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Figuring It Out: Senior Cadets to participate in time-honored tradition of The Figure

As the conclusion of the 2020-21 school year approaches, many members of the Benedictine community wonder if The Figure ceremony would be held this year. The school has assured the community that The Figure will happen. According to an email sent on Monday May 6, the ceremony will occur on May 25, during the school day.

Big Green Graduation: The Class of 2021 looks for a wrap

At Benedictine College Prep, like most other high schools, there will be a graduation ceremony for the senior students. Graduation will take place June 3 at 10:00 a.m. in Benedictine's new gym, the McMurtrie-Reynolds Pavilion.

Super Squads: Benedictine to hold squad drill competition

Five out of six of BCP's companies will be competing in squad drill on Thursday, May 13 at 2:45 p.m. Alpha Company, Bravo Company, Charlie Company, Band Company and Honor Platoon will send out a squad of seven Cadets to see who is best at giving out and executing marching commands. The squad leaders have to memorize and call 48 orders to their units as they march around the parade deck.

The Final Push:  BSoR Admin finalizes events for Cadets

On May 3, Benedictine Schools of Richmond Principal, Drew Mugford announced a list of important dates for upcoming school events. "The administration of both schools (BCP and SGHS) has worked diligently trying to preserve as much of the authenticity of events as possible while still complying with state guidelines," stated Mugford.

Sophomores Bop to Hip-Hop: Inaugural Dance Set to Take Place

On Thursday, May 20, sophomores will participate in the first-ever Sophomore Hop. After numerous schedule adjustments, the administration has released an announcement that solidified dates, times and locations regarding several anticipated end-of-the-year functions.