Donation Day, Done:  Benedictine Surpasses It's Day of Giving Goal of $100,00

Donation Day, Done:  Benedictine Surpasses It's Day of Giving Goal of $100,00
By: Aiden Johnson ‘21, Steven Walden ‘20 Charlie Williamson ‘21

Benedictine College Preparatory did a phenomenal job raising a total of $370,000 through donations on the Day of Giving. The money goes to a good cause, which is for student scholarships, so more students can attend Benedictine and become Cadets. Smithfield sponsors this event and matches the money we raise dollar-for-dollar.

“I’m glad that we are giving the future Cadets an opportunity,” said Cadet Hunter Cheeley, a recipient of the Frank Parator Scholarship. “I was given this opportunity and it helped me go to Benedictine, and so I am giving back.”

The Day of Giving took place on Friday, February 7, and as always, was a huge deal at Benedictine College Preparatory. There were many thrilling events for the Cadets throughout the Day of Giving. It was an extremely productive, enjoyable and exciting day for Benedictine.

The Day of Giving is always a well-sought day for the Cadets. Enjoying various events, free bacon, an early dismissal, and the chance to see one of their teachers get covered in slime. Some of the events that take place on the Day of Giving consist of King of The String, Bacon Beast, Individual Drill, and a tour of the new gym.

The first event that took place was the "King of String." In this funny and tasty event students competed against the faculty in a donut-eating competition. The catch was that they all had to quickly eat the donuts off a string that was hanging up high without using their hands. The Cadets defeated the faculty in this competition.

The "Bacon Beast Challenge" came up next on this exciting day. This event was even more captivating because the whole student body rallied up in the weight room to cheer on their fellow Cadets. In this event, students competed in a relay versus faculty in various workouts such as bench press, pull-ups, deadlifts, box jumps, squats, rope and barbell rollouts. The students defeated the faculty again in this event and the Cadets were immensely hype.

Individual drill was the next event that the Cadets and the faculty competed in. It was intriguing to watch all the teachers do military commands because Cadets never get to see them in a military position. Cadets made fun of teachers and had a blast. The Cadets won in this event, as well.

For lunch, Smithfield donated bacon for the Cadets to enjoy, free of charge. The bacon was accompanied by Chef Alan's casseroles, biscuits, potato wedges, and other various culinary treats.

Overall the Day of Giving was a total success and we all enjoyed every minute of it. It is going to be quite difficult to top it next year. We wish that all the donations help a ton of kids, so they can be a part of the Benedictine family.

The Day of Giving started only a few years ago, and each year Benedictine brings in more and more money for scholarships, scholarships that are necessary for some students to enroll at Benedictine.

The Day of Giving ended on a positive note, with Cadets going home (some covered in green slime) knowing they would be able to enjoy next year with new Cadets, that if not for the Parater scholarships, would not be present at Benedictine College Preparatory. "The events on the Day of Giving were fantastic and a great chance for the the Benedictine community to gather in competition and comradery," said Michel Bussman, the associate headmaster of Benedictine. "I got crushed by Malik James in the squat competition. I am glad it went well for the teachers and students, and was an enjoyable event for everyone involved."

The scholarship is named after Frank Parator who is the only Cadet who is being considered for possible sainthood. "I look up to Frank Parator because of his leading example and his charitable actions," said Tim Grumblat, a senior and company commander. "He is strong in his faith and lives an honest lifestyle."


Donation Day, Done:  Benedictine Surpasses It's Day of Giving Goal of $100,00
Donation Day, Done:  Benedictine Surpasses It's Day of Giving Goal of $100,00

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