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Information for the week of October 22

The Dawn of the Second Quarter, and There is Hope in the Air


"It's up, and it's GOOD!"  Kyle Miller drills a first-quarter field goal under the hold of Blake Smith.  The three-pointer proved to be the margin of difference as the Cadets upended host Collegiate.


The Week's Uniform Schedule 

     Allow us to direct you to THE authoritative spot for finding out about the week's uniforms: School calendar


     TWAB shall no longer carry uniform info for the upcoming week.  The upside is that the school website calendar details the daily uniform through the month of September!


     Here is a link to information on the components of each uniform: uniforms

The Week's Dining Highlights:

Monday           Pizza

Tuesday          Chick-fil-A; Waffled Fries

Wednesday     Breakfast:  French Toast

                         Lunch:  Taco Bar

Thursday         Hamburger & Fries

Friday              Field Day


Art appreciation!  Dominic Pastore and Ryan Corbett were quite impressed by this rendition of the Coliseum that was executed by fellow Latin student Eric Berger.  Many such items were on display in Ms. Lonergan's classroom as the First Quarter drew to a close.

From School Administration


 Monday October 22

     2nd Quarter Begins

     National Honor Society Fall Induction Ceremony at 9:29 AM in the Auditorium. 


Tuesday October 23

     Freshmen Retreat (Mandatory for freshmen)


Wednesday October 24

     Emmaus Club Retreat


Friday October 26

     Field Day with SGHS 9:00 – 1:00 PM

     Freshman Hop 8:00 – 10:00 PM




     Field Day is Friday, October 26.  Cadets must be in a proper field day "uniform" in order to participate in events. Uniform for next Friday is athletic attire with athletic shoes and a shirt in the appropriate Saint Gertrude Class Color, as indicated by the teams below. Cadets must be in the proper team color in order to participate in events. Shirts must be tee shirts in good repair and appropriate for school. No ripped, torn, or cut clothing. No tank tops, undershirts, or shirts dyed at home. Shorts are approved. Cadets out of uniform or wearing inappropriate attire will be placed on work detail.
     Students must arrive by 9:00 AM and must be seated in Bobby Ross Stadium (football stands) by 9:10 AM for attendance.  We will kick off promptly at 9:15 AM with some opening prayers with Saint Gertrude, and then provide instructions for all students for events and teams.  All students must be on time in order to participate in the events.  The day should conclude around 12:30 PM with afternoon formation.
     Lunch will be provided free of charge for all students.  Donuts and bottles of water are available for purchase throughout the morning as a Sophomore class fundraiser. 
     Bus transportation: The morning bus will run one hour later (7:50 AM departure from downtown, 8:30 AM arrival to school) and the afternoon bus will depart BCP around 1:00 PM and arrive downtown around 1:45 PM.
     Teams: These team lists are posted around school and will be announced. Each class is split into four equal teams with an assigned team color based on the Saint Gertrude class colors for each class.
Senior Teams                                           Last names                               Shirt Color
Seniors SILVER Team 1:                         Akande' to Coley                         SILVER or WHITE
Seniors SILVER Team 2:                         Cook to Honsharuk                     SILVER or WHITE
Seniors PINK Team 1:                             Horton to Puccinelli                      PINK
Seniors PINK Team 2:                             Rios to Yost                                  PINK

Junior Teams                                         Last names                                  Shirt Color
Juniors BLACK Team 1:                         Aboelmatty to DeVries                  BLACK
Juniors BLACK Team 2:                         Duggan to Johnston                      BLACK
Juniors GOLD Team 1:                           Lambert to Smith                          GOLD or YELLOW
Juniors GOLD Team 2:                           Stallings to Yelle                           GOLD or YELLOW

Sophomore Teams                                Last names                                   Shirt Color
Sophomores RED Team 1:                    Aboulhosn to Crandall                    RED
Sophomores RED Team 2:                    Cray to Jeter                                   RED
Sophomores BLUE Team 1:                  Johnson to O'Kleasky                     BLUE
Sophomores BLUE Team 2:                  Porterfield to Wright                        BLUE

Freshmen Teams                                  Last names                                   Shirt Color
Freshmen ORANGE Team 1:                Aguilar to Crowder                         ORANGE
Freshmen ORANGE Team 2:                Cury to Holmes                              ORANGE
Freshmen WHITE Team 1:                    Hyman to Pappas                          WHITE
Freshmen WHITE Team 2:                    Plageman to Zagorodnyy               WHITE




     Freshman Hop is on Friday, October 26 at 8:00 PM in the Student Lounge at the Abbey.  Doors will open at 8:00 PM and all students must arrive by 8:30 PM.  The dance is a social for students from both Benedictine and Saint Gertrude, no outside guests are permitted to this event.  The cost is $5 per student. 

