The Military at Benedictine

Benedictine's strong military leadership component is committed to developing skills in leadership, discipline, teamwork and acceptance of responsibility. Our Military Leadership program nurtures esprit de corps, camaraderie, and loyalty to our school and fellow Cadets.

While Benedictine is a college preparatory school, we are also well known for our military and leadership program. In fact the military and leadership program has been a part of Benedictine’s identity since its founding in 1911.

While every Cadet’s time at Benedictine is colored by his exposure to the military structure and rigor, there are various levels of how well it is embraced. This ranges from those that seem to be born for it, to those who merely tolerate it. Whether a student thrives on the military aspect of Benedictine or not, he will develop a better sense of structure, accountability and responsibility. Most importantly, our students develop these skills through a unique presence of camaraderie that is unrivaled by any school in the surrounding area. A camaraderie that grows stronger as each class progresses toward graduation.

There are ample opportunities to serve the CORPS and further develop leadership capacities. We have over 80 formal leadership positions available within our 260-member Corps of Cadets. These positions range from Staff Sergeant Squad Leader to Lieutenant Colonel Battalion Commander. Furthermore, the Military Leadership Department offers extracurricular activities such as the drill team and the rifle team.

Most outsiders have a false belief that Benedictine takes a high interest in developing soldiers to enlist directly into the military upon graduation. This is far from the truth, it is very rare that a student graduates from our school and proceeds directly into the military. We are, after all, not developing soldiers; we’re developing leaders who leave our halls ready to contribute to society. GO CADETS!

Brooks York
Commandant of Cadets

Cadets at the Christmas Parade