News Stories

Donation Day, Done:  Benedictine Surpasses It's Day of Giving Goal of $100,00

Benedictine College Preparatory did a phenomenal job raising a total of $370,000 through donations on the Day of Giving. The money goes to a good cause, which is for student scholarships, so more students can attend Benedictine and become Cadets. Smithfield sponsors this event and matches the money we raise dollar-for-dollar.

Too Talented to Touch:  Benedictine's Talent Show is Coming Up

Benedictine is hosting its annual Winter Talent Show on Wednesday, February 19. The talent show is open to all Cadets to perform a variety of acts ranging from music acts to skits. The show is also open to all of the students from St. Gertrude who are open to joining.

Pain of Zane:  Zane Cox is the Athlete of the Week

Zane Cox is our Athlete of the Week. On Friday, February 7, Benedictine participated in the Melee at the Metro at Woodrow Wilson High School in D.C. Zane Cox '22 came out on top finishing first overall in the 152-pound division.

Cadets' Cortège at the Capital: Benedictine at the Virginia March for Life

The Cadets will partake in the second-annual Virginia March for Life around the Virginia capitol in Richmond. The Cadets will be marching for the approximately 58 million lives that have been taken via abortion since Roe Vs. Wade in 1973, and to march against the pro-choice extremism that is being displayed by the lawmakers of Virginia.

Day of The Gym:  New gym is coming along.

Visitors to the Benedictine Day of Giving were afforded an additional treat: a tour of the construction site. The new gym under construction is planned to be done before graduation.

Okay, Boomer:  Cadets reign victorious at individual drill

The Cadets destroyed the faculty, staff and alumni at Benedictine's annual individual drill competition. The faculty featured Mr. Grapes, Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Kaplan, Mr. Bussman, Mr. Doran, Mr. Padrone, Mr. Gill and alumnus Mr. Mike Valentine.