     Students driving to the dance should park in front of the school and parents should drop off and/or pick up other students at the main entrance.  Goochland Police will be present to direct traffic.  No students will be admitted after 8:30 PM and the dance will end at 10 PM.  No large purses, backpacks, or overnight bags will be permitted at the dance, these items must stay in the car. 

     Dress is casual.  For males, jeans or slacks in good repair and collared golf shirts are acceptable.  No shorts are allowed!  For females, please refer to the SGHS Handbook, Student Dress Code for Dances, page 39, found on GatorNet.  Because this dance is considered casual, strapless dresses are not permitted.  No shorts, athletic or otherwise, are allowed.  Students who do not comply with the dress code will not be allowed to enter the dance.



Uniform of the day:  Dress Whites.  Be-jacketed Cadets focus on their experiments during one of Ms. Verlander's chemistry labs.

Mother & Son Mass and Dinner:  Sign up to attend or to volunteer


     Saturday, November 3 at 5 p.m.

     Mass will be celebrated at 5 p.m. followed by a delicious dinner in the dining hall.  Come and enjoy a worry-free evening with your son, other Cadets and their mothers.  Jessie Jane Duff will be our guest speaker.  Tickets for the dinner and program are $20 per person.  You can sign up via this link, or you may send a check made payable to Benedictine College Prep to the front office.  Please note "mother/son dinner" in the memo.


     Additionally, volunteers are needed to help ensure that this event runs as well as it has in the past.  Opportunities abound for Volunteer Dads.  We would like four volunteer dads to set up the dining hall beginning at 4 p.m., six volunteer dads to serve dinner, six volunteer dads for clean up and two volunteer dads for the check in table.  Please lend a hand by signing up via this link


     This is a tradition that should not be missed

Polish those Interview Skills


     Cadets are invited to participate in a seminar on effective interviewing, on Wednesday, October 24, during  the Event Period (9:29 – 10:16 a.m.).  The session is designed to improve performance in both college admission interviews and job interviews.   Topics will include "Gaining the Interviewer's Perspective," "Adopting a Conversational Style" and "Opening and Closing an Interview Session Effectively."

     The seminar shall be conducted, in conjunction with the BCP guidance department, by Mr. Mike  Forster, Benedictine's director of communications.  While working as a senior manager at Philip Morris and as a director at Capital One, Mr. Forster conducted hundreds of employment interviews.  As a newspaper reporter and editor, he conducted thousands of interviews in support of articles he wrote.

     Attendance is voluntary, but is strongly encouraged for those who plan to apply to colleges that conduct interviews as part of their admissions process and for those who may be seeking part-time or summer employment.  It is limited to sophomores, juniors and seniors.



Who said that Thursday mornings can't be fun?  Certainly not these guys, who seem to be having quite a good time as they engage in a footrace to the flagpole during Freshman Orientation. 


Faith-Based News


      Attention Parents of Cadets, we would like to invite you to join us to pray with opportunities every day of the week after school!  Parents, students, and teachers are invited and welcomed to pray the rosary each day at the conclusion of afternoon formation, beginning at 3:40PM in the chapel.  Even those students who have team practices can join us and make their practices on time. 

     We will also be praying together on the First Friday of the month after the 7 a.m. Mass in the chapel.  Of course, please join us for Mass any day of the week at 7 a.m., as well!  Drop off your student early and come pray as a family!  A family that prays together stays together. 

     If you have any questions, please reach out to Lisa Yost at faithinactionlisa@gmail.com.  St Benedict, pray for us! 




Grinding it out 'til the very end.  For Mrs. Esparza's students who thought they'd be treated to a light last day of the quarter, there was disappointment.  She treated them to a quiz and an in-class assignment.  Trust us, men:  You'll thank her some day!



Raffle Status


CONGRATULATIONS TO:  Gregory Kight - 9th grade

     He was our lucky winner of the JBL Speaker.



     If you turn in your SOLD tickets by Friday, October 26, you will receive a SPIRIT DAY on Monday, October 29, and the class that has sold the most tickets will receive breakfast that morning.

     Right now the Sophomores are in the lead followed closely by the Freshman!



     We will be drawing for the APPLE WATCH on Wednesday, October 31. The more packets you sell, the more chances you have of winning. If you are in need of additional packets they will be at the front desk.

     Please encourage your Cadet to sell his tickets.



