The Benedictine College Preparatory Parent Teacher Organization serves as a volunteer force that provides support services for the school, provides hospitality for school functions, and hosts special events.

Membership in the PTO is comprised of the Headmaster, Assistant Headmaster, Faculty, and parents or guardians of currently enrolled students at the School.

The PTO bylaws state that we are to:

  • Promote the education and spiritual welfare of the students of the School by encouraging the ideals of Christian education and an active religious life.
  • Foster improved understanding of the mutual educational responsibilities of students, parents, and faculty.
  • Collaborate with the Abbot, Headmaster and Faculty.
  • Encourage and promote the continued development and growth of the School and the general principle of Catholic school education.
  • Serve as liaisons for important School and outside organizations.
  • Host special events for the School.
  • Provide hospitality services for School events and activities.
  • Provide support services for the School and its activities.
  • Support the needs of the School through funds generated.

Please click HERE for a more detail of the PTO bylaws.

The following are some of the many support services, special events, and hospitality provided by the PTO:

Support Services






Special Events



  • Academic Excellence
  • Admissions
  • Advancement
  • Athletic Concessions
  • Cadet Shop
  • Cafeteria
  • Liaison with St. Gertrude
  • Registration / Book Day
  • Representative on the Board of Trustees
  • New Parent Reception
  • Back to School Night
  • Fall Open House
  • Military Commissioning Exercises
  • Spring Open House
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (One Day)
  • Faculty Luncheon
  • Father-Son Banquet
  • Grandparents Day
  • Mother-Son Banquet
  • New Family Picnic

Unlike PTOs at many schools, the BCP PTO is not a fundraising entity. However, by virtue of some event activities, some funds are raised (especially through the Cadet Shop). In doing so the PTO has been able to make significant contributions to the School, the faculty and the students. Just in the last year these have included contributions to the Robotics program, the visiting Author program, the Visual Arts and Computer Programming, athletic programs, building and grounds, the purchase of laptop computers and projectors, teacher licensing and certification, teacher grants for summer courses, student summer learning trips and much more.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the PTO in any way, please contact us at