Latin & Spanish Language

Latin & Spanish Language Camp

Camp Fee is $100

Rising 3rd - Rising 9th Graders

Session 1 - July 24-July 28 (9:00-12:00) at River Road

Join us for a dual language adventure! The camp will be divided into two parts allowing campers to learn Latin and Spanish all in one week. Meet the Greeks and do as the Romans do!

Learn to fight like a Gladiator, master Ancient Greek and Roman arts and crafts, and make ground-breaking discoveries through the reenactment of early science experiments. The ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome will come to life as campers engage with these Mediterranean cultures through games, activities, and the study of ancient mythology.

You'll even learn to recite the Greek alphabet and speak Latin! Parents, your son will walk away with strengthened vocabulary skills and a lasting foundation for future endeavors in literature, history, and the Classics.

Living la vida loca.....Join us for a week full of activities, games, and conversations! Learn to speak and write Spanish through music, dance, and practical conversations. Campers will enhance their vocabulary, build a grammatical foundation, and develop an appreciate for the Spanish language and culture.


Kelly Lonergan

Ms. Lonergan is a Spanish and Latin teacher at Benedictine College Preparatory with seven years of experience teaching all levels and all grades. She earned her Masters degree in Language Acquisition at Regent University.

Amanda Esparaza

Mrs. Esparza is a Spanish teacher at Benedictine College Preparatory with seven years teaching experience at various levels and grades. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Spanish & Political Science from Lynchburg College and has studied abroad in Argentina, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Camp Dates for 2018:

June 18-June 22
Basketball 9:00-3:00 (9:00-12:00 on Friday)

June 25-June 29
Basketball 9:00-3:00 (9:00-12:00 on Friday)
Robotics 9:00-12:00
Soccer 9:00-12:00 (6/26-6/28)

July 9-July 13
Robotics 9:00-12:00
Soccer 9:00-12:00
Wrestling 9:00-12:00

July 23-July 27
Robotics 9:00-12:00

August 6-August 9
Study Skills 9:00-12:00