Top Dog.  Andrew "Pooch" Puccinelli was named the "804 Player of the Week" by the Times Dispatch for his outstanding performance against Collegiate.  Pooch treated the Cougar defense like a hungry hound treats a pork chop.

  • Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) Seminar – This opportunity is available only to sophomores and involves participating in 3-4 days of interactive leadership training, meeting state leaders, and experiencing life on a university campus at the State Leadership Seminar.  The seminar occurs from May 31-June 2, 2019, at JMU but applications for this are being reviewed now.  To apply for this seminar as a fully funded participant, see Mrs. Metcalfe.  Applications are due by November 30.  For more information about the program and other HOBY opportunities, see http://hoby.org/.

 Other Helpful Websites & Scholarship Search Tools



www.VaWizard.org – Resource for careers, colleges, and financial aid.


www.fastweb.com – Free scholarship search


www.finaid.org – Free school scholarship search


www.studentscholarships.org/newsletter.php - Scholarships w/ varying deadlines & criteria


http://www.collegegrant.net/virginia/   - Free scholarship/grant search


http://www.scholarshipguidance.com/ - Free scholarship search


https://www.collegegreenlight.com/ - Free scholarship search for first generation students or underrepresented students


http://www.studentscholarships.org/ - scholarship and career search


https://www.hacu.net/hacu/Scholarships.asp - scholarship opportunities for Hispanic students



Guidance News and Information


 Upcoming College Visits for Students

     Listed below is a schedule of colleges planning to visit Benedictine in the coming months.  Most visits will take place in the guidance office conference room or a conference room on the second floor during an event period.  If scheduled during a class, students must obtain their teacher's permission in advance to attend. This list will be supplemented as new visits are scheduled. Please encourage your sons to attend several of these sessions to learn more about the college application process and individual schools.         


St. Vincent's College                               Monday, October 22                   1:15 p.m. (during sixth period)

VCU                                                        Tuesday, October 23rd                9:30 a.m.
Widener University                                 Monday, October 29th                 9:30 a.m.
University of Tennessee                         Monday, October 29th                11:50 a.m. (during lunch periods)

Mount St. Mary's                                     Monday, October 29th                 2:00 p.m. (during seventh period)

Randolph-Macon College                           Tuesday, October 30th                9:30 a.m.
University of Delaware                           Monday, November 5th                9:30 a.m.
St. Bonaventure University                    Thursday, November 8th              2:00 p.m. (during seventh period)


Transcript Requests

     Please provide two weeks' notice for the Guidance Department to process your transcript and recommendation requests.  Forms to request this are available from Mrs. Metcalfe.


FAFSA/Financial Aid

     All students and parents planning to apply for financial aid through the FAFSA website should plan to do so as soon as possible.  The website opened for business on October 1.  The earlier an application is completed, the better the chances that funds will be available to qualified applicants.



Scholarships/Leadership Opportunities

     Early action is also recommended for scholarship applications.  The websites of target colleges should be reviewed early as many scholarships share the same deadlines as the admissions decisions, and a number of them have deadlines that are even earlier.  For an overview of many scholarship opportunities and strategies, see https://grasp4va.org/ or  https://grasp4va.org/scholarships

     While many of the GRASP resources reference outside scholarships with later deadlines, it is helpful to plan for opportunities that may fit later and explore what is available now, including the following:



How do you say "Go Buckeyes" in Latin?  This amphitheater built by Christopher Lee, who is one of Ms. Lonergan's Latin students, reminds us of the Ohio State football venue.

Adult Pottery Classes:


     Benedictine offers six-week adult pottery classes to build community and allow the adults to experience the cadets incredible art facilities. Classes are for any level of artist- from beginner to advanced. Classes will be held in the ceramics lab on Benedictine campus.


     We will be making ceramic Christmas presents.  First week, we will start with ornaments. I will teach a new technique for clear glass because they will not be glaze fired, only bisque fired. I will supply the ribbons for hanging.

     Second week, I will demonstrate on marbling the clay on the pottery wheel.  The brown speckled and the white stoneware to create a marbled serving bowl.


      Dates: October 24th

            November 7, 14 and 28

            December 5 and 12

     Time: 7pm-9pm


     Cost: $220.00


     Please email me directly if you are interested and I can give you greater detail on all information.


     Thank you! Sincerely,

      Beth Scolaro


     Email address: scolaroart@gmail.com

     Phone: 804-475-4207 (call or text)



Where's the toga?  Mr. Doran talks philosophy as Steven Rios looks on with rapt attention.

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