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Life at Benedictine is all about fun, challenge, and brotherhood. Here you will develop your character, engage in teamwork, expand upon your leadership skills, explore your interests outside the classroom, and forge new friendships. Whether it’s running for Student Government, participating on our award-winning Battle of the Brains team, leading the school as a Sponsoring Officer, serving as an usher in Mass, or playing the drums in Normandy, there is something for everyone. No matter where you find your passions, Benedictine’s student life program is designed to create a holistic learning experience for all Cadets that builds on the knowledge gained in the classroom and helps enhance the everlasting bond of the Benedictine brotherhood.

We invite you to explore the life of a Cadet beyond the classroom and hope you will register for a Shadow Day to see firsthand the advantages of the Benedictine experience.
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Military Leadership

Benedictine’s military leadership program is woven into every aspect of our students' day-to-day lives. Cadets discover and develop leadership styles that best suit their personality and strengths through hands-on, peer-led challenges and earned leadership roles that hone spiritual, physical, and critical thinking skills. They learn how to follow, lead, put their best gifts to work, and identify others’ strong suits, in both structured and real-life situations.
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Spiritual Life

At Benedictine, we embrace our Catholic faith and find our shared religious experiences help build us into better leaders and a better school. As a school rooted deeply in the Benedictine values, students are provided many opportunities for spiritual growth and each young man will learn how to exercise his conscience, appreciate Christian virtue, and seek truth in Christ.
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Community Service

Serving others, a hallmark of the Christian faith, is an important part of a student’s learning at Benedictine. While community service is a requirement of our Cadets, it is also an inherent part of the school’s mission. Our service-learning program helps students to put their faith into action by making a difference in their local communities, nationally, and around the world.
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Clubs and Activities

Student clubs at Benedictine promote academic interests, serve the school community, introduce recreational activities, affiliate with national organizations, and further school spirit. With plenty of opportunities to choose from, each Cadet can develop as a leader, grow in faith, and find their passions outside the classroom. And if he can’t find what he is looking for, it might just be time to start a new one!
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Benedictine’s combined faith-based and military approach cultivates an academic environment enriched by a unique, lasting camaraderie born from shared lessons and traditions focused on pride, personal accountability, social responsibility, self-discipline, spiritual practice, and inner strength. The resulting bonds connect Cadets and alumni of all ages in a committed support system for life and elevates graduates’ preparedness for college and post-college life.

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