Grand Finale: St. Gertrude Seniors Win Song Contest

Grand Finale: St. Gertrude Seniors Win Song Contest
By: Phillip Carreras '19

Friday night, March 8, at the Altria Theater, the St. Gertrude Song Contest took place. The Seniors (or the Class of Silver and Pink) won the competition with the Juniors, better known as the Class of Black and Gold, finishing as the runner-up.

The festivities began with the juniors taking the stage and performing their own collaboration of songs. Shortly afterward, the juniors called the Atria to “attention” as they showed off their creativity of hand motions and original song lyrics.

After the juniors left the stage, the sophomores, better known as the Class of Red and Blue, took the crowd all the way to the dojo where "kung fu fighting" was being performed. The seniors then took the stage and started with their game day chant, which could be heard from the students of the Benedictine cheering section! The response after their performance was most appreciative, based on the response of the audience. The freshman class fulfilled their plan to light up the night. as they received a vast amount of support from the audience after they carried their tone loudly, throughout the theater despite having the smallest class of the school.

"It's hard to believe this was four years in the making," said Song Contest Leader, Julia Shelton, Class of 2019. "The performance we put on this year was the best one our class has had."

Song Contest is viewed from a different perspective by every student at St. Gertrude. "My favorite part of Song Contest was being a senior and being able to see my little sister as a freshman on stage," said Megan Marks, Class of 2019. "Watching her start everything showed me that is was just now ending for me."

Although Song Contest is a competition, the girls hold good sportsmanship and celebrate with one another as a school rather than just as individual classes. "The seniors did such a good job, and they deserved first place," said Sophomore Izzi Friend. "I know my class wanted them to win, and we were so happy for them!"

The Song Contest tradition looks to be heading in the right direction for future years, as the event is still well-attended with enthusiasm through the roof. The years to come look promising and the Benedictine community is thankful to be a part of such a remarkable tradition.

Grand Finale:  St. Gertrude Seniors Win Song Contest
Grand Finale: St. Gertrude Seniors Win Song Contest

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