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Information for the week of December 10

'Tis the Season...For Mid-Term Exams!


They made it happen.  Volunteers take a second to pose prior to the kick-off of Grandparents Day.  There were actually a few more than those pictured here.  The place looked great, the food was spectacular and the mood was joyous.  One million thanks to our wonderful volunteers.  Simply put:  This event doesn't happen without YOU!


The Week's Uniform Schedule 

     Allow us to direct you to THE authoritative spot for finding out about the week's uniforms: School calendar


     TWAB shall no longer carry uniform info for the upcoming week.  The upside is that the school website calendar details the daily uniform through the month of December!


     Here is a link to information on the components of each uniform: uniforms

 The Week of Dec. 10 Dining Highlights:

Monday           Make Your Own Sub

Tuesday          Pork Chops

Wednesday     Dining Facility is Closed

Thursday         Breakfast:  Belgian Waffles

Friday              Breakfast:  Egg McMuffins


Even five guys can't stop him!  Freshman Sam Saunders worked his way through the entire St. Chris defense to put up this basket during the Cadets win over the visiting Saints.  The JV also won, propelling Benedictine to a sweep.  Well done, Men!

From School Administration


Tuesday December 11

     Benedictine Christmas Lessons & Carols at 7:00 pm in the Chapel.  All parents, Cadets, staff, faculty and guests are invited to attend!


Wednesday December 12

     Exam Review Day – Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm.

     Teacher office hours 1:00 – 3:00 pm.


Thursday December 13

     Semester Exams (Mandatory for all students)


Friday December 14

     Semester Exams (Mandatory for all students)



"Last Call" for Lost & Found

     The lost & found next to the front office will be cleaned out during Christmas break.  Please ask your son to check the lost & found for any of his missing items.  There are textbooks, uniforms items, notebooks, shoes, planners, lunch bags, and a variety of items.  Ask your son to claim his lost items before leaving for break!


Breakfast available during exams! 

     The cafeteria will have hot delicious breakfast available for purchase before exams (7:00 – 7:45 am) and in between exams (9:30 – 10:15 am) on December 13, 14, 17, and 18.



He's the man.   Algebra II Students strike a pose with their teacher, Mr. Gaffney.  Sorry guys, but your kindness toward your teacher shall not result in an easier mid-term exam!


Mid-Term Central:  Your source for all things mid-term-y




When are semester exams?

  • Semester exams are scheduled for Thursday December 13, Friday December 14, Monday December 17, and Tuesday December 18
  • Semester exams are scheduled by your son's class schedule (same as last year):
         -Thursday December 13:    8:00 AM "A" period,  10:30 AM "B" period
         -Friday December 14:         8:00 AM "C" period,   10:30 AM "D" period
         -Monday December 17:      8:00 AM "E" period,   10:30 AM "F" period
         -Tuesday December 18:     8:00 AM "G" period,   10:30 AM "H" period


What is the dress code for exam days?

  • Students must come in uniform and have a fresh shave on exam days.
  • Uniform each day will be Class "B" (gray shirt with gray pants and headgear).
  • Demerits may be issues for students who are not shaved or not in the correct uniform.

What is the schedule for exam days?

  • There is no morning formation on exam days.
  • Morning bus will run at the normal time from downtown to school on exam days.
  • The first exam each day begins promptly at 8:00 AM; the second exam begins promptly at 10:30 AM.
  • There is no afternoon formation on exam days.
  • The afternoon bus will depart each exam day at 12:45 PM. 
  • There is only one afternoon bus each day.

How should my son prepare for his exams?

  • Your son should study for an exam that is at least two "tests" in length and will take at least 90 minutes to complete.
  • To help your son study for his exam, all teachers will provide exam study guides by Friday December 7.
  • Students must come prepared with their own pens, pencils, and calculators (with fresh batteries)!
  • The front office does not have pens, pencils, or calculators to "loan" to students!

How many exams will my son be required to take?

  • Most classes will have a scheduled exam, and most students take 7 total exams.
  • One exception that affects all students are Leadership classes.  Leadership classes do not take a semester exam.
  • During the class period that your son normally has Leadership he will not be required to take any exam.  Please see "When can he leave?" and "When does he need to be in school?" below.
  • A few elective classes have a project in lieu of an exam.  These classes are approved in advance by the Associate Headmaster. 
  • Classes that have an approved project in lieu of exam are required to have a rubric provided to your son by Monday December 3.

Where does my son report for his exam on exam days?

