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Dudley Does Right: Junior Dudley Leads Winning Platoon

The entire Corps and the St. Gertrude Sponsors gathered together to witness the platoon drill. They were not disappointed as most of the Cadets demonstrated precision and military excellence in this traditional event. Two Marine Corps evaluators were in attendance judging the important aspects of the platoon drill based on their military and professional background.

PTO Thanks Teachers; Feeling is Mutual

Any Benedictine staff or faculty member that reads the newspaper woke up Sunday morning to a pleasant surprise.The Benedictine Parent Teacher Organization contacted the Richmond Times Dispatch and had an ad published thanking the faculty and staff of BCP for all they do for the students. In addition to helping boost teachers' morale, the PTO is a strong force at the school: They run the Cadet Shop, stock the teachers' lounge, facilitate lunch, host events (such as Grandparents' Day, the Father-Son and Mother-Son Masses and Dinners) and aid in making the school run like a well-oiled machine.


Amidst all of the graduation hoopla the last two senior football players have found a home to play at the next level. Hard work is hard to come by in today's world, but not on coach Lilly's football team. Every single senior football player will go on to play a college sport next year. This is due to their hard work on the field as well as in the classroom. They could not have reached this level if not for the efforts of their coaches and themselves. While this year was not the peak year for the football team. The seniors are going out with a bang.

It All Adds Up

At Benedictine, we let our numbers speak for us.

In terms of our students’ academic success, the amount of attention we devote to our Cadets, the level of future opportunities and our dedication to the breadth and depth of our students’ intellectual capabilities, it’s hard to match the Benedictine experience.

26 States Where Benedictine grads are currently attending college

15.6 Students Average Class Size

13 AP Courses Offered

57% Students receive grants, scholarships & financial aid to attend BCP

$3,629,000 Total college scholarships & grants awarded to last year’s grads

9-to-1 Student-Teacher Ratio

75% Upperclassmen taking fine arts courses

100% Last year’s grads accepted into college

98% Last year’s grads enrolling in college

29% Minority Representation in student body

$57,600 Last year’s grads’ average college aid packet

A Path to Success

View the stories of how Benedictine helped place Richmond’s young men on a path to adulthood that culminated in their realizing achievement as mature, thoughtful and intelligent men of conscience and discipline.

“Benedictine has been a positive driver in teaching me leadership and teamwork, as well as preparing me academically for the rigors of an Ivy League education.”
- Jacob Gleberman, Benedictine ’15 and Cornell ’19 (and entrepreneur)

From Cadet to Olympian

The 2015 Benedictine yearbook’s “Senior Superlatives” section featured Townley Haas as “Most likely to go to the Olympics,” an honor bestowed upon him by his classmates. It took less than a year and a half for Haas to prove his friends right, as he qualified for the U.S. Olympic swim team and its journey to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Then he surpassed even their lofty prognostications, going on to earn a gold medal at the quadrennial Summer Games in the 4 X 200 relay.

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From Cadet to CEO

During his time at Benedictine, Joe Swedish (Class of '69) may not have given much of an overt indication that he was on his way to major accomplishments. But, hidden beneath an unassuming exterior, burned a passionate flame to make big things happen. That flame, as well as a well-rooted work ethic, carried Swedish through a career that culminated in his leading a Fortune 38 company today.

So, how would he advise current Cadets? “Experience all that Benedictine has to offer academically, religiously, socially and culturally…," states Swedish.

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From Cadet to Entrepreneur

Just as the business he grew has stayed in the family, so has his love for Benedictine been passed down through generations of the Carreras family. Jim Carreras graduated from our school in 1958 and spent some time on Wall Street before leveraging that business savvy into his own empire, based in Richmond.

Along the way, he’s led a full and fascinating life, one which now includes keeping an eye on a pair of grandsons who don the Cadet green these days.  “Benedictine was the start,” said Carreras.  “It was the first of a series of motivations for me.”

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