or WHITE
Seniors SILVER Team 2:                         Cook to Honsharuk                     SILVER or WHITE
Seniors PINK Team 1:                             Horton to Puccinelli                      PINK
Seniors PINK Team 2:                             Rios to Yost                                  PINK

Junior Teams                                         Last names                                  Shirt Color
Juniors BLACK Team 1:                         Aboelmatty to DeVries                  BLACK
Juniors BLACK Team 2:                         Duggan to Johnston                      BLACK
Juniors GOLD Team 1:                           Lambert to Smith                          GOLD or YELLOW
Juniors GOLD Team 2:                           Stallings to Yelle                           GOLD or YELLOW

Sophomore Teams                                Last names                                   Shirt Color
Sophomores RED Team 1:                    Aboulhosn to Crandall                    RED
Sophomores RED Team 2:                    Cray to Jeter                                   RED
Sophomores BLUE Team 1:                  Johnson to O'Kleasky                     BLUE
Sophomores BLUE Team 2:                  Porterfield to Wright                        BLUE

Freshmen Teams                                  Last names                                   Shirt Color
Freshmen ORANGE Team 1:                Aguilar to Crowder                         ORANGE
Freshmen ORANGE Team 2:                Cury to Holmes                              ORANGE
Freshmen WHITE Team 1:                    Hyman to Pappas                          WHITE
Freshmen WHITE Team 2:                    Plageman to Zagorodnyy               WHITE



  • Freshman Hop is on Friday, September 14 at 8:00 PM in the Student Lounge at the Abbey.  Doors will open at 8:00 PM and all students must arrive by 8:30 PM.  The dance is a social for students from both Benedictine and Saint Gertrude, no outside guests are permitted to this event.  The cost is $5 per student.  Students driving to the dance should park in front of the school and parents should drop off and/or pick up other students at the main entrance.  Goochland Police will be present to direct traffic.  No students will be admitted after 8:30 PM and the dance will end at 10 PM.  No large purses, backpacks, or overnight bags will be permitted at the dance, these items must stay in the car.  Dress is casual.  For males, jeans or slacks in good repair and collared golf shirts are acceptable.  No shorts are allowed!  For females, please refer to the SGHS Handbook, Student Dress Code for Dances, page 39, found on GatorNet.  Because this dance is considered casual, strapless dresses are not permitted.  No shorts, athletic or otherwise, are allowed.  Students who do not comply with the dress code will not be allowed to enter the dance.

"MEET THE TEACHER" SEPTEMBER 24, 25, 26 FROM 7:30 – 8:30 AM


  • "Meet the Teacher" will be held on September 24, 25, and 26 from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM each morning in the Dining Hall.  "Meet the Teacher" is an opportunity for you to check in with some or all of your son's teachers.  There are no assigned time slots for parents, and you will have the freedom to meet with any of your son's teachers that you wish.  All of our teachers will be in the dining hall and available to meet with you individually to talk about your son's initial progress in class.  These meetings are intended to be brief check-ins, however if you discover that you will need a longer meeting with a teacher, they will be happy to schedule a meeting with you.  I recommend that you arrive between 7:30-8:00 AM to give you plenty of time to see your son's teachers.  We will need to dismiss teachers to their classrooms promptly at 8:30 AM so that they can prepare for their "A" period class.


  • Parents are asked to come on a morning according to last name, but you may come on any day that you wish if your assigned day is not good for you:
    Monday September 24                 A-G

    Tuesday September 25                H-O

    Wednesday September 26           P-Z




Lab-oring at their tasks.  Cadets in Ms. Verlander's chemistry class learned how to verify chemical changes, as opposed to physical ones, by testing in the chem lab.  If the guys come up with a solution to this heat wave, we're all ears!





Call for volunteers:  Help our concession stand!


Dear Benedictine Family and Friends,


     It's time to get ballin!  Concessions are up and running, and we need your help to keep them going!  We are asking parents who have sons who play in a sport to please volunteer for at least one game during your off-season.  Right now we are asking for volunteers during our home football games; basketball will follow. 


     We need friends who can help with grilling, who can work behind the stand and can help with clean up.  Please consider taking part and help the Athletic Department make some extra money! The link for the Sign up Genius is below.


     Thank you in advance for your time!




 Thank you for your support of our Cadets!


"We're testing for enzyme activity in what?"  Ms. Barker's Honors Bio class recently had a lab testing the effects of various temperatures and pHs on enzyme activity in chicken liver.


Raffle Tickets!





