Morrissey is "The Man":  Meet the new battalion commander

Morrissey is "The Man":  Meet the new battalion commander
By Charles Buchanan ‘23

On Tuesday, May 18, Benedictine College Prep hosted the annual Change of Command ceremony following the Awards Day ceremony and several other anticipated events in the McMurtrie-Reynolds Pavilion. Cadet Michael Morrissey, a Benedictine junior, was selected as battalion commander for the 2021-2022 school year.

In addition, Cadet Andrew Stivers was announced as the battalion executive officer and Cadet Kobi Onyiuke as command sergeant major. “I'm super excited and honored for the opportunity,” said Morrissey. “I am looking forward to the sponsoring officer positions for next year and the great group of guys chosen as officers.”

As with many of the Cadets in the past, the incoming class has intentions of improving the military department and Corp's pride. "I am working towards enhancing the military department and influencing Corp-wide pride," exclaimed Morrissey. "We should not be defacing our building and should take more pride in our work, the military department and the school in general."

Along with Morrissey and his staff assistants, many other rising seniors have claimed leadership roles within the Corp. Assissting Morrissey, Stivers and Onyiuke will be Connor Murphy, who will serve as battalion adjutant, Bo Dortch as security officer, Sam Saunders as operations officer, Josh Glieberman as supply officer, Tommy Griffith as public affairs officer, Will Dausch as Headquarters Company commander and Patrick Marshall as Alpha Company commander. Additionally, Henry Jeffries will serve as Bravo Company commander, Stas Schoenborn as Charlie Company commander, Landon Brown as Honor Platoon commander, Christopher Jones as Band Company commander, Elias Breeden as judge advocate general, Jim Wentzel as battalion chaplain, Nick Bellaver as Provost officer and, finally, Ethan Altovilla as inspector general.

"We have a qualified, strong and skilled group of guys for the upcoming year, during which we will thrive on what previous classes have organized," said Morrissey.

The senior officers have proactively begun the transition and have instituted their authority. "They have sorted out the disorganized rank structure, updated rosters and they have already started working on revamping the military program," said Cadet Clint Ellison. "Michael takes the military aspect of his job seriously. He has told me their tentative plans to educate Cadets about drill and make military life at Benedictine the way it once was."

The upcoming months are uncertain, however, due to COVID-19 and modified health and safety protocols. Like many other Cadets, Ellison is enthusiastic for what comes as COVID-19 is subdued. "They will have more opportunities (in terms of orientation) this year, fortunately, than past classes," said Ellison.

Morrissey is "The Man":  Meet the new battalion commander
Morrissey is "The Man":  Meet the new battalion commander

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