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Information for the week of November 19 and November 26

Happy Thanksgiving to the Whole Benedictine Community!


Happiness is...Beating the Saints!.  Jay Woolfolk heads for the end zone as Brian Daughtry makes sure a St. Chris defender doesn't take up pursuit. The 42-6 win over the Saints put Benedictine into the state championship game this Saturday at Flint Hill.


The Week's Uniform Schedule 

     Allow us to direct you to THE authoritative spot for finding out about the week's uniforms: School calendar


     TWAB shall no longer carry uniform info for the upcoming week.  The upside is that the school website calendar details the daily uniform through the month of December!


     Here is a link to information on the components of each uniform: uniforms

The Week of Nov. 19 Dining Highlights:

Monday           Breakfast:  Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit

                         Lunch:  Taco Bar

Tuesday          Breakfast:  Egg Omlette Bar

                         Lunch:  Chick-fil-A



The Week of Nov. 26 Dining Highlights:

Monday           Breakfast: Chef's Choice

                         Lunch:  Barbecue

Tuesday          Breakfast: Chef's Choice

                         Lunch:  Taco Tuesday

Wednesday     Breakfast:  Chef's Choice

                         Lunch:  Brunswick Stew; Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Thursday         Hamburger Bar

Friday              Breakfast:  Chef's Choice

                         Lunch:  Pizza

From School Administration


Monday November 19

     Jostens Junior Class Ring resizing requests will be taken during lunch. 


Tuesday November 20

     Individual Drill (Corps Event) at 7 pm in the Auditorium.  All parents and guest are invited to attend!


Wednesday November 21 – Friday November 23

     Thanksgiving Break-School Closed


Monday November 26

     Classes resume – Normal school day





Military High Mass.  Sponsoring Officers assemble just prior to the start of last weekend's Military High Mass.  Afterward, the Cadets toured around Norfolk, seeing some impressive sights, including a retired battleship.


Tryouts for the Benedictine Talent Show on November 28!

     Calling all Cadets! If you play an instrument, are in a band, sing, perform, or have a special skill or talent, we want YOU for the Benedictine Talent Show on February 28th!

     Tryouts will be held Wednesday, November 28 in the auditorium after school. 

     To sign up, please come see Mrs. Holland or contact her by email at rholland@benedictinecollegeprep.org. See you there!"


NHS Canned Food Drive--There's still time!

     The National Honor Society will sponsor its annual canned food drive to benefit the Little Sisters of the Poor beginning Monday, Nov 12 until Monday Nov 19.  Please send  items marked with your son's name and company, and have your son drop off the items in Room 222.      

     The company donating the most canned goods to this worthy cause will receive a day off from formation as well as points toward the Commandant's Cup. Please see the list below for items specifically requested by the sisters.  Any questions concerning this effort should be directed to the NHS moderator, Mrs. Robinson,  at ebrobinson@benedictinecollegeprep.org.  


     Thank you for your generous support of these holy sisters and their apostolate of mercy!


Here's the list:

  • Canned Meat/Fish
  • Cold Cereals (Corn Flakes, Shredded Wheat, Special K, Life)
  • Pudding Snack Packs (Chocolate or Vanilla)
  • Dressing (French, Ranch, Italian)
  • Corn Starch
  • Syrup (Regular and Sugar Free)
  • Candy (Individually Wrapped)
  • Coffee Regular or Decaf 
  • Tea Regular or Decaf Individually Wrapped





Grandparents rock!  Last year's Grandparents Day drew a large crowd of folks that were excited to spend some time with their Cadet grandsons and get a glimpse of their Benedictine experience.

It's time for our Annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day Celebration.


     Invitations were emailed this week. If you did not receive yours, please email dori.boehling@verizon.net or bbbmmlosch@comcast.net

to update your email address.
      Meanwhile, don't leave Grandpa, Granny or your special family friend home alone!


December 7, 2018 at the Abbey
Mass at 11 a.m. followed by lunch at noon in the cafeteria.

     Please sign up to attend this special event TODAY at https://www.benedictinecollegeprep.org/grandparentsday.
     If you have any questions regarding reservations,

 please contact Dori Boehling or Bridget Losch at the email above.


**This year we would like to present a slideshow of the boys and their grandparents.  If you would like for your son and his grandparents/special friend to be a part of the slideshow- Please email your photos to Mr. Shaw at cmshaw@benedictinecollegeprep.org before Friday, November 30 with  "GRANDPARENT PICTURES" in the subject line.  Thank you! 





Stellar spring-sport signees.  Some of our outstanding athletes from the world of spring sports plighted their troughs this week.  Signing on for the next level were (from left to right):  lacrosse player J.D. Kuchta (Piedmont) and baseballers Jack Carpin (Roanoke), Casey Green (Coastal Carolina), Brett Cook (Tulane) and Jamari Baylor (Louisburg).  Congratulations, men!


"Thanks, Jack."  "Anytime, Stevie." Jack Hall sends a Saint sprawling out of the picture frame as Stevie Walden picks up some major yardage during the Cadets' crucial victory.

