Meet The Battalion Commander

Five Questions for: Gerson Carrera,
2017-18 Battalion Commander

1. Would you tell us a bit about yourself?

I live in North Chesterfield County. My mom is Blanca Carrera and my twin brother, Brian, also goes to Benedictine. I’m a parishioner at Sacred Heart and a graduate of Saint Benedict. I play soccer and tennis and I work at Sacred Heart Center and the Abbey for the Corporate Internship Program.

2. Why do you think you were selected for this position?

I attribute my selection as battalion commander to hard work. That effort shows up, not only in leadership, but in grades and on the field, as well. (His GPA is 3.7).

3. What do you see as your main duties in this role?

As battalion commander, I’m in charge of the corps and making sure everything goes smoothly and as planned. I want to be active in helping to improve our leadership program so that we can make it a better experience for everyone.

4. How do you define leadership?

A good leader is someone who has discipline and shows dedication to the things he takes on and to people he leads. That can be anywhere: even in the classroom or in the community.

5. Would you tell some little-known facts about yourself?

I was born in Richmond, but lived in Guatemala for six years before coming back here. I also play the guitar and have taken Latin for six years.