Mission Accomplished: The 100% Challenge has been Met

Mission Accomplished: The 100% Challenge has been Met
By Phillip Carreras ‘19

This evening, Thursday, February 7, the $100,000 fundraising challenge from Smithfield Foods was conquered by the Benedictine community.

Throughout the day the school reached its goal by receiving countless donations from Benedictine alumni, families and supporters.

In the morning, the school announced that it reached the 25 percent mark of their goal. This donation mark was announced to all members of the Benedictine community through a video of members of the freshman class demanding a "saltine challenge." Freshman Caleb Hyman was the only Cadet to accomplish the challenge in the video.

In the afternoon the school announced that they were at the 50 percent mark of the goal. This accomplishment was celebrated with the release of a student vs. faculty marching video. The students came up with their own "jody," a military chant designed to keep soldiers in step. The faculty participated as well, under the leadership of Coach Arnold. It also featured formal military officers such as Coach Lilly and Mr. Hickman. The faculty platoon also had some civilian members in its platoon such as Mrs. Marchetti and Mrs. Johnson.

Shortly after the 50 percent goal was accomplished, a video celebrating the 75 percent goal was released through Benedictine's social media. The video included Headmaster Grapes, senior JD Kuchta, President of the Board Scott Carreras and the CEO of Smithfield Foods, Ken Sullivan. In this video these four men let out their inner Wayne's World impersonation as they sang along to Bohemian Rhapsody.

The Cadets met their goal at the perfect time right before school let out. The Benedictine community rose above the occasion and met Smithfield's challenge of raising $100,000. This achievement was celebrated in no better fashion than a Cupid Shuffle on the parade deck, with all students and faculty.

Benedictine achieved its goal. Congratulations due to all of the great support; the school will flourish from years to come as more Cadets will be given the opportunity to attend Benedictine. One Day, One Corps, One Goal.

Go Cadets!

Mission Accomplished: The 100% Challenge has been Met
Mission Accomplished: The 100% Challenge has been Met

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