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Pouring for Parater: Mr. Bussman and Mr. Grapes

This past Wednesday, the two top Benedictine administrators were "slimed" as the fundraising goal of $100,000 for the Frank Parater Middle Class Scholarship was met. Mr. Grapes, the school's headmaster, and Mr. Bussman, the school's associate headmaster, had icky, green slime poured on their heads as a result hitting the mark for the second annual Day of Giving.

Calling all Cadets: Students Man Call Center During Day of Giving

Benedictine celebrated its second annual Day of Giving on February 7. As a part of the celebration Cadets were brought to the boardroom for brief periods of time where they called alumni and asked for donations for the scholarship. The Cadets used their own cell phones and got to work, dialing a numerous amount of alumni numbers.

Pigs Aren't for Everyone: Mr. Bussman meets Mr. Chester

On Wednesday, February 7, Mr. Bussman was chosen to take care of Chester the pig. Not only was this pig messy, but also loud. The pig was the size of a hamster but could yelp as loud as a massive dog barking. This was one of the main highlights of Frank Parater Day.

Parents Bring Sweet Treats: Donut Delivery Task Force Comes Through

Benedictine's Day of Giving was this past Wednesday. Benedictine's Day of Giving is a day used for the school to raise as much money as possible through donations that will be used to fund the scholarships of future Cadets. The goal of the fundraiser was $100k, if successful in reaching their goal; Benedictine would also receive an additional $100k donation from Smithfield Food.

Race for the Ages: Band takes top Piggy-Back prize

This past Tuesday, Benedictine took on the Miller School in a basketball game at Rut Court. Even though the Cadets suffered another loss at home, the Corps of Cadets was not angry, due to the fact that they got to watch a stellar display of sportsmanship, athleticism and mental fortitude put on during halftime of the game.

Faculty Steals the Victory: Students Prevail in Bacon Beast Challenge

On Wednesday, February 7, Benedictine held its first annual Bacon Beast competition. The competition consisted of many physical competitions that took place in the weight room, and the faculty came out victorious. Instead of reporting to the parade deck for morning formation, the Corps of Cadets was instructed to report to the weight room for the Bacon Beast competition.

Fun-d Raising: Cadets look forward to Parater Day

On Wednesday, February 7, Benedictine will be holding a "Day of Giving" campaign to raise money to fund scholarships for middle-class students. Benedictine's partner, Smithfield Foods, has very generously pledged to match, dollar-for-dollar, up to 100,000 dollars, each donation made during the "Day of Giving" campaign.