  • Each of your son's exams will be held in his normal classroom and proctored by his normal teacher.
  • Your son should be seated in his classroom and ready for his exam at least 5 minutes early.
  • The first exam each day begins promptly at 8:00 AM; the second exam begins promptly at 10:30 AM.


How long are my son's exams?

  • Exams are a minimum of 90 minutes in length.  Students are not allowed to leave until 90 minutes have elapsed.
  • Maximum time allowed for each exam is 2 hours.  Students must complete the exam within the scheduled time limit, even if they arrive late.
  • All students receive a 30 minute break between first and second exams each day.
  • Students who are approved for extended time must make extended time arrangements with their teacher before the exam. Students are not automatically granted extended time without prior arrangements with their teacher.

Is breakfast available on exam days?

  • Breakfast is available for purchase on each exam day before the first exam (from 7:00 - 7:45 AM) and in between exams (9:30 - 10:15 AM).
  • Your son must have funds loaded onto his lunch card to purchase breakfast; cash or credit cards are not accepted.

Is lunch available on exam days?

  • There is no lunch service on exam days.

My son has an 8:00 AM exam and no 10:30 AM exam, when can he leave?

  • Students who only have a morning 8 AM exam and no second 10:30 AM exam may leave at the completion of their first exam, no earlier than 9:30 AM.

My son has a 10:30 AM exam and no 8:00 AM exam, when does he need to be at school?

  • Students who only have a 10:30 AM exam and no morning 8 AM exam are not required to come to school until 10:15 AM and should be seated in their classroom at least 5 minutes before the exam begins.

What happens if my son misses his exam?

  • Students must take their exams on the scheduled day and time.  Students who miss their exam will receive a grade of "0".

What if my son arrives late for his exam?

  • Don't be late!  Students who are late to their exam will be permitted to take their exam, however they will not receive any additional time beyond 10:00 AM for the first exam, or 12:30 PM for the second exam. 
  • Students who arrive late and have an extended time accommodation forfeit their extended time.

When will my son's exam grades be posted in Blackbaud?

  • Semester exams will be available on Blackbaud by 4 PM on Wednesday January 2nd.

When does the 2nd quarter & fall semester end?

  • The end of the 2nd quarter & fall semester is Friday January 18.

When will we receive first semester report card?

  • First semester report cards will be issued no later than Friday January 25th.



Happiness is...Two Grandmas!  Sophomore Ben Toland got to enjoy the company of both of his grandmothers during Friday's Grandparents Day festivities.


Only one week left to contribute to the Faculty and Staff "Christmas Purse"


    The "Christmas Purse", is a monetary contribution to the entire Benedictine staff. To honor our faculty and staff during Christmas, we ask for your contribution of any amount of money toward the Christmas purse, in lieu of purchasing gifts for teachers. This monetary gift is divided equally among all teachers and maintenance, cafeteria and office staff and is deeply appreciated by all.

     Please return your gift to the school office by December 14. Contributions by check should be made payable to BCP PTO.  You may also contribute online at www.benedictinecollegeprep.org/christmaspurse

     We thank you in advance for your generosity! 


Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday season,



P.S.  if you have any questions, please email Dori Boehling at dori.boehling@verizon.net








Lessons and Carols

     December 11, 7 p.m.





Cadet Shop!


     The Cadet Shop will be open in conjunction with Lessons and Carols.  See below for a great deal!



Help Benedictine by Buying:  Publix Card Registrations


We have two ways by which you can help our school.  One entails buying and one comes from selling.


Help support the Benedictine PTO by registering your PUBLIX card and linking Benedictine as a PUBLIX PARTNER. 


Visit:  www.publix.com

Upper left corner:  Click LOG in (if you have already registered) or SIGN up ( if you need to create an account).   

(If you are creating an account,  you will be sent a confirmation to the email address that you register.)


When you log in:   

Click on picture of man in upper right corner

Click on "My Account" below your name

Scroll to bottom to "PUBLIX PARTNERS"

Click on "Select a School"

Select "Benedictine College Prep

           Richmond Va"


Help Benedictine by Selling:  Concessions Help Wanted

     Shannon Garbett has created a Sign Up Genius for all the home basketball games this season, in addition to the BCCC tournament days.

     Working the concession stand is a good way to help us raise funds for the PTO.  And, it's a GREAT way to get to know your fellow parents!


Use this link to sign-up to become a part of the great Benedictine concessions team:





Financial Aid 2019 – 2020

     Applications for financial aid for the 2019 – 2020 school year were accepted starting December 1, 2018.

     As a reminder, every family that wants to be considered for financial aid must apply each year.

