News Stories

Yard becomes Field:  Benedictine Cadets begin at-home soccer workouts

A couple of weeks ago, Coach Gill, of Benedictine College Preparatory, began to make at-home workouts for the soccer team. These workouts, however, are not being held in person, but they are merely an instructional video for each Cadet. Every week a Cadet is expected to submit his own video of himself completing the workout and, once they submit the video, Coach Gill will "shout out" the player who has done the best workout.

 Football is Back:  Benedictine Releases Schedule

Benedictine has released its 2020-2021 football schedule, and the Cadets are very fired up for the upcoming football season. The season opens up with a scrimmage on August 20, against Thomas Jefferson High School. The first official game takes place at Huguenot High School against one of Benedictine's biggest rivals, Trinity.

Late to the Party:  2020 classes begin after Labor Day

The Benedictine 2020-21 school year will begin after Labor Day. This delayed start is two weeks later than BCP's normal start. The Cadets are accustomed to returning to school in mid-August; however, this upcoming school year will be slightly different.

Reigning Champs Return:  Benedictine makes plans to start summer practice

The Cadets who wish to play football have received an email from Coach Lilly giving details about physicals, needed supplies, summer workouts and the game schedule. Coach Lilly wants to start summer workouts on June 10, which is the day Governor Ralph Northam's Executive Order 55 (also known as the stay at home order) expires, but the workout schedule has yet to be decided.

Academic Awards Day: Corona Style

Due to these unprecedented times of social distancing, Benedictine College Preparatory has been forced to think of ways to continue long-standing traditions within the school. The latest example of Benedictine continuing tradition during the Corona Virus era is the Academic Awards Day. Usually, awards are presented to worthy Cadets in the school auditorium during a school-wide assembly. This year, awards were presented via the Academic Awards page, found online.

Cadets in Government:  Benedictine Cadets excelled in their performance at Model General Assembly (MGA)

Corona has stopped many activities this year, but it did not stop the Cadets from showing their high school peers, from all over Virginia, on how a good argument is constructed, during Model General Assembly. From bills proposed on stricter gun laws to assisted suicide the Cadets led the way with supporting and destroying arguments. All the while in Zoom meetings instead of in person.