From the World of Sports

     Football: Will be traveling to Flint Hill for the VISAA championship on Saturday, Nov. 17, at 1 p.m. Below is a policy letter from Flint Hill school administration that outlines the expectations for those attending events at that school.


Ring Chasing

Your Benedictine Cadets face off against the Flint Hill Huskies

By Ryan Boone '19


     On November 17, the Cadets will look to get their revenge on the Huskies and claim yet another state championship. Last year Flint Hill knocked off the Cadets in the first round of the playoffs. The loss still leaves a bitter taste in some of the players' mouths. "I'm glad we get to play Flint Hill again," said senior kicker Kyle Miller. "We went out sad last year, we didn't compete. Now we get to show them what we're really capable of."

     Following a three-game win streak, the Cadets look to carry that momentum over to Saturday's game. Those three wins, however, took place on the Cadet's home field, Bobby Ross Stadium. Saturday they will have to travel to Oakton, Virginia to take on the undefeated and reigning state champions, the Flint Hill Huskies.

     "Preparation, it's all about preparation," said senior Blake Smith. "We don't win the state championship on the day of, but we win it in the practices leading up to the big day."

     The Cadets' defense will look to stall Flint Hill's Jordan Houston, the running back who has received multiple D-1 offers and interest. "We're not backing down from anyone," said junior defensive end Noah Aboelmatty. "He puts on his pads and plays football just like the rest of us."    

     Kickoff is at 1 p.m.




Guidance News and Information



Upcoming College Visits for Students

     The last fall college visitor is a representative from the US Naval Academy.  This representative will be visiting on Monday, November 19th, during the event period.  All students, especially sophomores and juniors, thinking about attending the Naval Academy are encouraged to attend.


    Those applying to Virginia Tech should be especially mindful of the December 1 early action deadline.  While the regular application deadline is in January, the VT representative indicated that waiting until that deadline may decrease (or eliminate) your chances of admission under their new application.  Note also that students must self-report course grades on a separate VT portal after submitting the application.  The fine print on the Coalition application will provide the link.



Transcript Requests

     Please remember to complete a timely transcript and recommendation request whenever needed.  This should be done regardless of the format used to apply (i.e. school website, common app or coalition app). Forms to request this are available from Mrs. Metcalfe.




FAFSA/Financial Aid

     All students and parents planning to apply for financial aid through the FAFSA website should plan to do so as soon as possible.  The earlier an application is completed, the better the chances funds will be available to qualified applicants. 



 Scholarships/Leadership Opportunities

     Early action is also recommended for scholarship applications.  The websites of target colleges should be reviewed early as many scholarships share the same deadlines as the admissions decisions, and a number of them have deadlines that are even earlier.  For an overview of many scholarship opportunities and strategies, see https://grasp4va.org/ or  https://grasp4va.org/scholarships

     While many of the GRASP resources reference outside scholarships with later deadlines, it is helpful to plan for opportunities that may fit later and explore what is available now, including the following:


  • Last Call for HOBY applications:  Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) Seminar – This opportunity is available only to sophomores and involves participating in 3-4 days of interactive leadership training, meeting state leaders, and experiencing life on a university campus at the State Leadership Seminar.  The seminar occurs from May 31-June 2, 2019, at JMU but applications for this are being reviewed now.  To apply for this seminar as a fully funded participant, please download this information and application packet and turn it into Mrs. Metcalfe:  LinkApplications are due by November 30th.  For more information about the program and other HOBY opportunities, see http://hoby.org/.



 Other Helpful Websites & Scholarship Search Tools



www.VaWizard.org – Resource for careers, colleges, and financial aid.


www.fastweb.com – Free scholarship search


www.finaid.org – Free school scholarship search


www.studentscholarships.org/newsletter.php - Scholarships w/ varying deadlines & criteria


http://www.collegegrant.net/virginia/   - Free scholarship/grant search


http://www.scholarshipguidance.com/ - Free scholarship search


https://www.collegegreenlight.com/ - Free scholarship search for first generation students or underrepresented students


http://www.studentscholarships.org/ - scholarship and career search


https://www.hacu.net/hacu/Scholarships.asp - scholarship opportunities for Hispanic students



The long green line.  This convoy, consisting of several buses and a whole lot of automobiles headed to Blessed Sacrament High School on Friday morning for a presentation made to students from the three area Catholic high schools.  Ol' BCP sure felt empty!

Nativities on Display


     Come spend time with the Christ Child, born in a stable and laid in a rough manger because there was No Room at the Inn. You may view over 250 unique, collectible, multicultural Nativity sets featuring the St. Paul Nativity and hand-made sets created by the 4th grade class at Our Lady of Lourdes School. The Children's Area for young visitors also includes Nativity dress up, crafts, puzzles and more.

     Adult donation $5.00 Student donation $1.00 to benefit AFAL in Haiti, The Possibilities Project and the Mechanicsville Churches Emergency Functions

     Saturday December 1, 2018 10:00 a.m.– 8:00 p.m.

     Sunday December 2, 2018 9:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m.

     (804) 730-7980


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