Cadets Giving Back: Helping to feed those in need

Cadets Giving Back: Helping to feed those in need
Baylor Stinson '24

The Doorways provide a feeling of comfort for those who need to be near the hospital but not far from home. Thanks to the strong support from volunteers working alongside them allows the residents to be fed every day. One of these many impactful helpers was a group of young Cadets and their Mothers.

This determined group worked together for four hours to make and hand out a three course meal to the hungry residents at the Doorways. "Although it was a lot of work, it was worth the time and effort we all spent making and preparing the food," states Will Blatt. "It's always a great day when you get to put a smile on someone's face you've never met."

The three-course meal was made completely from the Cadets and aid from their Mothers'. None of the meals were pre-made and were almost completely made from scratch. The meal consisted of a choice of a meat or meatless pasta, Texas toast, a salad and chocolate chip cookies. They provided everything to their general need including plates, forks, food, water and napkins. "Volunteering at the Doorways alongside my fellow classmates is something I won't forget," stated Baylor Stinson. "I look forward to representing Benedictine again in any charitable volunteer work available."

This was the first time for many of them preparing and serving a meal before, but the end result was a huge success. Many residents stated how they appreciated and loved the food they ate and how important the volunteers that help everyday are. "It was truly a heartwarming feeling, the facial expressions and emotions they would draw towards you will put a smile on your face," says Collin Clarkson. "Helping those that are less fortunate alongside your Mom and best friends is something that sticks with you for a long time."

"I don't regret volunteering my time at all. The passion and appreciation they showed back to us after being served their food was unforgettable and I would like to go back any time I can," said Eli Ranson. "After volunteering together it really showed what a young group of Cadets can accomplish working together."

Cadets Giving Back:  Helping to feed those in need
Cadets Giving Back: Helping to feed those in need

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