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Dudley Does Right: Junior Dudley Leads Winning Platoon

The entire Corps and the St. Gertrude Sponsors gathered together to witness the platoon drill. They were not disappointed as most of the Cadets demonstrated precision and military excellence in this traditional event. Two Marine Corps evaluators were in attendance judging the important aspects of the platoon drill based on their military and professional background.

PTO Thanks Teachers; Feeling is Mutual

Any Benedictine staff or faculty member that reads the newspaper woke up Sunday morning to a pleasant surprise.The Benedictine Parent Teacher Organization contacted the Richmond Times Dispatch and had an ad published thanking the faculty and staff of BCP for all they do for the students. In addition to helping boost teachers' morale, the PTO is a strong force at the school: They run the Cadet Shop, stock the teachers' lounge, facilitate lunch, host events (such as Grandparents' Day, the Father-Son and Mother-Son Masses and Dinners) and aid in making the school run like a well-oiled machine.


Amidst all of the graduation hoopla the last two senior football players have found a home to play at the next level. Hard work is hard to come by in today's world, but not on coach Lilly's football team. Every single senior football player will go on to play a college sport next year. This is due to their hard work on the field as well as in the classroom. They could not have reached this level if not for the efforts of their coaches and themselves. While this year was not the peak year for the football team. The seniors are going out with a bang.

Speech Contest Leaves 'Em Speechless

Casey Green is known for being a winner on the baseball diamond, but this time he hit a grand slam in the annual Speech Contest. Other than the hilarious skits, his speech about Jesus taking up his cross for us was impactful to everyone in the auditorium. And his message was influential enough to win the votes of the judges and the hearts of the audience.

Copious Cadet Coaching: BCP Football and Basketball Stars Spread Knowledge and Skills to Local Youth

This past weekend, the members of the Cadet Nation were seen all over the state, as they were coaching, mentoring and inspiring youngsters on both the football field and basketball court. Members of the football team helped out at the Tuckahoe Tomahawks Youth Football Spring Camp. This is the fifth-consecutive year that the Benedictine Football team has assisted the young Tomahawks in improving their skills.

Short-Term Fix for Long: Gibrall and Arnold taking over class for deploying Marine captain

Benedictine is soon saying goodbye to one of its dear English teachers in Mr. Long. Mr. Long's English classes will be taken over by Mr. Gibrall and Coach Arnold, who both have extensive experience with teaching English classes. Mr. Gibrall will be taking over two of Longs English 10 classes. Mr. Gibrall has been a part of Benedictine's English department longer than most can remember. Gibrall was also once an astonishing English teacher at Godwin High School, winning Teacher Of The Year all five of his years there.

The Long Goodbye: English Teacher Deploys with Marine Unit

Benedictine has shown that it is not just a military school by namesake. At the end of this week, sophomore English teacher David Long will depart for stateside training, with the goal of deploying to Afghanistan for about a year. Coach Long's rank in the Marines is captain, and when his unit deploys, it will travel to the Kandahar Province in Afghanistan. While in the Kandahar Province, he and his unit will be tasked with advising Georgian (the country) forces to maintain security in the region.

A Prom to Remember—We hope!: Cadets and Dates Prepare for the Big Night

2018's prom will definitely be one to remember. Miss Lowry and various Cadets from the prom committee plan on doing an outstanding job in preparing for this special event. They've met multiple times and have teamed up with St. Gertrude's prom committee in preparation. The prom takes place Friday, April 27 from 8 to 10 p.m. This year's prom will be held at the Tuckahoe Woman's Club.

Seniors Sign up for Their Future

Last week was the spring signing day ceremony. The signing day had many athletes signing in a variety of sports such as wrestling, football, and basketball. Wrestler Nick Johnson signed with Averett; basketball players Dimitri Georgiadis signed with the Citadel and Justin Brown signed with Wallace State. Football players Damon Wright signed with Christopher Newport and Andrew Mulvin signed with Hampden-Sydney. Soccer player Jonathan Vergara opted to go with Lynchburg College.All of these young men worked extremely hard to realize this moment.

Sjogren Showing Skills:   IT Director Shines at Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K

It's common knowledge that Mr. Sjogren knows his way around technology and a tennis court, but not many people know that he is a superb runner. Sjogren recently competed in the Monument Avenue 10K; this was his third time competing in this famous race. Sjogren placed 83rd of 1,238 competitors in his age division (30- to 34-year olds) and placed 516th of 21,290 out of all competitors, placing him in the top 2.4 percent out of all runners!