Leadership Profile

Leadership in the Military

Blake Smith is a member of the Class of 2019.  He transferred to Benedictine as a sophomore, coming to us from a public school.

In short, he has thrived at our school.  He was selected to serve as the Corpse of Cadets' battalion executive officer, which is one position from the top spot. 

He was elected to serve as president of our Key Club his senior year, and he his grades are off the chart--He won our AP Geography award.  Blake also plays football and lacrosse.

But it is the informal leadership he shows that is most impressive.  His enthusiasm for being at Benedictine is undeniable and it is strong.  It is so strong, in fact, that it spreads to his fellow Cadets. 

Blake has fully embraced the opportunities afforded by that Benedictine experience and has made the most of them.