Tips for Charitable Giving

  1. Include charitable giving in your budget. You already plan for many things in your life. With a budget, you will be much more effective in your giving.
  2. Get information before you give. You will be far more effective in your giving if you are confident your gift is being used wisely.
  3. Be proactive in your giving. Don’t wait to be asked to make a donation. Take control of your philanthropy and make a gift when it makes sense to you and your family.
  4. Ask your employer about a matching gift.Many employers will double the size of your gift if you ask. This is an easy way to measurably increase your support of BCP.
  5. Privacy is your right. We respect your privacy and will not share your level of generosity. We do group donors according to our Cornerstone levels for publication in the Family News donor issue.
  6. Keep good records. Benedictine will send you a thank you letter when a gift is received. Please be sure the amount of your gift is accurately reflected on the acknowledgement letter. We appreciate your gift and wish to thank you appropriately.
  7. Learn about other effective ways to give. It may be more beneficial to you and your family to choose an alternate method of giving. Please speak with your tax advisor about bequests, charitable gift annuities, endowment gifts and the best timeframe to make a gift.
  8. Direct your gift to the area you most want to support. Although unrestricted giving is vital to our success, we respect your decision to direct a gift to a restricted fund. Gifts to Athletics, Scholarships or other restricted funds are greatly appreciated.
  9. Prepare a will. This will ensure your assets are left to the individuals and organizations that you choose.
  10. Know the tax advantages. Benedictine is a tax-exempt, not for profit corporation under the Internal Revenue Service’s Code, Section 501 (c) (3).

Charitable gifts made to Benedictine College Preparatory are tax deductible.