**Cadets that have sold their tickets will be entered into a prize drawing on THURSDAY, SEPT 13th!!**

Guidance News and Information


Seniors and Senior Parents- College Information Session


     Please mark September 12 on your calendar for a College Information Session in the school auditorium at 7:00 p.m.  Information about the college application process and choosing the right schools will be reviewed. Before this session, seniors are encouraged to update their resumes and to continue identifying a list of prospective colleges

     Additional appointments to discuss college planning can be made with Michele Metcalfe at https://calendly.com/mmetcalfe. Click on the blue dotted College Planning option at this website to select a time.

COMING THIS MONTH: MORE COLLEGE APPLICATION WORKSHOPS: To facilitate the application and resume drafting process, seniors may participate in one or more workshops.  It is not necessary to attend all sessions or to reserve a spot before coming; just come to the library's computer lab for hands on guidance and direction! Basic instructions will be reviewed at the start of each workshop. The first next workshop will be at the following time:

                Wednesday, September 19, 9:30-10:15 a.m.




Upcoming College Visits for Students


    Listed below is a schedule of colleges planning to visit Benedictine in the coming months.  Most visits will take place in the guidance office conference room or a conference room on the second floor during an event period.  If scheduled during a class, students must obtain their teacher's permission in advance to attend. This list will be supplemented as new visits are scheduled.  Please encourage your sons to attend several of these sessions to learn more about the college application process and individual schools.                              

Savannah College of Art and Design      Wednesday, September 12th    9:00 a.m.
Christopher Newport University              Monday, September 17th          9:30 a.m.
Belmont Abbey College                          Monday, September 17th          12:15 p.m. (during second lunch)
Belmont Abbey College                          Tuesday, September 18th         11:45 a.m. (during first lunch)
Randolph-Macon College                       Tuesday, September 18th         9:30 a.m.
Randolph College                                   Thursday, September 20th        9:00 a.m. (during A period)

Lynchburg University                              Monday, September 24th          2:00 p.m. (during seventh period)
Merrimack University                              Tuesday, September 25th         1:00 p.m. (during sixth period)
Shenandoah University                           Wednesday, September 26th    2:00 p.m. (during seventh period)
Virginia Commonwealth University         Friday, September 28th             2:00 p.m. (during seventh period)
High Point University                              Monday, October 1st                  9:30 a.m.

Mary Baldwin                                          Tuesday, October 1st                 12:15 (during first lunch)
Notre Dame University                           Tuesday, October 2nd                9:30 a.m.
Radford University                                  Tuesday, October 2nd                9:30 a.m.
Elon University                                        Friday, October 5th                    11:45 a.m. (during first lunch)
William and Mary University                   Monday, October 15th                9:30 a.m.
Roanoke College                                    Monday, October 15th                2:00 p.m. (during seventh period)
Catholic University                                  Tuesday, October 16th               9:45 a.m.
Hampden-Sydney                                  Tuesday, October 16th                1:00 p.m. (during sixth period)
Longwood                                               Wednesday, October 17th           9:30 a.m.

VCU                                                        Tuesday, October 23rd                9:30 a.m.
Widener University                                 Monday, October 29th                 9:30 a.m.
University of Tennessee                         Monday, October 29th                11:50 a.m. (during lunch periods)
University of Delaware                           Monday, November 5th                9:30 a.m.
St. Bonaventure University                    Thursday, November 8th              2:00 p.m. (during seventh period)


                     "That's my boy!"  Oliver Sibal is hugged by his mother following his commissioning.  Sibal leads Honor Platoon.

St. Benedict Oktoberfest - September 21-23


     The St. Benedict Oktoberfest is September 21, 22, 23 at St. Benedict's in the Museum District. More than 30,000 guests are anticipated! Students can earn service hours by volunteering to help out with Children's Games, SetUp, or Food Concessions. Volunteers from Benedictine have been a HUGE help at this event for the past decade. We hope you will attend this event as proceeds support scholarship awards to BCP. Click here to sign up for the dates and times you will volunteer. A confirmation will be emailed to you. Questions? Contact Meghan Madel, Volunteer Co-Coordinator.

     Costumed volunteers (boys and girls ages 12-17) are also needed .  Any one between the ages of 12 and 17 will do. The boys will wear lederhosen (leather shorts and checked shirt) and the girls dirndls (full skirted dresses with aprons).  Event organizers shall provide the costumes and expect the volunteers to work a couple of 3- to 4-hour shifts during Oktoberfest.  Costumed volunteers do not register on the volunteer web site. If interested, contact Katie Toomey at Toomeyland@aol.com or 804-218-1071 in order to have a costume made.

     More information on the St. Benedict Oktoberfest can be found here.

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