Corporate Internship Program


  • Forges partnerships with local businesses and nonprofit organizations.
  • Provides personalized philanthropic opportunities for local businesses.
  • Gives high-achieving, underprivileged students the opportunity for a rigorous education.
  • Provides trade experience and community service opportunities.
  • Is dependent on Corporate resources.
  • Non-profit service work

Sponsorship Benefits


  • Internship opportunities for Cadets.
  • Attract and develop future employees.
  • Heightened morale through mentoring opportunities.


  • Commitment to local underprivileged families.
  • Commitment to local educational needs.
  • Enhances public relations.
  • Tax deductible sponsorship.

Program Structure

Freshmen and sophomore Cadets will either intern directly at their sponsor or perform community service in the name of sponsoring corporation(s) if corporation not suitable for under-16 work.

  • Cadets will perform a total of 250 hours of work annually.
  • Junior and senior Cadets will intern at a sponsoring corporation.
  • Cadets will complete 250 hours of work annually.
  • BCIP Manager will be the point of contact for corporate and non-profit partners. BCIP Manager will handle all areas of logistical matters:
    • Mentorship
    • Job counseling
    • Scheduling
    • Transportation
    • Evaluation meetings