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Developing Leaders

The Corps of Cadets is supervised by the military department, but it is led on a day-to-day basis by the Cadets themselves.

There are over 80 leadership opportunities within the Corps of Cadets. They range from Squad Leader (the lowest) up to Battalion Commander (the highest). Throughout their time at Benedictine, cadets are afforded the opportunity to test their leadership skills and gain more responsibility and authority within the Corps of Cadets.

Every year, twenty-one seniors are honored to be selected as the commanders and staff members of the Corps of Cadets. We call them “Sponsoring Officers,” and only Captains and above are considered for this billet. Sponsoring Officers provide input on the direction of the Corps during their senior year. Furthermore, they execute all day-to-day operations of the Corps and plan for events to include ceremonies, drills and parades.