     Even if a student was awarded financial aid for the current year, he must apply for next year.

     Although the deadline is still over 60 days away, applicants are encouraged to start early.  It takes FACTS several weeks to verify and process all of the documents.


     To apply, please go to https://online.factsmgt.com/aid to start the process.


     You can also link to this website from the Benedictine College Prep website.  From our home page, select: Admissions, Tuition / Financial Assistance.  The link is under the Financial Aid section – Click in the "How to Apply" column which will take you directly to the FACTS website.


     For additional information regarding the application process click here: 19-20 FGAA Flyer - Financial Aid Flyer.pdf.


     The deadline to apply is February 15, 2019 – Please note, late applicants run the risk of limited or no financial aid due to limited funds earmarked for disbursement.



"Spirited" Marching.  Monday may have been a Spirit Day for the Cadets, but that doesn't mean they couldn't march in their spirit garb.  Here, Master Chief Tobias had the lads executing column lefts and flank rights on the parade deck, nevertheless. 


Guidance News and Information


PSAT Reports

     Online access to PSAT reports for those who provided an email address when testing is expected in the next two weeks.  Paper reports are also scheduled to be released mid-December and will be distributed to students in early January.


Transcript Requests and Applications

As of November 29, 2018, approximately 35 seniors - or roughly 65% of the senior class – have submitted college applications.  These seniors have completed more than 100 submissions.  This is great progress to date, but, clearly, additional efforts need to be made by the rest of the class.  December is a great time to finalize applications and make sure all requests for transcripts and recommendations are submitted in a timely manner.


     In that regard, please note that seniors needing a transcript to be sent by a December 15 deadline must request the transcript from the Guidance office by today, Friday December 7.  


     Looking ahead, please also note that because of the Christmas break, January 1 deadlines require notice to the Guidance Office by Friday, December 14.


     Any senior who has not already scheduled a meeting with Mrs. Metcalfe for purposes of reviewing his resume in anticipation of her writing a recommendation for him should do so now.  Appointments can be made at https://calendly.com/mmetcalfe/college-planning-review/11-29-2018/ .  When scheduling, please be sure to consult your class schedule so that you will be meeting at the least disruptive time.


FAFSA/Financial Aid

     All students and parents planning to apply for financial aid through the FAFSA website should plan to do so now.  The earlier an application is completed, the better the chances that funds will be available to qualified applicants.  Additionally, many schools use the FAFSA as a reference point when awarding scholarships even in cases where a student is ineligible for aid. The login for applying is at https://fafsa.ed.gov/FAFSA/app/fafsa.



  Other Helpful Websites & Scholarship Search Tools


 www.VaWizard.org – Resource for careers, colleges, and financial aid.


www.fastweb.com – Free scholarship search


www.finaid.org – Free school scholarship search


www.studentscholarships.org/newsletter.php - Scholarships w/ varying deadlines & criteria


http://www.collegegrant.net/virginia/   - Free scholarship/grant search


http://www.scholarshipguidance.com/ - Free scholarship search


https://www.collegegreenlight.com/ - Free scholarship search for first generation students or underrepresented students


http://www.studentscholarships.org/ - scholarship and career search


https://www.hacu.net/hacu/Scholarships.asp - scholarship opportunities for Hispanic students



Running and gunning.  Guard Cody Herman keys the fast break for the JV Cadets on Wednesday evening.  The Cadets never took their foot off the gas as they took care of visiting Saint Chris.

Last Call for Photos

     Did you forget to order or need more pictures of your student?  Well Real Life has posted your student's images online for one LAST CALL to order. 

  • Each student (grades 9-11) will be receiving a 4"x10" information card.  Each card includes a web address (same for the whole school) and PASSWORD for each student.  If you lose your password reach out to Real Life, they have access to all passwords.  We can only get the passwords when we are in the studio via a lab login, please be patient waiting for a response. 
  • You can use the web URL on the card or go to http://reallife.hhimagehost.com/bcp  Here you will be prompted to enter your email address and student password.  If you have multiple students, you can enter the first password then click the white button to add additional passwords.   You will then be able to scroll through all students' images after logging in.
  • Fast- When you place your order, our professional lab will process your order and ship directly to the address you provide.
  • Company photos are not available with Last Call. If you need yours please contact Andee and she can look to see if there are any left.
  • FREE shipping on all orders over $50.00.
  • LAST CALL images available through 2/19/2019.
  • Feel free to share your student's password with family members or anyone that might want to order as well.
  • Questions or anything contact Andee 804-222-4111  or andee@reallifeevents.net


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