Academic Services

Our BCP Academic Services Team Collaboratively Supports Students' Academic Social and Emotional Development

Our school counselors work collaboratively with students, families, school faculty/staff, and community resources to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that supports our students' academic, career, social, and emotional development.
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  • Academic Development

    Our counselors help students choose their courses and set academic goals that align with their 4-year graduation plans. They provide support in monitoring academic progress and providing strategies/resources to remove barriers to academic achievement.
  • Parent and Family Engagement

    Collaboration with parents and guardians is a key aspect. Counselors keep families informed about their child's progress, academic options, and available resources.
  • College and Career Development

    Our counselors help students understand the connection between school and the world of work. Ensuring that students can plan for and make a successful transition from school to their postsecondary options.
  • Social and Emotional Development

    Our counselors help students manage emotions and learn and apply interpersonal skills. They offer support in areas such as self-esteem, peer relationships, stress management, and conflict resolution. They also provide support/resources for mental health concerns.
  • Individual and Small Group Counseling

    Counselors provide one-on-one counseling sessions and organize group sessions to address common issues students face, such as academic challenges, coping with stress, building social skills, or preparing for college.

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    Ashley Lowry 

    Dean of Faculty, Teacher
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    Peggy Hanafin 

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    Patricia Hunt 

    School Counselor
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    Aaron Humphreys 

    School Counselor
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    Anne Jamerson 

    Learning Specialist
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    Lisa Marks 

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    Katie Finn 

    School Counselor